And to think I almost turned the laptop off! CMLL decided to drop some late night breaking news and it’s a doozy. Top star and Aniversario headliner Volador Jr. and rising star Soberano Jr. will be heading off to New Japan this weekend to take part in the Road to Power Struggle tour. Concluding with Power Struggle on November 4th, the tour will also include the annual New Japan Super Junior Tag League to determine the number one contender for the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships. Though CMLL did not officially state Soberano and Volador were in the tournament, it is all but guaranteed they will take part and, given they are working the full tour, they should be expected to go far.


There is a giant contrast in experience with New Japan between these two. Volador is no stranger to the promotion, having toured with New Japan for six consecutive years, including two straight appearances in the Best of the Super Juniors tournament from 2016 to 2017; in contrast Soberano’s New Japan appearances have consisted of the last two FantasticaMania tours. Having said that, Soberano stood out in both his New Japan tours; his 2017 FantasticaMania appearances were so successful that many consider it to be the tour that launched his upper card/main event push in CMLL, and he delivered again this past year with an outstanding match against Sanson in Korakuen Hall. There’s little doubt that both luchadores should make a big impression on New Japan and should be one of the best teams in the tournament.


The Road to Power Struggle tour begins this Sunday on October 14. Lucha Central will provide updates on Soberano and Volador’s progress through the New Japan Super Junior Tag League.