Things are about to get really interesting in Arena Mexico once more sports fans. Just moments ago on their Informa program, CMLL announced that LA Park will be returning to the promotion on July 19th as part of an already loaded show featuring the final CMLL appearance of the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger. Park will be joined by his sons, El Hijo de LA Park and LA Park Jr., to take on Bestia del Ring, Mistico and long time nemesis Rush, reigniting a feud that captivated CMLL through much of 2019.


This will be the first appearance in CMLL for LA Park Jr. and the first appearance for Park and Hijo de LA Park in several months; they last appeared for the promotion back in March, where they made two appearances in Puebla to help set up a Volador Jr.-Gran Guerrero match. Most importantly it will be Park’s first appearance in Arena Mexico since CMLL’s Dias De Muertos show in November. While it’s impossible to know what CMLL is thinking at any point, the lack of a notable rivalry heading into CMLL’s 86th Aniversario, coupled with Park’s return, will no doubt lead to speculation that CMLL is finally giving people the long awaited LA Park vs. Rush mask vs. hair match. On the one hand, that appeared to be the case last year before CMLL got cold feet for numerous reasons. On the other hand, Park’s return at this point is curious and his pairing with Rush once again will only fuel the fires of a match everyone wants to see.


As aforementioned, LA Park’s CMLL return will take place on the July 19th edition of Super Viernes, and will also feature Jushin Thunder Liger wrestling his final CMLL match, where he’ll wrestle Negro Casas, Caristico and Ultimo Guerrero in a four corners match. Lucha Central will provide full coverage of the event.