It was pretty much a given that AAA’s Triplemania XXVII was going to draw the biggest rating for a wrestling promotion in Mexico this year; the question was how high would the number be. Well the rating is in and I dare say that AAA will be really pleased. Triplemania XXVII drew a 2.89 rating with 1,630.45 million viewers on TV Azteca’s Azteca 7, a monstrous number that made Triplemania one of the highest rated shows in Mexican TV this past weekend. The number dwarves every other wrestling show from last week, including AAA’s weekly Friday show on Azteca 7 that drew a respectable 0.74 rating with 417.32K viewers. HR ratings have also reported that Triplemania was the most watched sports program of the week and third most watched cable program; it is estimated that 8.2 million viewers tuned in at some point to watch the show between Azteca 7 and Space.  Along with 50K viewers (English and Spanish) from Twitch, the numbers round out to a very successful Triplemania, which has critically been lauded as one of the best wrestling shows this year from any promotion.


Meanwhile CMLL’s Saturday program on Televisa’s Gala TV drew a 0.40 rating with 223.47K viewers, a slight dip from the previous week’s really strong 0.59 rating with 333.63K viewers, the highest numbers Lucha Central has CMLL drawing since joining Televisa. Meanwhile the upstart Nacion de Lucha Libre promotion drew 0.36 rating with 204.89K viewers in only their third week on Imagen TV; these numbers are down from the previous week’s 0.53 rating and 298.56K viewers and from their debut episode on July 20th, which drew a strong 0.55 rating with 310.18K viewers. It’ll be interesting to see if NLL can maintain their initial buzz, as their numbers are already on par with CMLL’s despite being on a less prestigious network (NLL in fact defeated CMLL during their first week). All three lucha promotions were ahead of both WWE’s shows, with RAW only drawing a 0.27 rating and 152.73K viewers and Smackdown drawing a 0.36 rating with 204.63K viewers (putting it slightly behind NLL). All in all, lucha libre continues to dominate


Below are the ratings for the last several weeks for all major promotions with TV in Mexico.


Week of August 3rd

Triplemania XXVII: 2.89 rating, 1,630.45 million viewers

AAA on Azteca 7: 0.74 rating, 417.32K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.40 rating, 223.47K viewers

NLL on Imagen TV: 0.36 rating, 204.89K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.36 rating, 204.63K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.27 rating, 152.73K viewers


Week of July 27th

AAA on Azteca 7: 0.71 rating, 398.95K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.59 rating, 333.63K viewers

NLL on Imagen TV: 0.53 rating, 298.56K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.23 rating, 131.91K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.18 rating, 103.37K viewers


Week of July 20th

AAA on Azteca 7: 0.92 rating, 518.06K viewers

NLL on Imagen TV: 0.55 rating, 310.18K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.46 rating, 257.04K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.34 rating, 193.16K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.20 rating, 111.88K viewers


Week of July 13th

AAA on Azteca 7: 1.04 rating, 588.98K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.30 rating, 169.29K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.30 rating, 167.76K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.27 rating, 152.16K viewers


Week of July 6th

AAA on Azteca 7: 0.93 rating, 525.27K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.55 rating, 309.69K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.43 rating, 244.94K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.36 rating, 204.72K viewers