Good news sports fans; I’ve mostly kicked the illness that was dogging me yesterday and am now back to full strength! The better news; I enjoyed this AAA show. It didn’t feature anything rad like the internet petitioning for a new show or a ladder match where seven guys killed themselves in the name of making a dude who was made in (checks notes) 2002 but hey…I don’t know what my point was! Oh yeah; the point was this was a good show. Far better than that other stuff I compared it to in fact. Not everything clicked at a high level but only Pagano’s match was a dud, the third match was really good and the fifth match was like getting 10 Things I Hate About You hooked directly into my veins. And on that note let’s begin the review! Seriously; what else can I say in this intro that will top that last line?



Big Mami & Dragón Bane defeated Halcón 78 Jr. & Lady Maravilla


The best parts of this opener were as follows sports fans; Dragón Bane’s entrance music (“Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz), Halcón 78 Jr.’s entrance music (“Walk” by Pantera), Lady Maravilla, Lady Maravilla a second time and Dragón Bane’s forty five combined seconds of offense. Unbelievably the rest was decent enough that all that may have almost been enough to make this match good. Alas Halcón 78 Jr. remains mostly useless (which makes it all the more a shame he gets to use “Walk” as his theme) and the Maravilla-Big Mami stuff was mostly a rehash from yesterday, save for Maravilla cutting a promo while beating up Mami to start the match and Maravilla’s post match beat down. Even still you could do far worse for an opener; just watch CMLL! For what this was it was fine, just not something you need to see outside of Maravilla’s ruda work and Dragón Bane reminding people’s he really good when not indulging in his worse impulses.


Los Mercenarios Promo Minute


Here’s the recap sports fans; Konnan, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr., Killer Kross, La Hiedra and Hijo del Tirantes came out; Konnan cut a promo; they walked to the back. It was a Game of Thrones esq drama I tell you! Luckily it was short, though not as short as my recap of the segment was. Why say more about this than needs to be said, amirite?


Chik Tormenta, El Hijo del Tirantes, Tessa Blanchard defeated Aztroluxe, Faby Apache, Niño Hamburguesa


It felt like a lot happened in this match while a lot also didn’t happen in this match. I’m not sure that’s a good thing or not. What was a good thing is AAA finally made a big step in the Maravilla-Hamburguesa-Big Mami love triangle by having Hamburguesa walk out on Mami after the match to be with Maravilla. They even stood with the rest of the rudos and everything! I guess we’ll now see if Mami can win her man back or not. Everything else was fine to sometimes good. Hijo del Tirantes may not be the best ref but he’s a snazzy dresser and a decent base, which was good because he did a lot of basing for the technicos in this match. Nothing earth shattering or world class, but there were no botches so that’s a good thing. In the end the stands out were Chik Tormenta, who looked strong just a day after getting her face crushed by a terrible Myzteziz 450, Aztroluxe and Tessa Blanchard, who made the most of her limited time and seemed to kill Aztroluxe with a DDT to finish the match. It wasn’t all overly impressive but this too was fine for what it was.


Australian Suicide defeated Flamita, Golden Magic, Myzteziz Jr. and Villano III Jr.


I guess I’m in the minority…but I thought this match was really good! Maybe it’s just me being happy I’m not suffering from severe sickness. Who can tell?!


Image result for Yano shrug gif


Seriously though, I enjoyed this match quite a bit and I’m not sure why others didn’t. I saw some saying it was sloppy and, while there were a few moments, I didn’t think it was prevalent. Really the only issues I had with this match were Australian Suicide going to the Canadian Destroyer spot too much, Killer Kross destroying all these guys in the post match to continue the never ending (and never succeeding) quest to get Kross over and Golden Magic not getting the W after pulling off an AMAZING top rope Cuerno Driver. That was the stuff of legends and should’ve ended the match. Otherwise I was a big fan of this match; maybe it wasn’t great as I initially exclaimed on Twitter but still close. Flamita was really good, Myzteziz Jr. bounced back well after a terrible Saturday night, Australian Suicide broke out the Sideways Shooting Star Press for the first time since Lucha Capital, Villano III Jr. was absolutely tremendous (I thought he was the glue of this match) and my Grodd Golden Magic. It’s been fun over the last batch of shows to see Magic go from a good but inconsistent luchador to a guy putting it all together. Too bad he didn’t win this match like he should! Even still this was a lot of fun.


TLC Match

Pagano defeated Chessman


In the words of Brian Madison after finding out Billy Madison had been framed by The Revolting blob, what a mess! And to think I was excited about this match for a moment when Pagano hit a pretty good senton suicida on Chessman through a ladder. After that though it was just a lot of Pagano being Pagano and Chessman doing everything he could to save this match. He almost succeeded, especially when he was ballsy enough to take a dropkick off the tip top of the turnbuckle and through a table ON THE FLOOR! Unfortunately AAA missed the spot first time by trying to capture Pagano going through a table in the ring…only he missed. CLASSIC PAGANO! It was that kind of match sports fans. I guess it’s at least nice that Chessman was trying so hard and would’ve had a good match with anyone else. That’s a big upgrade from his terrible performances from a few weekends ago. It wasn’t enough to save this but it was a plus.


La Hiedra, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr. defeated Hijo del Vikingo, Lady Shani, Laredo Kid





In the words of that guy who called that one Alexander Ovechkin goal from like 2005, SIMPLY SENSATIONAL! Wow what a match. Short of someone doing the greatest dive in the history of time this had pretty much everything you wanted. Vikingo and Laredo Kid did a synchronized moonsault spot that was as breathtaking as expected. Texano and Escorpión threw Vikingo into the fifth row. La Hiedra and Lady Shani (boy was it great to see them get a shot this high up the card) beat the ever loving hell out of each other. Escorpión and Texano later slammed Laredo into the second row. VIKINGO DID THE DEATH BUMP TO END ALL DEATH BUMPS! That is just some of the highlights from this classic, which all paled in comparison to what was without question one of the two best spots of the night (along with Andrade “Cien” Almas’ Sunset Powerbomb off a ladder onto another ladder from Money in the Bank). Of course I’m talking about that Springboard Dragonrana Vikingo pulled off on Rey Escorpión, who couldn’t have based for that move any better than he did. This was innovative, revolutionary stuff and you can’t help but give a standing ovation to both Vikingo and Escorpión for pulling it off. This match would’ve been good without the move; with it it was great. You can clearly see I’ve been higher on both AAA shows this weekend than most but I think we can all agree this match was, as Randy Savage would say, the CREAM OF DA CROP, YEAH! See this match as soon as you can.


Blue Demon Jr., Daga, Killer Kross defeated Impostor La Parka, Psycho Clown, Puma King


This match turned out pretty much how you’d expect it to turn out looking at it. Actually it may have been a little bit better than that, but not by much. There was more Puma King-Killer Kross feuding (that ended with Kross once again on top because duh), way too much Blue Demon-Parka stuff and, thankfully for this match’s sake, several Psycho Clown-Daga moments. That last part made this match watchable. Daga wasn’t as good tonight as he was last night but he provided a spark on the rudo side that was desperately needed while the ace, injured shoulder and all, was working his ass off as per usual, doing dives and driving people through announcer’s tables with Michinoku Drivers. In other words, exactly what you want from your top guy in the biggest match. If only that Brock Lesnar guy could be like that! Sadly it wasn’t enough to make this match stick the landing but it wasn’t a travesty. I’ll never think about this match again, but at least Daga and Psycho did a good job of confirming that. Seriously; I could’ve remembered this being terrible if not for them. Who wants that?!


And with that I’m off to play some FIFA! Till next time sports fans!



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