It’s been a year of luchadores returning to places you never thought to see them in again. Let’s add another one to the list, shall we? According to AAA promotional partner EMW, former AAA star and current Lucha Underground Trios Champion Daga will be returning to the promotion at an October 27th house show in Tijuana, Baja California. It would be his first appearance in AAA since the 2017 Guerra de Titanes, where he took part in a seven way cage match.


The 30 year old Estado de Mexico native has been a consistent presence for The Crash since leaving AAA, starting as a member of La Rebelion and most recently entering a heated feud with former La Rebelion comrade Penta Zero M. The strong style luchador has also been making in roads in the US; his Lucha Underground role has increased in season four after he missed most of season three due to visa issues, and he notably scored a booking with MLW for next week’s Fury Road show in New York, where he’ll take on Low Ki for the MLW Heavyweight Championship. There have been rumors of Daga appearing back in AAA and even CMLL on and off throughout the year, but this is the first clear bit of evidence that Daga will be returning to the promotion where he first caught on in 2012.


As of now AAA has yet to confirm Daga’s return, and Daga’s presence at this house show doesn’t mean he will be appearing on a streamed show imminently. Even still this is a situation to keep an eye on, and Lucha Central will continue to provide updates on Daga’s situation.