It’s been a custom of Ring of Honor’s the last few years to bring in a couple of luchadores from CMLL into the fold around the spring time. It’s happened again this year, and it’s a big one. Earlier today ROH announced that Soberano Jr. will be returning to the promotion for their April 13th and 14th shows in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Columbus, Ohio respectively; with him will be Carístico, the former Mistico turned original Sin Cara turned Myzteziz turned, well, Carístico.


This is a big deal for both luchadores (who won the CMLL Gran Alternativa together in 2017), as Soberano will be looking to make up for a disappointing match with Punishment Martinez early last year. But the story will definitely be focused on Carístico’s return to a major United States promotion for the first time since leaving WWE in 2014. Known as the original Sin Cara back then, Carístico had fumbled away his status as arguably the best luchador in the world (built up from an amazing stretch in CMLL during the mid 2000’s) with an absolutely disastrous run for Vince McMahon, where he became known as a punch line for numerous botches and his inability to adapt. After a disappointing run in AAA as Myzteziz Jr. Carístico returned to CMLL in 2015 and took this new name; the move revitalized his career and Carístico has since re-established himself as a top lucha libre star as well as reclaiming some glory in Japan with a strong FantasticaMania tour. His return to America with ROH is his latest part of his rebuild, and a successful run on this two day tour would go a long way in cementing what has quietly been one of the strongest comebacks in recent years.


Lucha Central will keep you updated on any developments regarding this story.