It’s late, I have New Japan World on in the background; what I’m trying to say sports fans is that the opening paragraph of this AAA review is going to be short. That’s okay though because I have 1,800 plus words after this part where I tell you all about the good, bad and weird of this show. And there was a good chunk of all that tonight, though the good outweighed the bad in one particular instance. You’ll see what I mean soon. TO THE REVIEW MOBILE!



Promo Time with Die Young and Save Yourself and Lady Shani


This was a segment that existed sports fans; I’m just not sure why it did. The Trios Champions came out so Laredo Kid could once again reiterate he’s coming for Fenix when the Mega Champion is healthy, then Lady Shani came out to…who the hell knows. I advise that we take the Spaceballs strategy concerning this segment; go past it and never speak of it again.


Dinastia, La Parkita, Niño Hamburguesa defeated Arkángel Divino, La Parkita Negra, Último Maldito


You may notice sports fans only two of the luchadores scheduled for this match actually worked said match. Why? WHO KNOWS! I’m not going to complain too much though because, aside from La Parkita trying too hard to incorporate Imposer La Parka’s comedy spots into his repertoire, this was a fun match. I was worried it would be a bit repetitive with Arkángel Divino and Último Maldito involved (they’re the Volador-UG of the AAA undercard, and not necessarily in a good way) but AAA wisely teamed them up instead of pitting them against each other and both came off well. Divino in particular looked more promising than usual, especially when pitted against Dinastia. Speaking of Dinastia, he was pretty damn good throughout and probably was the best guy other than La Parkita Negra, who seemed to know every move alive and had no problem showcasing them. It could’ve had a bit more excitement and if I’m La Parkita I’d maybe try to be less like his counterpart as possible, but overall this was a fun start despite all the changes.


Lady Maravilla & Star Fire defeated Lady Shani & Mamba


At Guerra de Titanes Hijo del Tirantes helped Lady Shani win the Reina de Reinas Championship by screwing over Faby Apache for no reason. Tonight he helped Star Fire win by, you guessed it, screwing over Lady Shani for no reason.


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What a shame AAA continues to go to this well with Tirantes when they don’t need to, especially in a situation like this. This match, while not nearly as fun as the opener (and also thrown together) was still pretty solid and far better than anything you’d see in the CMLL luchadoras division. It could’ve used more flash but everything was well worked, Star Fire being added to the proceedings added a dynamic and even Mamba came across as alright. It would’ve been a solid if unmemorable match with a decent post match of Star Fire challenging (then brawling) with Shani to set her up as the next Reina de Reinas challenger. But it didn’t matter because WE HAD TO GET HEAT ON TIRANTES! Plenty changes in AAA but sadly that stupidity remains.


Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, Myzteziz Jr. defeated Australian Suicide, Jack Evans, Taurus


You know how you’re excited for something, then it starts and you’re worried it won’t live up to the hype, but then as it unfolds in front of you it not only lives up to the hype but laps it? Yeah; that was this match! Batman take the wheel!



Dammit that’s not good enough. We need another!



That’s better! I don’t think we need to take up a lot of time talking about this match sports fans. I mean what can you really say that sums up a Spanish Fly off the stage, a Double Stomp/Spike Piledriver hybrid, loads of amazing moonsaults (including an assisted one off the top) and all the other crazy shit these six guys did? Just saying it aloud tells you all you need to know. This match was an incredible display of pace, action and excitement and the perfect companion to the Laredo Kid-Australian Suicide match from this past Wednesday. It was also the best performance any of these six have had this year (and that’s saying something), a complete masterpiece and the best match AAA has done all year. That’s right; it was even better than the Triplemania ladder match. I can’t believe I’m saying it either.


