In what will be a feel good story for many within the lucha libre community, WWE announced today that former CMLL luchadora Zeuxis will be taking part in this year’s addition of the Mae Young Classic, becoming the second lucha libre representative alongside former Crash star Lacey Lane.


To many, including myself, this announcement that was a long time coming. The 29 year old Puerto Rican and protege of Negro Navarro first burst on the lucha libre scene 9 years ago for CMLL and quickly carved out a reputation as the best luchadora in the promotion. It was no surprise then when Zeuxis attended a WWE tryout in the in the fall of 2016. What was surprising was when nothing appeared to come of it; instead Zeuxis continued in CMLL for another year and a half, where she had arguably the greatest run of her career by unmasking La Vaquerita in December of 2016 and more notably Princesa Sugehit at last year’s Aniversario. The latter victory was not only an outstanding match but Zeuxis’ victory could even be seen as poetic justice, as Sugehit had been chosen over Zeuxis for the Mae Young Classic in a move many found to be a mistake. That will not be the case again this year.


Zeuxis finally departed CMLL just a few months ago and has been working as an independent, most notably appearing at the AAA vs. Elite show this past Saturday. It’s unclear if Zeuxis is merely participating in the MYC or if this will lead to her reaching a deal with the mother ship of pro wrestling. Whatever the case, Lucha Central would like to congratulate Zeuxis for this accomplishment and looks forward to her showing the world just what she’s capable of on a huge stage.