After closing out the month of May by losing viewers, AAA got some good news about the first week of June from Nielsen. The promotion’s show on TV Azteca’s Azteca 7 channel drew a 1.03 rating with 581.83K viewers for June 7th. Though still down from the strong 1.13 rating with 673.85K viewers from Memorial Day weekend, the numbers are a strong rebound from May 31st, when AAA drew a disappointing 0.95 rating with 0.95 rating with 535.62K viewers. More good news is likely on the way for AAA as well, as viewership will likely increase for upcoming shows due to their Verano de Escandalo event airing this Sunday.


Meanwhile, CMLL didn’t hold onto their strong viewership from the Juicio Final, though they didn’t lose as many viewers as expected either. Their June 8th showing on Televisa’s Gala TV did 0.35 rating with 199.53K viewers. While those numbers are down from the Juicio Final’s 0.43 rating with 242.91K viewers, the number is still up from Memorial Day weekend’s 0.29 rating with 162.93K viewers, indicating that fans did indeed stick around after CMLL’s strong showing to end May. For the second straight week CMLL was also able to beat at least one of WWE’s shows, out drawing RAW, which did almost the same numbers as the previous week with a 0.34 rating with 193.97K viewers. Ultimately Smackdown would draw just a little bit better than CMLL with a 0.36 rating with 201.38K viewers, good enough for second place behind, which remains the king of wrestling ratings in Mexico.