It was a wild night to watch the CMLL Tuesday Show…and it had nothing to do with CMLL! The show streamed live at it’s regular time but became unwatchable after YouTube suddenly crashed. It luckily returned just in time for the most important moment of the night; Ultimo Guerrero pinning Diamante Azul to become the 20th CMLL World Heavyweight Champion in recorded history.


As the YouTube stream legit returned right as UG was about to win I cannot tell you how the match was just yet. I can however tell you that the UG won by hitting Azul with the Guerrero Special, as if there was any other way for this match to end. This will be the UG’s second reign as Heavyweight Champion; he had previous held the belt for a whopping 963 days from 2008 to 2011 before dropping it to the late Hector Garza. It’s a sad turn of events for Diamante Azul, who has once again come up short in a title match, but in terms of a high caliber champion CMLL is unlikely to do better than Guerrero, who is just a few days removed from having one of the best performances of his career against Michael Elgin.


Lucha Central will provide the full results of CMLL’s Tuesday show tomorrow once I’ve gotten a chance to view the whole show.