It’s safe to say that after last week people were not really enjoying AAA’s second season of Lucha Capital. I was; the show wasn’t producing killer matches the likes of which we saw last year but on the whole the hour and a half program was still more fun than not. But there’s no question I was in the minority and that Lucha Capital desperately needed a good show much like David Starr needs to beat WALTER. That win still eludes Starr but the great show no longer eludes our favorite show set in a BBQ restaurant. That’s because Lucha Capital delivered big tonight, with all five matches (that’s right; five! We got a bonus match) delivering in different but entertaining ways, with one bout in particular standing above as a legitimately awesome bout. The show may have been fun for yours truly but tonight it finally felt like there was momentum, a good thing because we’re about to head into the home stretch really soon. But that’s then. Let’s talk about now.



Laredo Boy defeated La Parkita Negra and Drago Boy


I guess AAA took to heart the criticisms that this Lucha Capital season had been lacking some punch because this match was just punch! And by punch I mean craziness. There were a few iffy moments early as all three tried to get on the same page, but from that point forward this match was a glorious demolition derby with all three guys looking great. How great? REALLY great. There were points it felt like a coming out party for Drago Boy, then Parkita Negra and then Laredo Boy; much like the regular AAA openers this felt like three guys looking to leave their mark and it felt like they did with spellbinding move after move. If I had to pick an MVP I’d guess it would be Parkita Negra. We knew how talented Laredo and Drago Boy were going in but La Parkita Negra, despite some solid performances, hadn’t shown this much potential. It’s safe to say he’s a keeper between some terrific basing and an exquisite all around offensive game (those kicks!). He may have taken the pin tonight but in many ways he was the winner. But then again all three guys were winners I suppose! Just what we needed to open the show.


Mr. Iguana defeated Villano III Jr. and Mamba


There are many reasons to love Villano III Jr. sports fans. He’s nuts, he loves to do moves on ramps and tonight he proved he’s insane enough to take an Avalanche Spanish Fly from a GORRAM STUFFED LIZARD! Yes; Villano III Jr. took a Avalanche Spanish Fly from a toy lizard in what may have been the greatest moment in wrestling history since Orange Cassidy appeared in that AEW bathroom just a few hours ago.



Now to some that moment may sound goofy. That’s because it is. Fortunately I love goofiness in wrestling almost as I love everything else in wrestling when done right, and this was done exceptionally. I’m still laughing about it! The best part is the match wasn’t filled with other goofiness that didn’t come off as well. Instead it was a really well worked match. Mamba, an obvious weak link, actually fit in well with this match by mainly just hitting a big moves and getting out of the way. That allowed Iguana, continuing his streak of being an absolute gem, to cut loose and Villano III Jr. to have yet another fantastic performance. Those two crazies clicked instantly together and hopefully AAA is willing to put them together in singles action one day so they can create even more wackiness together (preferably with a ramp involved). I thought the first match was better worked but this was more entertaining due to both Iguana’s comedy, charisma and Villano III Jr.’s willingness to go along with anything.


Lady Shani defeated La Hiedra and Hades


Boy; what a complete reversal from last week’s luchadoras match. That bout, which was Ayako Hamada, Faby Apache and Keyra going at it, seemed to feature negative chemistry between its three performers, despite the fact that Apache, Hamada and Keyra are all world class. Hades, La Hiedra and Lady Shani are quite considered in that league to most, and yet tonight they were very clearly the Deep Impact to last week’s Armageddon. That’s a bad comparison actually; we all know Deep Impact and Armageddon are the same movie!


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Armageddon or Deep Impact? Answer in the comments!


Now this match wasn’t flawless either sports fans. I had a few quibbles with some spots that didn’t come together perfectly and holy shit did Tirantes seem to lose the plot several times, going from being a straight rudo to calling it down the middle seconds later. On the whole though it was hard not to love this match. The pace was lightning quick from the word go, featured some great high flying from Hades (who AAA really needs to use on some TV tapings soon), some great overall work from Hiedra and great everything from Lady Shani. I’ve seen many great Shani performances but this was up there because she not only hit hard (some of those kicks to Hades were borderline criminal) but because she unleashed her full arsenal of mat work and submissions. Blue Panther would’ve welled up watching some of the stuff she pulled out here. It was an absolute joy to watch and kept this match together as Tirantes was seemingly coming to pieces. That stuff may have been enough to keep this from being great, but everything else was a hell of a ride. Really great work from these three.


Hijo del Vikingo defeated Flamita and Carta Brava Jr.


Behold; the best match of Lucha Capital Season 2 has arrived! Was there any ever doubt?


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No seriously; was there anyone out there who didn’t think this match would rule? It had Flamita, Hijo del Vikingo and the criminally underrated Carta Brava Jr. for crying out loud. It was only a question of how great the match would be and this match was GREAT. The pace was exceptional, the moves were exceptional, the basing was exceptional; everything was at a high level and then some. The only misstep in the match wasn’t even a move, but the AAA guy missing a crazy Hijo del Vikingo spot that was quite frankly probably too crazy to catch on film anyway. Just terrific stuff. But like I said; what else would you expect from these guys? All three are great, everyone knew all three were great (except for maybe Brava) and all they did here was remind everyone of it. It was welcome to see, especially after AAA screwed over Vikingo so bad a few weeks ago by putting him with Dave the Clown of all people. He was free from that tonight and once again looked like one of the best luchadores in the world, while getting the win to boot. What more needs to be said? Easily the best thing Lucha Capital’s second season has produced to this point.


Psycho Clown defeated Super Fly and Taurus


Normally I’d feel terrible for the luchadores who would have to follow a match like the last one. Fortunately it was followed Psycho Clown, Super Fly and Taurus, three guys who are really, really good and probably knew they weren’t going to match the last match in terms of work rate. So they went the other way and had a nice feel good match, built around the rudos beating up Psycho and getting the kids all sad (seriously, some were crying during this stage!) before Psycho made his comeback and got the win. It worked like a charm; Psycho was great, Taurus was great, Super Fly got to do a bit more than usual and some of the sequences, especially at the end, crackled. It’s a shame that Psycho Clown is stuck so much in the same brawl because this match, and especially the sequences with Taurus, were further proof that the ace is an exceptional performer when given the chance. He got it here and made the most of it. It wasn’t the best match on this show, but it was the perfect capper given the story it told.


There you have it sports fans. I’m off to watch some Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s what I do when I’m not writing after all. Till tomorrow!


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