It’s that time again sports fans! The part where I do this outdated Animaniacs joke? Well yes but also no; it’s time for the next AAA vs. Elite show, which is about to start any second now. Well I guess it’s already started but come on; we don’t count the part where Hugo and Jose talk for several minutes with the occasional Vampiro cameo! The point is, strap yourself in sports fans because it’s going to be wall to wall coverage for the next several hours. And it’ll be uninterrupted too as it appears The Crash isn’t streaming tonight. One of these days lucha libre promotions will stop letting us down; it just won’t be today. But enough complaining; let’s get to it!



Mascarita Sagrada & Mini Psycho Clown defeated Espectrito & Mini Coco Amarillo


I think this may be the first time since the spring that AAA will not have an opening match as good as CMLL has on the same night. Holy shit did I not like this match! I liked the idea of opening up with a minis match (a staple of AAA in their glory years) but holy hell did they pick the wrong guys outside of Mini Psycho Clown. The AAA Mini Estrellas Champion (yes the belt still exists) looked good but he really only got two or three things to do. The rest of the match was either Espectrito or Mini Coco doing some boring ass beat downs or whatever Mascarita Sagrada this was looking off. If this was the guy we saw in Lucha Underground then my Grodd he’s lost his touch. If it was the legendary one from the 90’s…same thing really, although it’s pretty cool if he finally returned to AAA after all these years. Either way this match came off like a drag and was severely lacking compared to every other AAA since April. A poor start to the show.


Keyra, Lady Maravilla, Star Fire defeated Faby Apache, La Hiedra, Lady Shani


By Grodd did AAA recover with this match! Here I was all down about that opener breaking AAA’s trend of really strong matches and BOOM; here came these six luchadoras to absolutely tear it up, Good Place style.


Image result for the good place holy mother forking shirt balls


As I thought in the preview, this match was hard hitting and super snug. There were only two dive spots that I saw (a Star Fire tope and a Maravilla plancha) and that was perfectly acceptable given the hurting these six put on each other otherwise. There were so many great kicks, running forearms and so on in this match that I honestly lost count! Just a really fun, hard hitting match with everyone coming across like a star. La Hiedra, who had the least to do, continued to show great improvement. Shani was terrific. Star Fire was outstanding and showed off the most athleticism. In the end I thought Faby, Maravilla and Keyra all came off as mega stars, especially together; we all know how Faby likes to work and Keyra and Maravilla both brought it with her in several great sequences. Best of all AAA pulled off the right finish by having Keyra roll up Faby from a La Atlantida position to get the win and set her up strongly for the upcoming title match. Really, really good stuff and man did I wish this had been the opener when it was all said and done. This will be a tough match to top.


Ciclón Ramirez, Demus, Emperador Azteca defeated Aerostar, Argenis, Niño Hamburguesa


If the last match was a slugfest, this was a bout for air traffic control. There were dives a plenty in this one sports fans, with everyone getting something in. Yes, even Hamburguesa, who managed to pull off a Super Calo suicide senton minus going into the crowd! Strong stuff, although his best contribution was making me realize how much I want to see him and Demus go at it. That doesn’t seem like a promising match up on paper but those two looked great together in limited action and the crowd was itching for more of them. Elsewhere Argenis was, well, Argenis, Emperador Azteca looked decent in his debut (though he was definitely the sixth wheel in the grand scheme of things), Demus got a cool Double Underhook Piledriver in and both Aerostar and Ciclón Ramirez had great nights. I thought Aerostar controlled the early action with a great dive and his usual tremendous move set (he got another great dive off late, though AAA sadly missed it) and then Ramirez controlled it late. It wasn’t perfect for the AAA newcomer but I thought he was more impressive than not, tried some different things and finished strong with a Super Astro Whip on Argenis to get the win. The previous match was a bit better, but this match was still very exciting and a fun watch!


Three Way Tag Team Match

Mamba & Máximo defeated Rey Escorpión & Texano Jr. and El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. & Golden Magic


I’m probably going to underrate this match a bit. Why; because I was finding it very difficult to keep my full attention on it. Some of that was definitely the CMLL main event going on at the same time but…I don’t know. It was just hard to care about the beginning of this match that saw Escorpión and Texano dominating all the action, something that is usually enjoyable but is getting old now that it happens ALL THE TIME! Luckily things picked up after Golden Magic came in and I thought the second half of the match was very strong. Mamba and Máximo looked solid and Mamba’s Golden Bomb to win the match was super good. Finally I saw something out of Hijo del Dr. Wagner; there’s still some rough spots and I’m not sure he’s Hijo de LA Park level, but he was much better here than he was earlier in the year and even pulled off a moonsault. He and Golden Magic made it work, and Magic was once again top tier, both in how he got the momentum going in the right direction and then keeping the pedal to the metal as the match went along. Overall it turned out to be a fun match and some may enjoy it more than me. It was just hard to get into the beginning with Escorpión and Texano doing the same thing they always do. I love those guys together and they’re a great team…but it just felt like old news to start this bout.


