It’s been a sad couple of months for Lucha Underground fans (including yours truly) ever since season four ended and season’s one and two were taken off of Netflix. But now, in a Christmas come early moment, fans will have the opportunity to own the first three seasons of LU for the first time. As uncovered by Luchablog, a quick search on Lucha Underground’s shop page on their website reveals that the first three seasons of the cult TV show are available to own on DVD.


Details are sparse on LU’s website of what the DVD sets entail in terms of, if any, special features and bonus content. What is known is that all 105 episodes from season’s 1-3 will be available and fans have to option to buy the first three seasons separately for $50 or can buy all three seasons together in one whole set for $125. The news is big either way; fans of Lucha Underground have long awaited for the show to be available on DVD and it appears the DVD will be available to fans overseas as well.


Lucha Central will continue to provide updates on this developing story.