I’m not a mind reader sports fans but I can tell you exactly what CMLL is thinking right now. And what they’re thinking is “thank Grodd we didn’t have to compete with this AAA show last night!” I’m not even joking. CMLL’s show was decent on Friday but AAA’s return to Veracruz tonight would’ve smoked them and then some. It wasn’t a perfect show; the matches we expected to be lame were lame. But the matches people expected to be good were and then some, with the opener and the semi-main overachieving and then some. Plus we got a legitimate Dive of the Year contender from an unlikely source, and AAA actually making an attempt to start some angles. We’ll have to see if they follow through on them, but at least for tonight AAA has created some intrigue both from what they set up and from the matches put on. This was a terrific show and now it’s time to do a terrific review of it all. Let’s begin.



La Parka Negra, Lanzelot, Toxin defeated Arkángel Divino, Dinastia, Dragón Bane


You’d think sports fans that taking a talent like Aramis out of a match would be bad news. Not when you replace him with La Parka Negra though! Out Aramis went, in Parka Negra came and this match went exactly as we all expected anyway. There were a few moments early when it felt like guys were getting a feel of the action and after that it was just nonstop, Mad Max: Fury Road style fun. Everyone looked like a star, especially Arkángel Divino (finally breaking out while Último Maldito wasn’t around) and Toxin, who made a great impression in his first AAA appearance since May. All six luchadores did so well that I could argue Dragón Bane was the least of the guys in this match and that’s only because he wasn’t as extraordinary as usual (he was still great). The power of the AAA opener sports fans. Give it a whirl when you get the chance; it fits in right alongside the numerous other great openers AAA has put on this year.


Aerostar, Niño Hamburguesa, Super Fly defeated Black Danger, Taurus, Último Maldito


First off, it appears that Black Danger and Último Maldito’s runs as Espectro and Kahos have ended after one show. That’s totally secondary to the main story of this match though. To be honest sports fans, I’m not sure how Aerostar survived this match. In what had to be one of the scariest moments I’ve seen in lucha libre all year, Último Maldito was off on delivering a Buckle Bomb to Aerostar. And by off I mean instead of hitting the turnbuckle, Aerostar hit the ropes and wound up bouncing off them and all the way to the floor. It was pretty much this moment if it was scary instead of funny.


Image result for zack ryder wheelchair gif


Even more amazing then this spill; the fact that Aerostar wound up finishing the match, including hitting a Canadian Destroyer off the top on Maldito for the win. He got his revenge I guess. I’m just glad he’s okay, both because I don’t want to imagine a world with an injured Aerostar and because it allowed me to enjoy the rest of the match, which was quite good. They got far less time than the opener but even still these six were able to fit most of their stuff in while keeping the pace going. Hamburguesa was really good and was largely responsible for keeping the crowd involved, Taurus was Taurus, Super Fly stunningly didn’t turn on anyone, Black Danger existed and, aside from the move that nearly killed Aerostar, Maldito was really good and had a killer moment hitting a crushing Brillo Dorada on a seated Hamburguesa. Really cool. I’d have liked a few more minutes but what we got was good, and AAA needed the extra time to have Monster Clown attack Aerostar, with Averno (AVERNO?!) coming down to make the save. I mean granted, Monster was attacking Super Fly too but that’s weird no? I’d normally think this meant Aerostar to a technico Los OGT’s but he didn’t interact with Averno after so that doesn’t appear to be it. I guess we’ll find out at some point.


Lucha Underground in Veracruz


For a moment that is! El Hijo del Fantasma came out to declare he wanted a Mega Championship shot against Fenix. Sadly Fenix isn’t on this show, so that left Drago of all people to come out and confront Fantasma instead. The good news is Fantasma still has the AAA Latin American Championship (yes that is still a thing) and he wants a shot at that. I believe Fantasma accepted, but I can’t be sure because everything after the promo battle descended into an actual battle. In the end Fantasma wound up tearing off Drago’s mask, Psycho Clown ran down for the save, the rest of Los Mercenarios ran down for a beat down and OH MY GRODD I’M BORED JUST TYPING THIS! Even the Mercenarios attacks are dull as shit. I suppose I’m happy this segment existed to at least establish Drago as a Latin American title contender, but my Grodd I am just done with Los Mercenarios to the point I didn’t care about the rest. Can Fantasma, Texano and Escorpión just abandon ship already and leave La Máscara to his own mediocrity?


