On Friday night’s Super Viernes show, CMLL announced that current Ring of Honor World Champion Matt Taven would be returning to the promotion this upcoming week. This was further confirmed the next day when CMLL released this Friday’s card, which featured Taven teaming with Cuatrero and Sanson to take on Caristico, Mistico and rival turned tag partner turned rival again Volador Jr. in the main event. As it turns out Taven’s return to CMLL isn’t in the cards after all. Moments ago the promotion released an updated card for Friday’s show which no longer featured Taven; furthermore Taven is no longer booked for any more upcoming CMLL shows, indicating his appearances have been canceled. No reason was given by CMLL at this time (and likely won’t be). Cavernario will replace Taven in the main event.


The original poster featuring Taven

The new poster without Taven


Friday’s Super Viernes was scheduled to be Taven’s first appearance in CMLL since the International Gran Prix back in October. Taven’s most notable appearance for CMLL in 2018 was at the 85th Aniversario back in September, when he and Volador lost a hair vs. hair tag match in the main event to Cavernario and Rush after Taven turned on his partner. CMLL pairing them on opposite sides for this week’s show was thought to potentially be leading to a singles match between the two, possibly even for Taven’s Ring of Honor Championship. It is still possible this may happen at a later time, though there is no word on when Taven could be returning to Arena Mexico.


CMLL Super Viernes will air on Marca Claro and Marca Claro’s Facebook page this Friday at 9:30 p.m. EST. Lucha Central will keep you updated on any developments regarding this story.