Can you believe that tonight was the second to last show in AAA’s Lucha Capital competition sports fans? Seems like only yesterday it started…which makes sense cause it only started a month and a half ago. The point is that things are quickly wrapping up and next week’s Grand Finale is taking shape. Tonight we found out who joined Australian Suicide, Pagano, Pentagon Jr. and Psycho Clown for a chance at lucha libre glory, while also determining the first ever Luchadora to win the female division of the competition. On the one hand I would say there wasn’t quite a match that reached the heights of Pentagon-Golden Magic or Laredo Kid vs. Australian Suicide, and there was one match that I dare say was, how does Vampiro say it, BRUTAL BRUTAL BRUTAL! On the other hand everything from the second match up was good, AAA’s booking was very good and the show was still a lot of fun. It even featured an appearance from some dude dressed as Gronda to boot! Can’t ever go wrong there I suppose. But enough time wasting; I have a review to write and a Megalopolis script to read. Yes my search paid off and I found the script! That’s a story for another time though.



La Máscara defeated Carta Brava Jr.


For a moment I was really excited to see AAA giving Carta Brava Jr., who is super good, a rare singles opportunity; then La Máscara walked out and I had to fight off every urge within me to go back to the Megalopolis script. I think you could put Máscara in Infinity War at this point and it would make me less interested.



Unfortunately for Máscara he didn’t do anything to change my mind in this bout. It was everything that’s wrong with La Máscara the wrestler; he may be a big star but his move set is completely uninteresting, his effort comes and goes and the only thing that gets a reaction is when he tears away the pants. At least Taichi has more going for him than just that. Máscara meanwhile has nothing, and while it was kind of cool to see Brava hit him with Rush’s Dropkick de la Muerte there was otherwise not a whole lot to keep you glued to the computer screen. The work was solid overall but with no passion behind anything it was easily the worst of the pre-competition matches AAA has run over the past few weeks.


Máximo defeated Mascarita Sagrada


If the first match started things off cold then the work Máximo and Mascarita Sagrada produced here left us frozen. This wasn’t just embarrassing sports fans; it was beyond embarrassing. Everything that could go wrong did. Máximo and Sagrada came nowhere close to clicking, Máximo’s rudo work never came close to connecting, Sagrada’s mask kept falling off…you get the picture. It was so bad that the crowd went from somewhat excited to going quieter than the time Roman Reigns talked about Jack and the Beanstalk. A complete and utter waste of time where the only thing that went right was Máximo winning. It’s hard to believe but Máximo can at least have a good match every now and then. I’m not sure Sagrada would be the best worker in a match also involving Rayo de Jalisco and Cien Caras. Just a dreadful match.


Golden Magic defeated Aerostar


We’re left to wonder what might’ve been here sports fans as this match was rolling…until Golden Magic hit Aerostar too well with a tornillo and ended up busting Aerostar open. That led to a several minute situation where medical checked on Aerostar, bandaged up his head and, as a result, killed the momentum of this match. It’s completely understandable why they did this; safety and Aerostar’s health comes first after all. But there’s no question it hurt the flow of the match and thus put a ceiling on it. Even still you have to admire the effort from both guys, which blew the first two matches out of the water. Aerostar worked his ass off despite being injured and didn’t seem to miss a beat, while Golden Magic continued his impressive streak of performances (though this one obviously didn’t reach the heights of his match with Pentagon). It’s pretty crazy how Golden Magic came into this competition as someone in desperate need of proving himself and is now heading to the finals having indeed proven himself. It’s really nice to see. You just wish this match would’ve been able to reach the heights it could’ve if Aerostar hadn’t gotten banged up.


