Moments ago Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide tweeted out a poster for an upcoming event on May 2nd featuring talent like Pentagon, Fenix, LA Park and countless others, while also featuring the logos of certain AAA partners. Many took this to be a mega AAA show; it turns out it’s even more than that. Lucha Central has learned this show will in fact be the start of a multi-week tournament put together by TV Azteca, the TV conglomerate that currently airs AAA on their channel Azteca 7. The tournament will feature luchadores from five different promotions; AAA, the Aro Lucha, Impact Wrestling, Lucha Libre Elite and Major League Wrestling. While we cannot confirm this fact at this time, Lucha Central has been given strong reason to believe the tournament may be broken down into several different weight classes, which means even more luchadores than seen on the poster may be featured.


In addition to Pentagon, Fenix and Park (returning to AAA for the first time since last fall), the poster lists Arez, Texano Jr., Rey Escorpion, Taurus, Jacob Fatu, Pagano, Eddie Edwards, Golden Magic, Rey Horus, The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz), Averno and Puma King among others. This would be latest competition featuring AAA following last year’s Lucha Capital, which took place over two months on Facebook Watch. It’s unclear now what the prize will be for the winners, nor how many weeks the competition will extend.


Lucha Central will continue to provide coverage on this developing story.