Lucha libre and the hit internet wrestling show Being the Elite have always had a playful relationship; who could forget the time Juventud Guerrera welcomed Flip Gordon to Mexico for instance? But today’s episode of BTE (which as usual comes highly recommended) goes even further with the announcement that Lucha Underground/CMLL/AAA/pretty much everywhere star Fenix (going by Rey Fenix for this show) will be teaming with international lucha libre star Bandido and the legendary Rey Mysterio Jr. to take on The Golden Elite, consisting of New Japan star Kota Ibushi and the Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson.


There are several talking points to come out of this announcement. First, this match will have a chance to be the best on the card given the insane amount of talent and the similar styles of both teams. Second, this all but confirms Mysterio will not be signing with the WWE imminently, despite the ongoing talks between the two sides. The biggest story however might be who isn’t involved in this match. Both Golden Elite member Kenny Omega and Fenix’ brother Pentagon Jr. (among many other alias’) are oddly absent, suggesting a potential one on one match between the two at All In. If that’s indeed the case, it would present a first time scenario where the IWGP Heavyweight Champion would take on the Lucha Underground Champion in one on one competition, provided both men retain their titles going into the show.


All In will be held on September 1st at the Sears Arena in Chicago, Illinois, and while no official announcement has been made is expected to stream live. This match adds to an already busy weekend for Mysterio, Fenix and Bandido, who will be appearing at Expo Lucha the day before, with Fenix and Mysterio notably teaming with Pentagon to take on Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis (Nicho el Millonario) and Super Crazy. Lucha Central will continue to provide updates on any lucha libre news regarding the show, including the potential Pentagon-Omega match.