Last week’s edition of AAA’s Lucha Capital was harmed by some bad weather. This week the fog lifted but the questions raised from last week remained unanswered, especially when AAA released only who would be appearing as opposed to a lineup. So what happened? Well there was still arm wrestling, a pre-show match, Australian Suicide running the chat room and four matches to determine whether some luchadore(a)s stayed alive, moved onto the Grand Finale or went home. There was a big change though with Konnan and Vampiro picking the matches, which led to a rematch of a Week 2 matchup and two iffy undercard matches that nearly toppled the show. Fortunately it also led to the main event, which along with the pre-show match turned this into a show worth going out of your way to see. In other words; slightly different Lucha Capital, same really good lucha for the most part. Now let’s get more in depth!



Pre-Show Match

Averno defeated Angelikal


You know, if AAA is going to keep giving us pre-Lucha Capital matches like this then I say we just all embrace it. This wasn’t just a good match; you could argue it was the best one AAA has put on during this entire competition. AND IT WASN’T EVEN PART OF THE COMPETITION! I kid you not sports fans; aside from a slip up on an arm drag early in the proceedings this was a bombastically awesome match. And frankly it shouldn’t be that surprising. Angelikal has become a cult hero ever since that Double Moonsault he pulled off weeks ago and people forget that Averno, when not in trios action, is a dynamic, awesome singles wrestler. This should’ve been a good match and it was, with both guys meshing really well together and each getting some prime moments, like Averno’s well done heat section and Angelikal launching into a rope trick tornillo dive that was out of this world. An absolutely tremendous way to start the show, and hopefully AAA brings both guys back for one of the last few Lucha Capital shows.


Lady Shani (6) defeated Lady Maravilla (0) Maravilla Eliminated


So we have a problem here sports fans…and that’s that this match already happened week two of this competition!


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In AAA’s defense, this match was a) at least as good as the first bout, b) everything was really screwed up by last week’s fog marred show and c) AAA was trying something new tonight by having Vampiro and Konnan pick the luchadores who would face each other. Despite all that, I spent most of this match wondering why the hell this match was happening again, especially since Shani just won in the end anyway. That’s a shame for Maravilla, who was even better in this match than the first and at least deserved a shot to move on to the play in round. I guess those are the breaks. A good match and Shani moving on to the Grand Finale is a good decision, but I was so confused by why it was happening that I probably didn’t enjoy it as much as I should’ve.


Pagano (6) defeated Aerostar (3)


When I first saw Aerostar was announced, thus ending the chances of him facing Pentagon on this show, I was distraught.


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Then I saw Pagano would be Aerostar’s opponent and I was like Angel when he found out Darla and Drusilla were teaming up to wreck Los Angeles.


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In all honesty I’m not sure anyone was happy about this match being made. In retrospect…yeah, still shouldn’t have happened. It was definitely better than it had any right to be; Aerostar worked his ass off to get as much out of Pagano as he could, Pagano only had one screw up (that Bucklebomb/Lung Blower hybrid he insists on making a thing) and the match moved at a decent pace. But this match made it all the more clear how limited Pagano is and seeing him beat Aerostar, who is better in almost every single way, left a sour taste in my mouth. So while the match exceeded my expectations, it still left a lot to be desired given how it played out. And worse now, Pagano gets to move on while Aerostar is stuck in the play in round. In the words of Abed, LAME!!!!!!


Máximo (3) defeated Niño Hamburguesa (0), Hamburguesa Eliminated


Boy was I not feeling this match at all sports fans. I’d say AAA had two choices going into this match; they could’ve played it as a straight, serious singles match or they could’ve made it a comedy match. Either one of those could’ve been successful given how both Máximo and Hamburguesa can be funny and really good given the situation. Instead AAA went for part comedy, part serious match and it just never clicked. Hamburguesa had a few cool moments but ultimately never got out of second gear, while Máximo was less the guy who faced Aerostar in Week 2 and more the silly dude we’ve seen feuding with Los Mercenarios in the latter half of this year. So yeah; this was a disappointing match, and even more so because it’s the end of a disappointing tournament for Hamburguesa. I think the guy is really underrated, but between this match and the one with Texano he really didn’t get a chance to show it.


Pentagon Jr. (6) defeated Golden Magic (0) Magic Eliminated


To think I went into this match believing Angelikal vs. Averno would be the match of the night and the show overall would be a disappointment. Boy was I wrong! Not only was this the best match on the show but this might’ve been one of the best AAA matches of the year. I wasn’t keeping track but it felt like AAA gave Pentagon and Magic at least fifteen minutes to work with, and they used those minutes wisely. We had Canadian Destroyers on the apron, crazy hurricanranas to the floor, a dive to kick off the match, tornillos and even a Lucha Underground style arm break from Pentagon. Throw in an unrelenting pace, a wounded Fenix doing commentary and the crowd being molten hot for Pentagon and this was yet another example of how AAA has gotten things so right with this competition. It was like watching the Buffy cast sing “Walk Through the Fire” for the first time again.


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I don’t have much more to say about the match itself but I would be remiss if I didn’t spend a paragraph on Golden Magic and his performance tonight. It’s not to take anything away from the great work of Pentagon, but he’s always great, at least when CMLL isn’t involved. Golden Magic, especially since coming to AAA, has been a very hit or miss performer despite getting a lot of decent opportunities. It’s been enough of a struggle that some have forgotten that, when Magic is on his A-game, he can match any luchador on the planet. We saw glimpses of that in the match with Fenix two weeks ago but tonight was a level beyond even that. The athleticism, the risk taking, the smoothness and most of all the confidence; Magic had it all tonight, and I don’t think it’s farfetched to say this was career best work from him. And this was despite the fact that the crowd booed him regardless of what he did (though Magic did get a standing ovation as he was stretchered out). I don’t know if the stars aligned or if Pentagon was the right dude to bring out the best in him, but this was peak Golden Magic and I was so thrilled to see him finally put it all together. It’s a shame he’ll be eliminated from this competition now but Magic can at least hold his head high and say he had two impeccable matches while he was around. And Pentagon, who has now had two must see matches in Lucha Capital, gets to move on to the Grand Finale, where I’m fairly certain he’s got one more borderline classic left in him.


That’s game sports fans. I’ll see you tomorrow with a preview of the CMLL Leyendas show taking place this Friday. TILL THEN!


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