You may remember last year reports surfaced that AAA was considering running a show or two out of Madison Square Garden. In the end the promotion opted out of that, choosing to instead focus on potentially doing a show in MSG in 2019. It appears that will be happening. Mike Johnson of PWInsider has reported that AAA will be holding a Press Conference at Madison Square Garden next week on April 4th; it is not outright stated, but it’s little mystery that AAA will announce a show in MSG for this year, which Johnson speculates will be in September.


AAA is no stranger to the Garden, having run a show from the MSG theater all the way back in 1994. This show however will definitely be taking place in the main Garden area, making AAA the fourth wrestling promotion to run in MSG after WWE, Ring of Honor and New Japan (the latter two are holding a joint promotion show in the Garden the day after AAA’s presser for those living under a rock). It is likely AAA won’t be alone either, as their partners All Elite Wrestling (AEW) will most definitely want to be part of this big event.


Lucha Central will provide full coverage of next week’s press conference with full details on AAA’s upcoming show in Madison Square Garden.