Bull Terrier Match

Aerostar defeated Monsther Clown


My Grodd sports fans we were so very, very close to this match being good. It had many of the right ingredients to be good. Aerostar was tremendous in this match; as expected he found ways to be innovative with the chain, managed to escape the chain long enough to hit a spectacular suicide dive and showed a whole lot of fire the entire match. To my surprise Monsther Clown was even pretty good! Part of that was definitely Aerostar selling for him but it was clear Monsther was stepping up his game given the circumstances and he did enough to hang in there with his more talented opponent. If it had just been those two going at it, with Aerostar getting the dramatic “diving for the final turnbuckle” victory then I think we’d be looking at this as a really strong bout. Unfortunately AAA decided, for the second time tonight, that the match needed a heavy dose of Tirantes. He was helping Monsther for no reason throughout the match and, even worse, no sold the ending, thus hurting Aerostar’s pop when he won. I’m not sure what the hell AAA was thinking doing this (again no less) but it couldn’t have come across any lamer and really hurt the match. What a shame because it wasted Monsther’s good effort and one hell of a performance for Aerostar. The good news for both is that the issue between seems to have legs, what with Monsther’s post match beat down of Aerostar and all. After tonight I wouldn’t be opposed to a mask match between them; let’s just hope Tirantes is locked out of the building for it.


Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana defeated Averno, Chessman, Super Fly


There I was sports fans, about to go all Peter Finch in Network because AAA ONCE AGAIN HAD TIRANTES GET INVOLVED IN A MATCH! Did they not hit a quota this month or something; why did he have to keep getting involved?! There will be no rant though because, in the end, Tirantes’ stupidity didn’t matter because this match was Peter Finch in Network good. See how I tied that all in?!


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But yeah, this match was stupendous and it would’ve been even better if AAA had just left well enough alone. Everything that worked for these two teams earlier in the year was brought back and then some; there were chairs, there was some excellent brawling, great back and forth action and, in a new development between these teams, there were dives. Poder del Norte was allowed to go crazy from an aerial standpoint this time around and it added a whole lot; those who only know Carta Brava, Mocho Cota and Tito Santana as really good bases will be happy to see they have the hops too. In Brava’s case though the man may just have everything; he ended this match a bloody mess but he also ended it looking like a superstar given his performance. All three members of Poder del Norte are great but each time I watch them it just feels like Brava keeps inching further ahead of his teammates. There’s star potential there if AAA ever wants to explore it and it was on full display tonight. In the end all six guys came off looking good though and if AAA had just let Tirantes referee this match then I think we’d be talking about this bout alongside the other ones they had this year. Alas that stupidity keeps it just a few inches short, though it was still a great match. I guess the question now is whether this feud continues (Los OGT’s did attack Poder del Norte after the bell), whether both teams are swallowed into the Trios Title scene (a three way match between them and Die Young and Save Yourself would be splendid!) or if it’s something else altogether. Either way the post match attack clearly shows this isn’t the end and hey, when the matches are this good, why should they be?


Dr. Wagner Jr., Pagano, Psycho Clown defeated Blue Demon Jr., Moose, Rey Escorpión


I think the only thing about this match that didn’t happen as expected was Moose filling in for Killer Kross. Did anyone have that? I didn’t think so. Otherwise this was everything you’d expect from an AAA match featuring this group. Psycho Clown was borderline tremendous, Rey Escorpión wasn’t far behind, Moose was decent (if out of place), Pagano tried hard and had little to show for it (he actually nailed the set up to his Brillo Dorada…only for Moose to fail to catch him), Blue Demon and Dr. Wagner whelmed and the match was at least ten minutes too long. Oh, and it naturally was the only match in the upper card to not feature Tirantes refereeing because we really can’t have nice things. I will say that this match did feature a great effort from all six guys, didn’t feature Jeff Jarrett, could’ve been something if it were shorter and did I mention it didn’t feature Jeff Jarrett? That’s a big plus sports fans; Blue Demon Jr. may not be lighting the world on fire but he can bump, move, sell and do dives, four things Double J can’t come close to doing. He also tried harder in this match than Jarrett did in any of his AAA bouts (save maybe Triplemania) and I can at least see a scenario where I enjoy a Wagner-Demon match. It’s a long shot scenario sure but stranger things have happened. In the end it was a forgettable, but decent, main event that makes you wish AAA treated its main events like they did their undercard matches. Or at least gave Psycho and Escorpión more to do. They’re both so good and Psycho, especially recently, looks like he’s one good opponent away from a potential show stealer. Maybe he’ll find it in Lucha Capital. Frankly I don’t care where it is; I just hope he gets it.


And that’s the show sports fans. I’m off to relax till Puebla on Monday night. TILL THEN!


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