In a stunning turn of events (not really), AAA wasn’t able to duplicate the record setting ratings they drew for Triplemania XXVII.  AAA’s Friday show on Azteca 7 drew a 0.66 rating with 370.64K viewers, down from the previous Friday’s 0.74 rating and 417.32K viewers but generally in line with what AAA has drawn in the last several weeks. Never the less the show is the lowest number AAA has posted in the last month, which will make next week’s number intriguing to see if they can go back up.


While AAA went down, everyone else went back up, most notably the upstart Nacion de Lucha Libre. Alberto El Patron’s new promotion hasn’t generated much critical acclaim or US attention, but the promotion remains a steady draw on Imagen TV, drawing a o.55 rating with 310.32K viewers. The numbers are not only way up from the previous week’s 0.36 rating and 204.89K viewers (impressive numbers given Nacion went against Triplemania) but were within 60K of AAA’s viewers, a very impressive feat for a promotion less than a month old. They were also able to defeat CMLL for the second time in their run, with CMLL drawing a 0.49 rating and 274.90K viewers on Televisa’s Gala TV. This is still good news for CMLL though, as the numbers topped last week’s 0.40 rating and 223.47K viewers. Overall all three promotions remained ahead of WWE yet again, with RAW drawing a 0.37 rating with 210.18K viewers and Smackdown drawing a 0.37 rating and 206.06K viewers. Both shows were up from last week.


Week of August 10th

AAA on Azteca: 0.66 rating, 370.64K

NLL on Imagen TV: 0.55 rating, 310.32K

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.49 rating, 274.90K

WWE RAW: 0.37 rating, 210.18K

WWE Smackdown: 0.37 rating, 206.06K


Week of August 3rd

Triplemania XXVII: 2.89 rating, 1,630.45 million viewers

AAA on Azteca 7: 0.74 rating, 417.32K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.40 rating, 223.47K viewers

NLL on Imagen TV: 0.36 rating, 204.89K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.36 rating, 204.63K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.27 rating, 152.73K viewers


Week of July 27th

AAA on Azteca 7: 0.71 rating, 398.95K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.59 rating, 333.63K viewers

NLL on Imagen TV: 0.53 rating, 298.56K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.23 rating, 131.91K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.18 rating, 103.37K viewers


Week of July 20th

AAA on Azteca 7: 0.92 rating, 518.06K viewers

NLL on Imagen TV: 0.55 rating, 310.18K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.46 rating, 257.04K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.34 rating, 193.16K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.20 rating, 111.88K viewers


Week of July 13th

AAA on Azteca 7: 1.04 rating, 588.98K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.30 rating, 169.29K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.30 rating, 167.76K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.27 rating, 152.16K viewers


Week of July 6th

AAA on Azteca 7: 0.93 rating, 525.27K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.55 rating, 309.69K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.43 rating, 244.94K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.36 rating, 204.72K viewers