It’s an old saying sports fans; all good things must come to an end. Tonight AAA’s Lucha Capital competition, after seven weeks of wildness, excitement, arm wrestling, fog delaying flights and the occasional Canadian Destroyer on a table, wraps up with the Grand Finale. What will it entail? I have no unearthly idea. I do know that we’ll all find out together, both by checking out the show on AAA’s Facebook page and right here, with my special running diary of the show. So let’s not waste time and dive right into the action!



9:31: We are live and right on time as AAA’s stream has just gone live with that three piece band playing. I’m going to miss that band sports fans, mostly because that lead guy always seemed to be wearing a Mascara Sagrada mask. Yes that’s all it takes to get to my heart. Well that and La Griega!


9:34: Far be it for me to speculate on what Vampiro is saying these days but it sounded to me like he just said Killer Kross and Murder Clown are out of this shindig. The latter we know; the former would be surprising considering Kross had been advertised for this show. Maybe a random singles match?


9:37: One day these three will stop talking and this show will begin. Hopefully it’ll be the same day someone jumps off that giant ass Christmas tree.


9:39: Dear friend of the site Champ Julius just tweeted “Someone better do a move off of the Christmas tree tonight.” Now that’s a man who knows what’s up. Seems like the show may be starting by the way!


9:40: That is indeed the case. Golden Magic is out first. He’s had one hell of a competition to this point, which means he’s totally facing Killer Kross here and getting dropped like Kevin James’ wife after Kevin Can Wait’s first season.


9:41: Or he could be facing Maximo!


Image result for Yano shrug


9:43: It is indeed Maximo vs. Golden Magic to start and already the Facebook feed is buffering. I may need to hold onto this Yano picture for the rest of the evening.


9:45: The bad news; it looks like I missed a cool Golden Magic dive during the buffering. The good news; Maximo appears to be trying.


9:47: Golden Magic has kicked out of the Kiss! He also avoided a Maximo dive, is going up top…AND HITS THE 450! AND WINS! WHAT?! GOLDEN MAGIC BEAT MAXIMO!


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9:49: If you had told me at the beginning of this bad boy that Golden Magic would be in the finals, I would’ve reacted the same way I did when I found out Rise of the Planet of the Apes was pretty good. The dude has totally earned it though with the great matches against Fenix and Pentagon. This match with Maximo was too quick to be that, but Magic was still really solid and he should do great in the finals where a lot of great talent will be.


9:50: I guess Arturo Rivera and Vanilla will be in the chat? Cool.


9:51: Murder Clown is out for his match. I guess he’s not eliminated. Yano take the wheel!


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9:53: And now Killer Kross is out (and yes, Scarlett is with him)! Damn shame I just used that Yano pic seconds ago. On the plus side this match should at least be a good brawl.


9:55: Murder Clown has no hope to win this match…and yet I want it so badly. Thought you’d want to know.


9:57: This match briefly turned into a Strong Style slug fest, minus the strong style. Sadly Murder then went for a dive, Kross blocked it and is now suplexing poor Murder.




9:59: Murder is going up top for a splash. OR A CORKSCREW SENTON! Kross moves, hits a suplex and Murder just powers out of it!


10:00: And now I’m not sure why Murder did as Kross just got up, hit his Saito Suplex and pinned him. Kross moves on and I am sad. IT SHOULD’VE BEEN MURDER!



10:03: They’re taking a few minutes to cool down and it’s just hitting me; boy those two matches were quick. Makes you wonder if AAA is keeping these first few matches short in order to have the final five well rested for the main event.


10:04: Oh look; they’re doing the Arm Wrestling thing and it’s with Imposter La Parka. Might as well turn Law & Order: SVU back on.


10:07: I have changed my mind about this segment. And yes, it’s because the fans were just chanting for LA Park while Imposter Parka looked on like the world’s giant dumbass.


10:08: Damn even that arm wrestling thing was short. In case you were interested, the child between Impostor La Parka. Now that we’ve covered that, HIJO DEL VIKINGO IS UP NEXT!




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10:11: I’ll be back in ten sports fans; my full attention will be on this match.


10:19: You’ll never believe this sports fans but that match was AWESOME! I counted one slip up; Vikingo missing a headscissors early in the match. Otherwise this was exactly what you wanted and yet it STILL left room for more if Vikingo and Laredo should eventually meet down the road. Yet another fantastic match in this tournament. Laredo Kid won by the way, because he just can’t lose these days. If he were the QB for the Chicago Bears they’d be Super Bowl front runners.


10:21: They are getting Pagano out there now…and holy hell this is going to be a Triplemania XXVI rematch as Psycho Clown is his opponent! You gotta love AAA using this competition as a way to do all of Psycho’s big matches all over again. By the by, he’s totally carrying Pagano to the promised land here just like he did two years ago




10:28: Pagano just went full Super Calo. I’m serious; he barely hit Psycho Clown on that suicide tope con hilo!


10:29: Perhaps I spoke too soon on Psycho managing to save this match. Thus far it’s been a lot of Pagano wiping out and Psycho trying to save himself from being hurt.




10:32: Pagano gets a near fall on a running neck breaker and he’s so gassed he can barely make a cover. Luckily Psycho gets back on offense quick and hits a great running knee attack for a near fall of his own.


