This may be the longest titled “Breaking News” article in Lucha Central history but it will be one of the most exciting. An already loaded Negro Casas Aniversario card just got even better as moments ago CMLL announced a trios match for the ages, as Rush will team with Ring of Honor stars Jay and Mark Briscoe (the Briscoe Brothers) to take on Lucha Underground stars Fenix (excuse me, I mean King Phoenix), Pentagon Jr. (going by Penta Zero M) and the legendary LA Park.


While it was known the Briscoes and Lucha Brothers would be on the show (Fenix and Pentagon confirmed appearance just last week), it was not expected to be a match of this magnitude given that Volador vs. Matt Taven for the NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship and Casas’ special legends match were already booked. Evidently CMLL has decided to go all out for this show with this dream match that will double as both the Briscoes’ CMLL debut and the continuation of the LA Park-Rush feud that looks poised to headline the 85th Aniversario in some form. It will also be the first time Fenix and Pentagon have teamed together in CMLL, as if this match wasn’t exciting enough already.


This match, along with Volador-Taven and Casas’ big match, will all take place on August 3rd in Arena Mexico. Lucha Central will, as usual, provide full coverage of the show with a preview and live review and will continue to provide updates in case this card gets any more insane.