We are inching closer to the endgame of AAA’s Lucha Capital competition sports fans. Last week’s show (which I watched, but sadly didn’t get to review) concluded stage one, which means we now have three weeks of stage two to look forward to. And if stage one was kinda, sorta big, stage two is like Angel after he fired the staff of Angel Investigations and went full brood to try and off Darla and Drusilla. For the luchadores out there with one win (Aerostar, Australian Suicide, Fenix, Killer Kross, Lady Shani, Laredo Kid, Mascarita Sagrada, Pagano, Pentagon, Psycho Clown, Texano and Vanilla) it’s a chance to secure their place in the Grand Finale on December 19th. For those who came up short in stage one (Drago, Golden Magic, Hijo del Vikingo, Keyra, La Hiedra, Lady Maravilla, Máximo, Murder Clown, Puma King, Niño Hamburguesa, Taurus and Taya) it’s win or go home. To somewhat quote the great Xander Harris, stakes, stakes in new places! It should make for some fun shows…eventually. For the first week though Lucha Capital’s second stage looks to be a mixture of one good match, one enjoyable squash and two very odd pairings. How will it all play out? Let’s break it down together.



Hijo del Vikingo (0) vs. Vanilla (3)


What to Expect: I look at this match and my immediate thought is that Hijo del Vikingo must’ve lost a bet. That or whoever made this match lost their mind. AAA had either Vikingo vs. Puma or Vikingo vs. Drago right there, on a silver platter generally saved for the finest chicken fingers in all the land. Instead they went with Vanilla; boy that statement works in the literal and figurative sense doesn’t it? Grodd bless her but she remains as inconsistent as ever, going from a decent match with La Hiedra on the opening night of Lucha Capital to slipping and sliding all over the place in Juarez this past Sunday. She’ll try very hard I’m sure, but there’s no guarantee she’ll give anything to this match, which means Vikingo is going to have to go full crazy to make this good. I’m talking Imploding 450’s to the floor, Imploding 450’s in the ring, Shooting Star Presses, a Dragonrana and maybe one of those Double Moonsaults Angelikal likes to do. He’ll give us some of that, but unless it’s all that and a bag of chips, this match is going to be very okay.


Winner: It should be Vikingo, it could possibly be Vanilla. I’m going to choose to be hopeful though and go with the exciting high flyer to take this after seven minutes, keeping his hopes for the Grand Finale alive.


Mascarita Sagrada (3) vs. Killer Kross (3)


What to Expect: Just like James Franco made the President of Hollywood like Anne Hathaway, AAA has done the impossible; they’ve made me excited for a Mascarita Sagrada match after last week’s slog with Keyra. How have they done it? Simple; by giving us a match that could be 2018’s version of this!


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Alright not quite that; Killer Kross doesn’t do apron dropkicks after all (not yet at least). He does however love to chase and toss people around and luckily those are two of the three things Sagrada can still do. The third thing you ask? Attempting a never ending array of roll ups; riveting stuff. Anyways, provided AAA doesn’t try to make this competitive, this should be three to five minutes of Kross wiping the once talented Sagrada off the face of the earth. And just like everyone who viewed LA Park vs. Imposter La Parka back in 2010, I will enjoy every minute of it.


Winner: Kross via Saito Suplex after five minutes to advance to the Grand Finale. NEXT!


Pagano (2) vs. Puma King (0)


What to Expect: On the one hand, Puma King is one of the most talented luchadores in the world AND the guy who was in, at worst, the second best Lucha Capital match thus far against Pentagon opening night. On the other hand his opponent is Pagano, a man who does this for fun.


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Now there are some arguments you can make in this match’s favor. As I say almost every time it feels like, Pagano is the type of luchador that, for all his flaws, always tries his hardest and can have a captivating match under the right circumstances. And I don’t just mean when he and Cíclope are flying towards a flaming table. That, combined with Puma’s amazing all around game, might give one a glimmer of hope. Here’s the problem; in the first week of Lucha Capital Pagano had a completely forgettable encounter with Taurus, another great all around talent whose only difference from Puma is his height and the fact that Taurus is a bull. And even he could only do so much! That does not bode well for the Puma King, and while I’m sure both guys will do what they can it will probably wind up being very much the same as what we got week one.


Winner: Pagano is one of AAA’s biggest stars and one of the most over luchadores in the company. Puma…alright he’s getting there, but he’s also got several engagements coming up that signal he’s not long for this tournament. Thus expect Pagano to get the W here to secure his spot in the Grand Finale (along with Kross) and for Puma to kiss Lucha Capital goodbye.


Drago (0) vs. Keyra (0)


What to Expect: As I told you all at the beginning of this preview, this is a one match show. Here is the one match. I think it’s easy to look at the rest of the card and then this match and conclude it’s just another weird mesh of talent. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! In reality it’s a really good high flyer in Drago, coming off a great match with Laredo Kid in week two of this competition, taking on a luchadora in Keyra who can mix with anyone not named Mascarita Sagrada. Need I remind you of that match she had with Ricky Marvin earlier this year? Keyra isn’t known for her high flying but she can when needed, and we all know she can bring the hard hitting action to every match she’s in. That’s a good contrast for Drago and I think, provided AAA actually puts this on last (PLEASE DO AAA, PLEASE DO!) that we’ll get AAA’s version of Marvin-Keyra, only with less chairs and a few more dives. I’m very excited for this one and it should be the best thing on this show, though I reserve the right to change my mind if AAA brings in Aerostar for the arm wrestling contest. Then that will be the best thing on the show.


Winner: This is a big one; the winner goes on to stage three and the loser will be sent home to watch stage three. It’s fitting then that due to Drago’s long time loyalty to AAA and word of Keyra being in line for a big push makes this one TOO CLOSE TO CALL! Good thing I take that Canadian Dollar with me anywhere. Heads Drago, Moose Keyra…sorry Keyra! Its heads, which means Drago takes this one to get one more shot in stage three.


There you have it sports fans. I’m off now to do other stuff with my time till CMLL starts, in which case I will have to do results. TILL THEN!


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