Get ready sports fans because AAA is about to come back crazier than ever. After going dark following a wild Triplemania XXVI press conference, the lucha libre promotion announced a full card earlier this week for a July 13th show in Queretaro. But it’s the leaking of a potential card for a late July show in Ecatepec that has our interest thanks to three big returns/debuts. First we have the return of Jack Evans, who teams with long time friend/tag team partner Teddy Hart and a Luchador Sorpresa to take on La Mascara, Maximo and long time rival Sammy Guevara. Just as exciting are the appearances of Bandido and Flamita, who team with Aramis in the second match to take on Poder del Norte (Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr. and Tito Santana) in what could be a Match of the Year candidate.


As of this moment AAA has yet to confirm whether this is the card (which you can see here for the full lineup) and it’s very possible some (or all) of these matches could be changed. If the cards stands, this would be the first ever appearance in AAA for Bandido, who has become one of the most celebrated luchadores in the world thanks to impressive stints in PWG and Dragon Gate over the last few years. Meanwhile it would be the first appearance for both Flamita and Evans in AAA since 2016, when both left over controversial incidents. Flamita, wrestling as Octagon Jr. at the time, departed after getting caught up in the infamous battle between Octagon and AAA over Octagon’s gimmick, leading to a wild event at a book signing where Octagon unmasked Flamita with armed bodyguards by his side. Evans meanwhile left after he gave an interview where some interpreted him to be insulting AAA’s La Parka, though the situation looks to have been overblown in retrospect. Both men have kept busy, with both men having successful runs in The Crash, Evans continuing to work in Lucha Underground as part of Worldwide Underground (though he appears to be done after season four) and Flamita haing strong runs in PWG and Dragon Gate, where he’s often teamed with Bandido.


Regardless of whether this is the card for the show or not, AAA will run out of Ecatepec on July 29th and, like all AAA tapings, will be available to watch on Twitch. Lucha Central will continue to provide updates to this show as we draw closer to the event.