Time for a story; I was all set yesterday to watch AAA live over New Japan’s Strong Style Evolved show. Why on earth would I do this you ask? Simply put, this gig pays the bills, New Japan doesn’t and I was planning to be at a place that didn’t have AXS TV, ergo I could watch and review the AAA show first then catch SSE on New Japan World. Naturally the plans I had fell through, I ended up at home with AXS TV and I decided I would watch both New Japan and AAA at the same time. Turns out it was a great decision; New Japan was great (if very emotional) and best of all AAA actually put together a show I didn’t hate with everything in me. The only issue is I was physically and emotionally drained afterwards, which is why you’re getting this AAA review really late. Hey, the most important thing is you’re getting it so you can now read about what kind of bullshit the Imposter La Parka was up to. And with that we’re going to move on before I start rage quitting over that disgrace to lucha kind. Let’s review!



Ashley & Estrella Divina defeated Mamba & Pimpinela Escarlata


We should’ve known when this match got ten plus minutes that this wasn’t your Imposter La Parka’s usual AAA show. Actually wait scratch that; giving ten minutes to a match involving Pimpinela Escarlata is a total AAA thing to do! The only difference is everyone actually tried and got something to do instead of Pimpi just dishing out terrible arm drag after terrible arm drag for those ten minutes. I still wouldn’t call it good necessarily, but it was significantly better than the first match in Cuernavaca and I’d say it was even better than the match in San Luis Potosi, if only because it didn’t have Dinastia and Lanzeloth sticking out like sore thumbs. As said all four were trying and Divina and Ashley were honest to Grodd good at times, with Divina even managing to get in a dive. A DIVE! Throw in Divina then stealing the pin from Ashley at the end and this match did everything it needed to do; it kept Pimpi from taking over the match, it gave the rudo(a)s a much needed victory and it continued the Ashley/Divina/Faby stuff, the one thing AAA consistently continued to build on during these shows. Not counting the Imposter La Parka masturbatory hour of course. That shit is like Grey’s Anatomy though; it’s been going for what feels like two decades and there is still no end in sight.


Aerostar & Drago defeated Monster Clown & Murder Clown and Joe Lider & Mr. Aguila


Leave it to AAA to make this final show the one where they returned to all their “card subject to change” bullshit…only it somehow worked. Or maybe I’m just tired and still emotional about that Strong Style Evolved event. WHY CAN’T KENNY AND THE BUCKS JUST LOVE EACH OTHER AGAIN?!


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Right sorry; lucha libre! The basic gist here is that AAA traded Cuervo/Escoria to the next match for Aerostar/Drago (and a player to be named later), a move that worked out for the next match, kind of sort of worked out for this match and definitely didn’t work out for Cuervo and Escoria (don’t worry, we’ll get to that). I say kind of worked out for this match because, while it cut a very fast pace it was almost too fast. I’m pretty sure the action never stopped moving, which worked when Aerostar, Drago and Mr. Aguila were in there and less so when was breaking up near falls, which let’s just say happened a lot. I get it AAA; near falls and dramatic saves are cool and all…they’re just cooler when you do it once in awhile instead of every thirty seconds. That be like me spamming Delay Attack with Tidus in Final Fantasy X; it may work a few times and lead to a few dramatic moments, but the shit is gonna get old really fast you know? Even with that I can’t be too hard on this match though as it did give us Mr. Aguila cutting loose, a solid Murder Clown performance and the welcome return of Aerostar and Drago doing everything they could to make this fun. Most importantly they won, and how can you hate on a match that featured no huge botches, a decent (if flawed) pace and Aerostar and Drago winning? You can’t. A decent, if forgettable, match, which sums up Joe Lider’s participation in this match minus the word “decent.”


AAA Tag Team Championship

Rey Escorpión & Texano Jr. defeated Cuervo & Escoria


Well, guess I wasn’t the only one who liked that Rey Escorpión/Texano team! Too bad for Cuervo and Escoria; they went from being the likely winners of a throwaway three way tag match to losing the titles to the shiny new team, all because Vampiro gonna Vampiro. At least they can say they went out with a solid final defense. While I think the length may have made this match feel a bit more epic than it was, I was overall very impressed with what we got from these two teams. Maybe it’s because they’re both brutes but I really like how Escorpión and Texano are clicking; there seems to be a chemistry there (possibly due to their similar styles) and I reckon they’ll be even better once they get more dynamic high flyers to work with and toss around. They had that to an extent here with Cuervo and Escoria, especially with the latter continuing to look like a potential star if ever given the chance to break away. Unfortunately Cuervo is Cuervo, and even though he tried hard it still wasn’t enough to make you think the dude has anything more than a suicide dive and…well a suicide dive. Hey, he’s the goth Ephesto! With a better partner I think Escoria, Escorpión and Texano may have had something. Alas they still had a fairly good match that, once again, brokered the right result and even better set up what could be a great match between Aerostar/Drago and the new champions in Tijuana. And that’s before considering the slim possibility that Escoria will take this opportunity to leave Cuervo in the dust and fulfill his destiny as super underrated singles star. We can dream. Or maybe I can just dream.


