Of all the things to occur in LA Park’s once in a lifetime 2018, I didn’t think things could possibly get weirder than last night, when he watched his son, Hijo de LA Park, shove a beer cup into another man’s ass. WRONG AGAIN! AAW, who had previously announced Park’s participation for their October 26th show Dia De Los Luchadores, has announced his opponent; current CZW Heavyweight Champion and MLW Middleweight Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman, best known as MJF.


If this match up feels odd, that’s because it is. The 22 year old MJF is a rapidly rising star in wrestling (he notably worked the opening match at All In against Lucha Underground’s Matt “Son of Havoc” Cross) and is considered one of the most charismatic young heels in the business. He is not however considered to be the ideal opponent for someone like Park, who’s US appearances this year have consisted of a legend’s match, a violent encounter with Pentagon Jr. (set to air this Friday on MLW’s weekly show on beIN sports) and a likely crazy encounter with PCO set to occur this weekend in New York. It will be interesting to see how these two mesh and if MJF will dare insult Park by imitating his strut (he will).


AAW’s Dia De Los Luchadores will take place on October 26th at 7:30 P.M. CST; tickets are available now.