After last week’s semi-bomb of an episode, I was a bit concerned going into tonight’s edition of AAA Lucha Capital. Turns out I had nothing to worry about as this wound up being the best show Lucha Capital has put on thus far. All four matches were fun, the third match was a complete blast and the main event featured Psycho Clown delivering the goods. Best of all we didn’t have to watch Hijo del Vikingo sell for Dave the Clown and Tito Santana for what felt like three whole hours. Turns out that really brings a show down. But we’ll chat about that another time. For now let’s talk shop!



Bengala defeated Mamba and Abismo Negro Jr.


Behold sports fans; this was a match with three people who should’ve never come together create a good match…except that’s exactly what they did. Be assured that I am just as shocked as you are!



Here’s the thing; Bengala, Abismo Negro Jr. and yes, even Mamba, can be good. Those situations just happen to be when Bengala is with Último Maldito (who was not in this match), when Abismo Negro Jr. is wrestling as Eterno and when Mamba is wrestling under a blue moon. None of those things happened here and yet somehow the match worked anyway. I credit this on Mamba actually giving an honest effort, Abismo Negro Jr. FINALLY getting comfortable in his role thanks to a crowd that responded to him and Bengala looking pretty good overall. He’s had the capability, it’s just a question of whether he can put it all together away from his brother. Save a weird mat sequence with Abismo towards the end, he did just that tonight with a very strong performance. To my surprise this was a very fun opening match.


Keyra defeated Vanilla and Lady Shani


It was a good night for women’s wrestling sports fans. First we had that rad Hikaru Shida-Shanna match, then the NXT Women’s War Games thing was set up and then we got this bruiser of a match! It was exactly what you’ve come to expect from the AAA Luchadoras division, which is to say there was hard hitting action, hard hitting action and did I mention hard hitting action? The only thing missing was Keyra’s Shotgun Dropkick, and thank Grodd we didn’t have that because I’m pretty sure she would’ve killed either Shani or Vanilla. Even without that there was a ton of stiff brawling with the occasional cool Shani submission and Vanilla dive thrown in. I enjoyed it immensely. Shani and Keyra are awesome all the time and it was nice to see Vanilla hold her own with them. Last year she was problematic in this competition; this year she felt more on level ground with two of the better luchadoras in Mexico. Isn’t it great to see someone make progress like that?! So yeah; another fun match. Is it just me or have the Luchadoras matches been the best part of Lucha Capital overall?


Octagón Jr. defeated Carta Brava Jr. and Mr. Iguana


In the words of Chris Tucker, this shit was CRAZYYYYYY! And I mean that in the best way sports fans. We’ve been waiting for a blow away match from this year’s Lucha Capital and it arrived a little after midnight on Halloween. Halloween himself would’ve been proud, even if no one nearly wrecked their ACL’s like he once did on his famous “CÍCLOPE’S GOT TWO EYES NOW!” dive.



As I was saying, this match RULED! Leave it to Octagón Jr. to be part of it after he was so terrific in Lucha Capital 2018 as Golden Magic. The name change was the only difference for him tonight, as he picked up where he left off with an excellent performance that was delightfully nuts. Somehow it wasn’t nearly as nuts as his opponents. Carta Brava Jr., one of the most underrated performers in lucha libre, was absolutely stellar tonight, dishing out terrific hard hitting offense while also doing what Dave the Clown and his Poder del Norte partner Tito Santana didn’t do last week; give back to the technicos. It was equal opportunity shine from Brava tonight, which is why Octagón Jr. was a boss and Mr. Iguana continued his delightful run of chaos since joining AAA. They’ve got a real winner in Iguana between his ability and his charisma, and this was another example that AAA should take full advantage of it. What more can I say? Just a crazy, delightful match that you should absolutely seek out.


Psycho Clown defeated Murder Clown and Pagano


You gotta hand it to AAA; all the wrestling promotions out there and tonight they became the only ones to actually take advantage of the buzz from Joker. And they didn’t need to dress up in Joker costumes like every person who thinks they’re cool (but isn’t) to do so. Turns out they just needed to roll out three of their most popular technicos, who just happen to be clowns. All that was missing was “Send in the Clowns” playing at the entrances and Psycho Clown dancing on some stairs.


Image result for joker dance gif


Joker jokes aside this match, like the opener, worked a whole lot better than I expected. And it did so because Psycho Clown, the ace, is really good at his job. Granted Murder Clown is as well but he was definitely a bit player in this match, saving some of his bigger moves while focusing on being powerful and intimidating. With that going on and Pagano being Pagano Psycho needed to have a killer performance and that’s just what he did. He also lived up to his name; only a psycho would’ve tried a hurricanrana off the apron onto Pagano, a guy who couldn’t base for a napkin. Psycho did and Psycho nailed it flawlessly because that’s what happens when you’re the ace. He also hit a Code Red on Murder Clown to win the match and did it pretty much flawlessly because, once again, THAT’S WHAT YOU DO IF YOU’RE THE ACE! Now if only AAA would put Psycho with say Hijo del Vikingo and Octagón Jr. next week (or some similar combo) so he can truly get nuts. Otherwise we’ll just have to settle for him being great in weird matches and elevating them by result. He did just that here to elevate this questionable match into a good one, thus closing out the best episode of Lucha Capital Season Two yet on a high note.


That’s game sports fans. I’ll see you tomorrow for a CMLL preview and a write up on Halloween! TILL THEN!



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