AAA Latin American Championship

El Hijo del Fantasma (c) defeated La Parka Negra


On the one hand, I almost want to laugh because only AAA could finally put together a great match after two consecutive shows of Phantom Menace quality, only to have it take place at the same time an even better high profile show is going on. On the other hand, HOLY SHIT AAA HAD A GREAT MATCH! Who cares when it happened because this is an honest to Grodd cause to…what’s the word I’m looking for Red?


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That’s it! So yeah, this match was stupendous. The story was pretty simple in that Fantasma was the experienced veteran going against the new, upstart Parka Negra who was just throwing everything he could to give himself a shot. Boy did he; like the tag match this was a back and forth, almost nonstop affair that took out all the dumb pinfall break ups but kept the action. Fantasma looked absolutely refreshed, as if he was back in Lucha Underground again and finally able to cut loose. But as good of a comeback performance this was for him it paled in comparison to what this match did for Parka Negra. You have to remember that this kid won the Copa Perros del Mal a few days ago and no one cared (myself included) because the whole thing was nothing more than the latest Imposter La Parka vanity project to get his dumbass Dave the Clown feud over. We got none of that bullshit here; instead we just got a young luchador giving everything he had and surprising us, Fantasma and himself with just how far he was able to go. I mean he pretty much kicked out of everything Fantasma threw, from the Thrill of the Hunt to even an amazing Diamond Cutter spot where Fantasma caught Parka Negra coming off the top with a crossbody. I’m not sure it was a star making performance for Negra, but it certainly should give him more opportunities and kudos must be given to Fantasma for giving this kid every opportunity to shine. I’m sure this is partially because AAA has been so bad so recently, but I loved this match, it was probably the best thing on an AAA show since the TLC match at Rey de Reyes and it was unbelievably one of the five best matches I saw last night. And again, I was watching New Japan at the same time as this! Well done by these two, and I hope AAA gets around to doing this again on a bigger stage.


Máximo, Pagano, Psycho Clown defeated Averno, Chessman, Super Fly


This is how this match began; we immediately transitioned from the last bout into the OGT laughing evilly at Máximo and Psycho in the backstage hallway, followed by Máximo and Psycho encountering a burning La Máscara mask that they couldn’t put out (seriously guys, were there no fire extinguishers?), followed by Pagano standing in a corner tripping on some sort of recreational drug and ultimately culminating in Pagano being the surprise partner of Máximo and Psycho…despite the fact that he was already advertised to be their partner going into the show. Classic AAA! As for the match itself, it was pretty much the same match from San Luis Potosi with Pagano replacing Máscara. In other words it was a little better because Pagano is, warts and all, a more dynamic performer than Máscara and someone who will actually try stuff. That combined with the always good efforts of Máximo and Psycho and the always underrated OGT made this a fun, if forgettable CMLL style trios match, right up to Murder Clown coming out and wiping Pagano off the face of the earth with a powerbomb from the ring and through a table on the floor. Am I the only one excited for that potential feud? I mean sure it makes no sense for Murder to attack him unless they’re playing up Pagano’s real life injury (which was apparently caused by Murder), but take that away and I like this pairing. I maintain that Murder is secretly pretty good, Pagano is if nothing else exciting and I’m pretty sure they’ll be doing Death Matches together which will hide the flaws and provide Pagano with the right tools he needs to create something memory. So yeah, bring it on AAA! I’m prepared to be the only excited, much like I was for Speed Racer and John Carter. And I was right about both those movies so…hint hint, maybe get excited about this feud sports fans!


Copa Leyendas

Blue Demon Jr., Hernandez, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Dr. Wagner Jr., Imposter La Parka, Vampiro


All you need to know about this match is that Imposter Parka wore a shirt and jeans for it. You know you’re match is worthless when the raging egomaniac who only cares about himself doesn’t even care about being presentable. Even with that aside this match was yet another mind numbingly bad AAA main event. Parka sucked. Dr. Wagner Jr. looked more charismatic and into things when he opened the show with an open challenge to anyone in the locker room. Hernandez was neutered by having to work with Parka, though he did get the fortunate opportunity to be on the end of a terrible Parka dive that missed, allowing him to mock the “legend.” Blue Demon Jr. was Blue Demon Jr. minus the hilarious “YO SOY MEXICO CHAVO!” line from Lucha Underground. I get the feeling AAA was trying to do something with Hijo del Wagner here, only he couldn’t stand out because a) do you see who else was in this match?, b) they wouldn’t give him the mic time he needed at the end because reasons and c) he was completely humiliated by Blue Demon slapping him, and not in the cool, motivational way Rush does it to his partners. As such the only thing this match accomplished was writing Vampiro off TV with a Hijo del Wagner Piledriver onto a chair. I’d like to give more credit to AAA for that, especially since there’s a lot of stuff swirling around about Vamp’s AAA future, but naturally the match went on for another seven minutes of pointless action after said incident so I can’t even do that! I suppose you can say this match was easier to swallow than the previous two excuses for main events AAA put on, but it’s a lot easier to not hate life when you have a New Japan show and a decent undercard on this one to soften the blow. In the end this match was still lame as holy hell and unfortunately there’s not much you can do but feel bad for the Wagners and Hernandez and hope they aren’t subjected to this again. They probably will be.


That’s game sports fans. See you in a few hours for that CMLL Tuesday preview. Till then, THIS!


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