Lucha Central has unfortunately learned of a potential serious injury suffered by AAA star La Parka this evening. A video surfaced on Facebook over a half an hour ago showing Parka attempting a suicide dive on Rush during a match for the Kaoz Lucha Libre promotion in Monterrey; it appears Parka collided head first with the ringside barricade on impact. Rush immediately checked on Parka’s condition and medical staff immediately surrounded the area. As the video is, to say the least, disturbing, Lucha Central will not be providing a link of it at this time in this article (if you really wish to see it, it can be found at Lucha Central’s official Twitter page).


Lucha Central cannot confirm the severity of the injury at this time. We were initially told that the 53 year old Parka mentioned to doctors he couldn’t feel his legs and that the injury was feared to be a fracture in his neck. Roberto Figueroa however has since reported that Parka has regained mobility of his limbs and is at the local hospital to receive an MRI, all while in stable condition. Lucha Central will keep you updated on Parka’s condition and sends its thoughts to Parka and his family at this time.


Update: Luchablog just tweeted out that La Parka reportedly went into surgery earlier this morning. He is expected to be out of surgery by 10 a.m. CST (11 a.m. EST).

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