Hijo de LA Park, Laredo Kid, Taurus defeated Imposter La Parka, Joe Lider, Pagano


Sports fans, I came into this match being a fan of Hijo de LA Park, Laredo Kid and Taurus. By the time it ended I was convinced they were miracle workers. This match, which I expected to be the worst match on the entire show, was not only not terrible but was actually, dare I say, decent!


Image result for good shocked gif

Image result for good shocked gif

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I can’t believe I’m saying this about an Imposter La Parka match in 2018! In fairness, the Imposter did his best to drag this match down and it was, as per usual, appalling to watch the more talented rudo team sell for his shitty offense. Luckily he was somewhat contained, allowing everyone else to shine. I thought Pagano looked better than usual (it helped that he didn’t try anything too far out there) and Joe Lider was pretty good when allowed to be, which was…hardly ever? Seriously, he disappeared more than Shannon Doherty after Charmed. In the end though the stars were Team Elite. Taurus was actually the least active of the group but he was electric when in there; it’s high time AAA start giving him better competition because this dude is so friggin good at everything. Hijo de LA Park was great, watching him beat up the Imposter was great and even delivered a Sunset Flip Powerbomb to the floor to make everyone love him even more. Most importantly though Laredo Kid, despite being toned down, looked excellent, flew around a lot and got the pinfall off a Spanish Fly on Lider, solidifying him as a viable challenger for Fenix. You know; the exact thing you’re supposed to do! Complete credit to AAA here; they managed to book this match the right way and allowed the most talented team to make things successful. By Grodd it was. Very good match.


El Hijo del Fantasma & Psycho Clown defeated Electroshock & LA Park


I’m not delusional sports fans; I’m well aware of my small place in the corner of the internet and how no one important is likely listening to me. But I’ll be damned if by the end of this match it didn’t feel like someone was. I called for AAA to not end this match in predictable screwy fashion as they have almost every other main event recently…and by Grodd that’s exactly what they did! A CLEAN FINISH TO AN AAA MAIN EVENT SPORTS FANS!


Image result for i don't believe what i just saw gif


This was a damn good thing too because this match, like many of the other recent AAA main events, was very strong. In fact I would say it was even better than usual, almost as good at the initial AAA vs. Elite main event we got back in July. I wasn’t expecting that given there wasn’t a Puma or Dr. Wagner Jr. to help cover up Electroshock’s holes but it turns out he didn’t need them. There is still some gas left in the tank yet for the veteran, and while he didn’t look great he didn’t suck either, and worked just fine with Psycho Clown. After that all we needed was for the other three to do what they usually do and they did. Psycho Clown continues to look refreshed and refocused and had some great moments. Fantasma was stupendous brawling with LA Park and would’ve had a highlight reel spot with his splash off the apron and through a table if the table had broken (that was the only flaw actually; none of the tables broke in this match!). And to the surprise of no one LA Park was LA Park. His mere presence alone helps elevate these matches at this point, but he added more than that with his great work with Fantasma, capping it off with yet another incredible suicide dive. Is it possible that 53 year old LA Park has the best suicide dive in lucha at this point? I think so; at the very least it’s no more surprising than him having the best match in AAA and CMLL in the same week, all helping Bestia del Ring and Electroshock to decent work! So yeah; great match, the best of the night in my book. The action was fun, the pace was really good, they kept things as clean as AAA can, finished it strong and even managed to build up Los Mercenarios attacking Psycho Clown after the match. A perfect way to cap a strong show in my book.


That’s AAA vs. Elite II sports fans. It was yet another very strong show. It won’t go down as the best show of the year or anything like that but with the exception of the opener I was very entertained, with matches 2-6 all impressing on some level. I hope AAA takes a look at this show and sees this is how they should book them most of the time. There’s a time and place for screwy finishes, but not when it comes to every show. Tonight showed that AAA can pull off good to great matches consistently and keep everyone entertained without having to overbook stuff. If they can keep that up, they can only continue to improve on the excellent foundation they’ve built for themselves since April of this year.


And with that I’m off to rest up sports fans. Got a CMLL review to do tomorrow after all. TILL THEN!


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