Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s love affair with lucha libre took a big step this year with Bandido’s deep run in Battle of Los Angeles the successful appearances of Puma King and CMLL luchador Hechicero. Now they will be debuting a luchador who is coming off a career year. With PWG mainstay Flamita unable to compete, PWG has turned to one third of the AAA Trios Champions, Laredo Kid, to take his place for their upcoming Hand of Doom show. He will wrestle fellow luchador Rey Horus, best known for his work as El Dragon Azteca Jr. on Lucha Underground.


There’s no word at this time for why Flamita is off the show but whatever the reason had led to an early birthday present for Laredo. The soon to be 32 year old luchador had built up the reputation as an underrated (and often overlooked) high flyer over his 13 year career, thanks to stints with AAA, The Crash, Impact Wrestling, several US indies, Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan and even a few WWE dark matches. None of it holds a candle to the last half of 2018. Back with AAA for a second time Laredo Kid has gone from misused midcarder to star, winning AAA’s Lucha Capital tournament on Facebook Live, working his way towards an AAA Mega Championship match with Fenix (which is expected to take place in early 2019) and taking part in some of the best AAA matches of 2018, including a multi-tag team ladder match at Triplemania. Most recently he has gotten attention as the leader of Los Jinetes del Aire, a trios team consisting of Laredo and promising high flyers Hijo del Vikingo and Myzteziz Jr. (aka Angelikal). Forming a little less than two months ago, the trio has quickly become the highlight of almost every AAA show they’re on as well as winning the AAA Trios Championships from Poder del Norte (Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr. and Tito Santana) at Guerra de Titanes on December 2nd.


PWG’s Hand of Doom will take place on January 18th from the Globe Theater in Los Angeles, and will also feature the debuts of Jungle Boy and Jonathan Gresham. Lucha Central would love to congratulate Laredo Kid on this great accomplishment.