AAA TV has found a new home. Moments ago, Dorian Roldan announced on Twitter that AAA has agreed to a deal to air their product on Azteca TV. No details were released beyond that, including a release date, but it appears AAA could be airing immediately on the Network.


This now gives AAA four platforms on which they appear on, including deals with Space, Multimedios and Twitch. It is also a strong rebound for AAA after Friday’s news of them leaving Televisa. The promotion had been under the Televisa banner in some shape or form since Antonio Pena founded AAA with Televisa’s help in 1992, beginning a 27 year relationship with the largest media conglomerate in Mexico. They have recovered nicely in partnering up with TV Azteca, the second largest media conglomerate in Mexico, as well as the same network that aired Konnan’s Promo Azteca promotion back in the 90s. TV Azteca also has networks in the United States, opening up the possibility that AAA could be airing in the states soon.


Lucha Central will continue to provide updates on this developing story.