10:34: Pagano actually hit a pretty good Volador Spiral on Psycho…and instead of going for a cover went for a moonsault. Guess how that went? You don’t have to cause I’m gonna tell you now; Psycho moved, hit a Code Breaker and rolled Pagano up with La Casita for the win. Psycho moves on, Pagnao goes home!


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10:37: If my math is correct sports fans we only have one match left to determine the last finalist. It’ll be between Lucha Underground ace Pentagon Jr. and Lucha Capital ace Australian Suicide. Both guys have delivered big time in their previous two matches, both guys are generally great anyway AND, if you’re an LU fan, this is technically their first meeting since Suicide (as Hexagon Black) cost Pentagon the LU Championship at Ultima Lucha IV. IT’S GONNA GET PERSONAL!


10:40: Think this will be another match I sit back and enjoy sports fans. See you shortly!


10:47: Sweet lord Baby Jesus they did it again! Remember Pentagon vs. Golden Magic? Suicide vs. Laredo Kid? This was even crazier than those two matches and it involved no one taking a bump on a dinner table. It did have Australian Suicide starting the match with a Dragonrana and an amazing Triangle Shooting Star dive and never let up from there. Sensational match where the only bad part was the fact it ended. Pentagon did win by the way (a very predictable result) but you have to feel Suicide benefited all the same. In the chat room, in the ring…he was the MVP of this competition. What a performance by him.


10:52: Fenix out to present a reward to…I guess the most popular guy? I don’t know what it is, other than I know Pagano won it. And that is why he keeps getting pushed for all of you confused out there.


10:55: I guess it’s just the main event now right? Or will AAA add one more bonus match to give the guys a breather…well they’re doing something because Fantasma is coming out. And I’m talking El Fantasma; not that guy LA Park unmasked at Triplemania.


10:57: Or Fantasma is just there as lucha commissioner to oversee the main event. Who the hell knows?


Image result for Yano shrug


10:59: Speaking of the shrug…it seems like Killer Kross may not be in this match! It could just be me not understanding Spanish but Vampiro was holding up four fingers there, talking about Kross a lot and GORRAMIT CULT JUST SIT BACK AND LET WHATEVER HAPPEN HAPPEN! Need I remind you of the last time Lucha Central tried to figure out the rubics cube of a mind that is Vampiro?


11:01: Kross is indeed out (AAA didn’t want him to take a pin alert!), which means this is now a four way match between Laredo Kid, Pentagon Jr., Psycho Clown and Golden Magic. No, Golden Magic can’t believe it either.


11:02: Wait what? We’re just starting with Magic and Pentagon? I’m not complaining; their match was great. But like…what?!


11:03: OH OKAY. It’s a gauntlet match where each guy enters after a countdown. That’ll work. Magic with a dive to the floor by the way.


11:04: Laredo is out after Magic hit a 630. He makes his mark immediately with a 450 off the apron on Pentagon!


11:05: Psycho is in and WHAT A SUICIDE DIVE! They have started strong here!


11:06: You know what; let’s just take all this in too…or not because Kross is now out and suplexing people. Yano…come on back.


Image result for Yano shrug


11:07: HOLY SHIT! Psycho was eliminated by Kross.


11:19: Alright I had take a few minutes to let all that craziness sink in sports fans. Luckily I am good a recapping so here’s what happened.


-Right before Killer Kross ran out Golden Magic was eliminated by being flipped off the top rope and onto the floor, landing back first. He was noticeably receiving medical attention after that. After the great competition he had you just hope he’s okay.


-Kross, who’s whole “I’m not wrestling in this final” thing was a ploy I guess (who knows anymore?) eliminated Psycho Clown and Pentagon to have it come down to him and Laredo Kid. That’s right, the final two was Killer Kross vs. Laredo Kid. If you had that as your final two, I’d like to shake your hand. I won’t believe you at all but I’ll shake your hand anyway.


-And somehow that’s not the biggest kicker of this match. You know what that was; Laredo Kid. WINNING! CLEAN!


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11:31: Alright it wasn’t totally clean; Pentagon did save him at one point with a righteous kick to the balls. But that was then followed by several minutes of action before Laredo Kid finally threw Kross over the top rope, so even though Laredo got help he still wound up winning the match on his own. And for his efforts he got a cool belt and a confetti shower. Oh, and a victory he deserved. I thought I had run out of things to rave about Laredo Kid in the back half of this year but man, tonight just really goes to show how great it’s been since he rejoined AAA. I mean consider this; he arguably was in the best match at Triplemania (the ladder match), he tore the house down during AAA’s “fall break” tour with Fenix and Cage, he’s become one third of the AAA Trios Champions and formed arguably the best trio in Mexico with Myzteziz Jr. and Vikingo, he’s next in line for a Mega Championship shot, he had not one, not two but three killer matches in this competition (including one just an hour and a half ago) and now this. Who else in lucha libre can claim to have a second half of the year like his? Australian Suicide may have been more exciting in this competition (and maybe a little bit better), Pentagon may have had the more notable matches, but in the end Laredo Kid deserved this. He’s no longer just great; he’s a friggin star. This wacky tournament that sometimes made no sense just solidified it.


And with that sports fans the running diary, just like Lucha Capital, has come to an end. It was a good show and a good time by my estimation. Hopefully AAA can bring this back, and hopefully they can do it a little more coherently next time (while still maintaining the fun). I’m off to relax, but you’ll see me tomorrow for a CMLL preview. TILL THEN!



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