Just when you thought tonight’s AAA show in Tijuana couldn’t get crazier! After being teased all show, the rudo stable MAD debuted after the main event of Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Hernandez, attacking both men, Vampiro and El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. before revealing themselves to be Teddy Hart, Kevin Kross and Juventud Guerrera. Hart had appeared earlier in the show, attacking Joe Lider and Pagano after a five way TLC tag match that Hart was scheduled to be booked for and appeared to no show. It turns out he wasn’t done.


This is the first appearance of MAD in AAA; thus far the stable has been based out of Monterrey consisting of Guerrera, Kross, Konnan and former AAA stars Sexy Star and El Zorro. It’s unknown if Star, Zorro or Konnan will be appearing in AAA again, although a brief video appeared to feature Konnan prior to MAD’s surprise attack. This angle is also represents the returns to AAA of Hart, Kross and Guerrera. Kross was a major presence in AAA last year as a bodyguard to Johnny Mundo before disappearing in the fall. The notorious Hart hasn’t appeared in AAA since 2012, having seemingly burned his bridge with the promotion before a comeback starting last year made him a commodity once again. Guerrera meanwhile has been absent for four years; his return is likely the most impactful as the former WCW star known as “The Juice” is considered one of the pioneers of AAA’s early days.