Things couldn’t have gone any differently for AAA and CMLL in the ratings for the final week of May. Over at TV Azteca’s Azteca 7 AAA did 0.95 rating with 535.62K viewers; these numbers are a bit of a dip from Memorial Day weekend, where AAA did a solid 1.13 rating with 673.85K viewers. In contrast CMLL had what was perhaps their best week in the ratings since joining Televisa’s Gala TV. Though still a good distance from AAAA’s numbers, Saturday’s show drew a 0.43 rating with 242.91K viewers, drastically up from 0.29 rating with 162.93K viewers from Memorial Day weekend. The gains were likely due to CMLL holding the Juicio Final the night before, a card that wound up being one of the best shows CMLL produced all year, in addition to a notable hair vs. hair match between Último Guerrero and Máscara Año 2000.


In the end little changed in the overall ratings picture, with AAA remaining the number one promotion throughout Mexico. The biggest news is that CMLL would overtake both WWE’s RAW and Smackdown programs, which drew only a 0.40 rating with 225.39K viewers (Smackdown) and a 0.34 rating with 192.47K viewers (RAW) respectively. Thus, the last week of May was one of the first times that both AAA and CMLL beat WWE programming in the ratings on a given week, putting lucha libre on top to close out the month.