In a potentially devastating development to CMLL and lucha libre in general, young star Dragon Lee went down with an injury on tonight’s CMLL Super Viernes show. The 22 year old was in the early stages of a much hyped Lightning Match with Caristico when he suddenly collapsed while grabbing his right leg (which upon replay looked to be heavily taped). Caristico, referee Terror Chino and several doctors checked on Lee before determining he couldn’t finish the match and took him out on a stretcher.


This would be a crushing blow to both CMLL and Lee. The sensational young luchadore is less than two years removed from winning the main event of the 83rd Aniversario against La Mascara and has become a popular part time star for CMLL’s partner New Japan Pro Wrestling; so much so that it was anticipated that Lee would be in the upcoming Best of the Super Juniors tournament next month. We at Lucha Central send our best wishes to Dragon Lee and will provide you with an update on his condition as soon as possible.