Just when you thought CMLL might be cooling down after a good but not great Super Viernes last night, they’ve gone and totally redeemed themselves by bringing in Rey Fenix for next week! The Lucha Underground/Impact/MLW/Crash/pretty much everywhere these days star will officially debut in Arena Mexico next Friday and he will debut in a doozy of a match, teaming with Caristico and Mistico against Cavernario, Negro Casas and Ultimo Guerrero in the semi-main event. All three of Fenix’ opponents would be dream matches for the luchadore and his otherworldly consistency guarantees this match should be can’t miss.


And yet somehow Fenix’ CMLL debut is only one part of what might be the best card CMLL has put together in ages. The main event will once again be between La Familia Real and Los Ingobernables, as LA Park, Hijo de LA Park and Volador take on Rush, Bestia del Ring and Terrible in a rematch of last night’s very good main event. For the first time in eons the underrated Hechicero will get a Lightning Match, taking on a Stuka Jr. who just tore the house down with Ultimo Guerrero a few weeks ago. The third match doesn’t have the name recognition of Fenix’ bout but it might be just as explosive, with up and coming superstar Audaz teaming with cult heroes Soberano Jr. and Titan to face the NGD, Cuatrero, Forastero and Sanson. Ditto for the second match where the red hot Casas Brothers Puma and Tiger team with Virus against Drone, Fuego and Triton. Hell, even the opener has a chance to be good as underrated undercard luchadores Oro Jr. and Star Jr. take on the talented yet inconsistent team of Cancerbero and Raziel. All told, matches 2-6 all have a shot at being MOTN contenders and a few could even be MOTY contenders when all is said and done.


CMLL Super Viernes will be shown next Friday at 9:30 p.m. EST on Claro Sports and Marca Claro’s Facebook page (though both shows have been region blocked the last few weeks). As always Lucha Central will provide full coverage, starting with a preview for the show on Thursday afternoon and a live Running Diary of the show as it happens live.