Earlier today it was reported that lucha libre legend Mano Negra has passed away over the weekend. It appears that is in fact not the case, as Lucha Central can confirm that the 67 year luchador is still alive and well. The confusion appears to be case of stolen identity; sources tell Lucha Central that a wrestler out of California (who recently passed away) had been passing himself off as Mano Negra for several years.


Mano Negra last appeared on CMLL’s Leyendas show a little less than three weeks ago, where he teamed with Felino and Solar I to defeat Fuerza Guerrera, Jerry Estrada and Negro Navarro. We at Lucha Central are relieved to hear this news and look forward to Mano Negra taking part in many more CMLL Leyenda events for years to come.


[note: Lucha Central originally had an article up on Negra’s death. It has since been deleted and replaced with this one]