CMLL luchador Arkángel de la Muerte has passed away, according to CMLL’s Twitter account.The sudden news follows Arkángel missing a booking for last night’s Tuesday show, where he was scheduled to team with Cancerbero and Raziel against Magnus, Principe Diamante and Robin. He was 51 years old.


Starting his career in 1985, Arkángel began his career under the name Mr. Cid, where he would feud/team with Pantera II and a young Heavy Metal (then known as Canelo Casas) on and off in the late 80’s. It was not until 1991 did he take on the Arkángel gimmick, which he would use for the rest of his career. Though he made appearances for the Universal Wrestling Association, IWRG and Japanese promotions All Japan, WING and DDT over the years, Arkángel was the the shining example of a CMLL lifer, working for the promotion for nearly thirty years. His most notable accomplishments were unmasking Angel Azteca in 2003, participating in the acclaimed cibernetico match from the legendary Homenaje a Dos Leyendas 2000 event and winning both the CMLL World Welterweight and Mexican National Welterweight Championships. Most notably Arkángel has spent the last few years as the head trainer at CMLL’s school; if you’ve watched at least one CMLL show, chances are you’ve seen a luchador that trained under his tutelage.


We at Lucha Central join the lucha libre world in mourning Arkángel de la Muerte and extend our condolences to his family and friends.