One of lucha libre’s long running legal disputes has finally come to an end. Milenio has reported that Juan Carlos López Escalera, known to lucha libre fans as the legendary Octagón, officially defeated AAA today in the Mexican Supreme Court to secure the right for continued use of the Octagón name. The decision was said to be unanimous in Octagón’s favor.


It’s almost wild to believe it came to this given that Octagón is considered one of the founding fathers of AAA alongside Konnan and Antonio Peña. After developing the gimmick with Peña when both worked in CMLL, Octagón made the jump to AAA as soon as it opened in 1992. It would lead to a near twenty year run featuring Octagón as one of AAA’s premiere stars, with the highlight being the When Worlds Collide tag match that saw Octagón and El Hijo del Santo defeat Eddie Guerrero and Love Machine Art Barr in a five star mask vs. hair match. The run came to an end in 2014 after Octagón complained about his booking; though it was initially reported the luchador could keep using his name without issues, things changed after Octagón threatened to sue AAA for money owed in December of that year. Octagón would officially file a lawsuit against AAA soon after they debuted Flamita as Octagón Jr. in early 2016; the resulting chaos would lead to the infamous event where Octagón confronted Flamita (dressed as  Octagón Jr.) at an autograph signing, where he unmasked him. Octagón would soon introduce his own Octagón Jr., while Flamita quit AAA soon after.