Laredo Kid defeated Texano


On the one hand, by Grodd it’s disappointing that we didn’t get Laredo Kid and Vikingo colliding in an “AIR RAIDERS EXPLODE” situation. I don’t know if we all would’ve survived the awesomeness that match would’ve been but I would’ve at least liked to have found out. On the other hand at least Texano is somewhere right now feeling good about finally having a match in this competition worth a damn. Some of that was definitely on Texano (he tried really hard and looked the best he has without Rey Escorpión in quite a bit) but it frankly didn’t matter what he did because this is Laredo Kid’s world right now. Texano, like the rest of us, is just fortunate enough to be along for the ride and boy it was a ride. Not only did Laredo Kid bring his usual array of great aerial attacks (that brilliant Asai Moonsault and a 450 off the apron were among the highlights) but the dude even took a scoop slam off the apron and onto the floor! That’s a good six to eight feet drop right there and looked like it hurt something fierce; naturally Laredo was up five seconds later with no sign of injury. I guess you can give him the edge over future opponent Fenix, who is still hurt enough that all he could do was watch the match from the commentary booth. In any event this was yet another excellent, yet different performance from Laredo Kid in a last few months loaded with them, easily the best match Texano had during Lucha Capital and yet another right call from AAA in terms of the result. Can you imagine thinking at the beginning of the year that Laredo Kid would even be in AAA, let alone one third of the best trio in Mexico while beating Texano (clean may I add) and challenging Fenix for the Mega Championship? Tom Hanks hasn’t had years that good. In fact, the only person who may have as good right now followed Laredo in the next match.


Hijo del Vikingo defeated Drago


You gotta feel for Drago sports fans. It may not seem like it but he’s had a pretty good past month; not only did he beat El Hijo del Fantasma (in a good match) to win the AAA Latin American Championship  but both his Lucha Capital matches (against Laredo Kid and Puma King respectively) were good to great. And yet it’s all gonna go unnoticed because guys like Vikingo are breaking down the glass ceiling (at least on this show) with one of those hammers from Super Smash Brothers.


Image result for smash brothers hammer gif


That was the case again tonight too. Like Texano in his match Drago was very good. Vikingo was that much better. Part of that is because the match was designed to highlight Vikingo with Drago as his soundboard (I’d estimate Vikingo took 75% of this match and I may be off by a bit) but even if it hadn’t I’m not sure that Vikingo would’ve been denied. The dude is so talented it’s not even funny; this match wasn’t even him at full speed and yet you saw things like Shooting Star Presses off the apron, reverse 450’s, amazing dodges and all sorts of other stuff. We may have to start testing what he, Laredo Kid and Myzteziz Jr. are eating because they seem to be on a whole other planet compared to almost everyone else in lucha libre right now. That’s why Drago, despite some really good work, got overshadowed in this match and also why Vikingo is moving on to the Grand Finale instead of him. Yet another thing that seemed unimaginable a year ago that is now reality. Oh yeah; the match was good! I’m pretty sure that was clear but just in case.


Luchadora Final

Taya defeated Vanilla and Keyra


If only Vanilla hadn’t been involved.



Alright that’s harsh; even with Vanilla involved I thought this was a supremely entertaining match and up there with Drago-Vikingo and Laredo-Texano in terms of quality. There’s no doubt that Vanilla being around put a bit of a capper on things (try as she does, Vanilla is still pretty green and sloppy) but it was all canceled out by some exceptional moments from Keyra and Taya. There were times I wondered if Keyra was even interested in winning as opposed to just wiping Vanilla off the face of the earth. Look at some of those kicks if you don’t believe me; how Vanilla even finished the match is beyond me. Not to be left behind, Taya also had some pretty snug strikes (the running knees to Vanilla on the ropes looked great) and when it was just her and Keyra the match seemed to hum. I don’t know if AAA will get the opportunity given Taya’s other engagements and Keyra’s interest in WWE but a match between those two seems like the surest thing since The Sure Thing. It’ll have to wait for now though as Taya has a date with Lady Shani following her victory tonight. That should be a fun match too but right now it’s all secondary to the fact that Taya closed this show with an AAA belt around her waist, hugging Fenix and taking pictures with Vampiro. Just another example of how things you never thought would happen in 2018 totally happened and was wilder than you could’ve pictured. Just something to keep in mind right now before AAA tops it all next week with a Psycho Clown-Pentagon main event.


There you have it sports fans. I’m off to read that Megalopolis script, but I shall return tomorrow to talk some CMLL Super Viernes. TILL THEN!


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