Week four of AAA’s Lucha Capital has shuffled off this mortal coil sports fans and my Grodd, the first show of stage two was definitely something. It had a pre-show match (the first of the competition), Konnan replacing Vampiro on commentary, luchadores missing matches due to fog delaying flights and Australian Suicide turning the Facebook chat into his own version of Chris Rock’s Bring the Pain. Some of the show was typical AAA (the end). Lots of the show was mixed, with average performances meeting good ones. And in the case of Drago vs. Puma, the show was really, REALLY good. I guess it was basically the AAA experience in a BBQ joint sports fans. That’s not bad, but it is different than what we’ve gotten the first few weeks. Guess we’ll find out if that continues next week. But that’s then; this is now. TO THE REVIEW MOBILE!



Pre-Show Match

Argenis defeated Mocho Cota Jr.


Hey a surprise pre-show match! And hey, A SURPRISE ARGENIS! Last time I saw that guy I’m pretty sure he was looking for that Rey de Reyes sword he had. Remember when Argenis of all people won Rey de Reyes?!



Anyways, this was a nice surprise considering how the rest of the show looked and the match was thankfully as expected; fast and fun. It was nice to see Mocho Cota in a match where he didn’t have to use a chair and he not only looked good but was really over with the crowd. All of which made it funnier when Argenis inexplicably won with a Super Rana and got booed out of the BBQ joint. High comedy. At least Argenis can say he wrestled well. I still get why AAA isn’t using him that much (poor Argenis is quite plain compared to an Angelikal) but he’s a solid hand and he gelled well with Cota in the limited time they got. Solid match and I do not lie when I say one of the best on this show. That’s not a good sign sports fans.


Hijo del Vikingo (3) defeated Mascarita Sagrada (3)


This is not a mirage sports fans. Apparently some terrible weather delayed flights all throughout Mexico, leading to AAA shuffling the card around. Thus instead of Sagrada vs. Kross we got Sagrada vs. Vikingo. I will forever be sad we didn’t get Sagrada getting tossed around like a Frisbee, but in the end we probably got a better match out of it. Sagrada still can only do so much at his age, but he had a much better showing against a Vikingo who bumped and based his ass off to make Sagrada look respectable. He did just that and while this won’t go down as one of Vikingo’s flashiest performances, it was one of his best in my opinion and one that showed just how good he is. And hey, he got the win as well. That’s always nice. Better match than I would’ve thought.


Drago (3) defeated Puma King (0). Puma is Eliminated


Never have I been so happy for the weather being bad in Mexico. Not only did it change the opening match but it gave us Drago vs. Puma. And unlike the opener, which was passable, this bout was awesome. It took them a few minutes but after Puma turned Drago inside out just to hit a Blue Thunder Bomb the match became all sorts of awesome; the only flaw was Drago slipping on a reversal of a Super Powerbomb into a Super Rana, and even then they covered it with Puma turning it into a powerbomb. Puma was frankly just off the charts here. Drago was too, don’t get me wrong, but you could see all the makings of a superstar in the King. He was pulling off all sorts of cool moves, basing tremendously for Drago and just being a giant ball of charisma. It’s a shame he won’t be around for the rest of this competition now that he’s been eliminated. But hey, if he was going to lose, there are worse people to lose to than a guy in Drago who has had two of the better matches in this competition thus far. Really, REALLY good match. If you have the time, pause Buffy and give it a watch!


Keyra (3) defeated Vanilla (3)


My Grodd, this is a match that will clear your sinuses sports fans. It was so vicious that I’m stunned we didn’t get Sycho Sid Vicious out there at one point fist bumping people.


Image result for sycho sid gif


Jokes aside, this match was…how do they say it, BRUTAL BRUTAL BRUTAL! And by that I mean Keyra basically kicked the shit out of poor Vanilla. It wasn’t a one side squash; Vanilla got some offense in here and there and even got her tornillo right (though she couldn’t get the pin afterwards right, leading to the hilarious moment of Copetes counting Keyra down while her shoulders were off the mat). But this match was mostly LA Park vs. Imposter La Parka, with Keyra playing the LA Park role. Some of the shots she gave Vanilla…holy hell man. It was a vicious, brutal beating and it was an enjoyable one; Keyra looked like a complete bad ass and to Vanilla’s credit she sold it all like a champ. It was probably her best work since she’s come into AAA and definitely one of Keyra’s finest performances given the challenge she had. Not a barnburner like Drago-Puma King was, but this was better than expected and a really good showcase for Keyra. And hey, she gets a reprieve into stage three! Can you imagine if Vanilla beat her here? I would’ve lost it more than Australian Suicide in the chat room.


Murder Clown (3) defeated Samoano, in for Killer Kross (3)


Boy what a roller coaster ride this main event was. I’m not sure if Killer Kross had arrived in the building by this point or was on his way after being held up by the weather, but in any event he was replaced here by Samoano to face Murder Clown, himself a replacement for Pagano. They had a match that can only be described as far better than you could possibly imagine, while still just being kind of okay. Full credit goes to Murder Clown there. Samoano tried but you can plainly see why AAA doesn’t use him; if the dude was any more uncoordinated I’d say he was Vanilla! Murder had to carry this match and he did an admirable job, mostly because he pulled out all the tricks (a tope con hilo, the 619 and several power moves). I keep telling you all he’s good and he proved it again here with some fine work. It was also fitting work, considering this was one of his best performances and no one will remember it because the match was so-so. You know; like every other match on this show.


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Of course the match became secondary to the craziness afterwards. That’s because Killer Kross did show up to decimate both Murder and Samoano before cutting a good promo to introduce Scarlett Bordeaux. I guess he and Scarlett are now the Xander and Cordelia of Lucha Capital? It was all very weird and entertaining, though I’m not quite sure it was good. It definitely was more “AAA” than the rest of this competition has been, though whether that was the intent or something they had to improvise because of circumstance is a legit question. I guess we’ll figure it out come next week. For now, it was a weird way to end the show after an average match that could’ve been worse, but wasn’t because of everyone’s favorite “Jason Voorhees” loving Murder Clown.


And with that, I’m off to ponder existence! I’ll see you soon sports fans. TILL NEXT TIME!


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