Cíclope & Miedo Extremo defeated Joe Lider & Pagano


You’ll never believe this but this match was exactly what everyone thought it would be; violent, violent and did I mention violent? Whether or not you enjoyed it will depend on your feelings on Lucha Extrema. Me personally I thought it was entertaining. It was certainly nowhere near the level a death match like we got from Pentagon and Marty “The Moth” Martinez on Lucha Underground Wednesday night and even with all the stuff these four did it was clear they were saving stuff for the rematch (I know this because no flaming tables were used. NOT A SINGLE ONE!). But in the end I can’t fault the match too much because it was exactly what I expected. Pagano ended the night needing help to the back, Joe Lider had a few impressive moments before turning into a pin cushion and hot damn, Cíclope and Miedo Extremo are pretty good! And not just in a hardcore way; they did several things in this match that would’ve been impressive in any setting. I hope AAA gives them more to do after this feud that doesn’t involve Lucha Extrema matches, because they look like an entertaining duo waiting to happen. For now though they’re sticking to their bread and butter and the result was an entertaining match if you like this sort of thing. If not then you might want to just watch the opener again.


Niño Has a Secret Admirer


At least that’s what it looked like from where I was sitting! Niño got to the back, found a box in his locker room with lipstick marks on it, opened the box and seemed please. If that’s not a secret admirer angle then Spider-Man 2018 isn’t a video game adaptation of Spider-Man. Who could this be? My guess would be Scarlett Bordeaux, but regardless of who it is the most important thing is this is going to lead to tension between Niño and Big Mami, which is going to bring me lots of entertainment. Thus I’m all in on this angle. Although that could also just be because it came before a match that made me wish I had spent my life writing sci-fi novels instead of lucha libre columns.


Mamba, Máximo, Pimpinela Escarlata defeated La Máscara, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr.


I will give these two teams credit. Like M. Night Shyamalan from 2005-2017, they found a way to take their boring style of matches and make things even duller! Scott Pilgrim would’ve been impressed.


Image result for bored gif


Holy shit this match was loathsome. I actually had a bit of hope at first when Rey Escorpión (the only luchador I’d say emerged from this match looking decent) and Pimpi had a decent opening sequence that featured just wrestling and no extended beat down. It was followed by Los Exoticos doing their usual exotico routine, a quick Mercenarios beat down, Máximo using incest to defeat Máscara and not a single thing of interest. Just for good measure AAA then included the Mercenarios beat down in the post match, just to make me wish even more that I was playing NHL 19 during this whole ordeal. It’s such a shame this feud has turned out the way it is; Máximo, Rey Escorpión and Texano are legit talented and could be doing a lot of fun stuff. Instead in this endless feud where nothing of note has happened until Máximo cut a promo on Máscara prior to the post match beat down. I’d like to believe an Apuesta match between the two was on the horizon…but the reality is we’re probably getting this match again for the next several AAA shows so I shouldn’t get my hopes up. Can I please move on from this match already? Thank you.


Scarlett Bordeaux, Silhouette Stripping


It’s exactly what it sounds like. Hey, at least many a male viewer enjoyed this segment and AAA now has a brand new thumbnail to use to help draw YouTube viewers. Everyone wins!


Angelikal, Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid defeated Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana


Sports fans, we witnessed a miracle in this match, and I’m not talking about the fact that Poder del Norte lost or that Angelikal busted out A DOUBLE MOONSAULT ROTATION in the dying embers (don’t worry; we’ll talk more about it in a moment). No, the miracle was that AAA allowed this match to go on in the spot it was penciled into, with no run ins, no gimmicks and nothing else added. It was these two teams legitimately getting a chance to prove they belonged in this spot. And what do you know…


Image result for mission accomplished gif


My Grodd this match. It was in many ways the same match Brava, Cota and Tito have been having throughout 2018, only this time there was no one turning on the technico team and about five extra minutes. Oh and the right opponents. I mentioned in the preview that Vikingo and Angelikal have been working with Poder del Norte all throughout the year and this match illustrated that. There’s no way Angelikal busts out that double moonsault, which has to be the dive of the year in my estimation, if he hadn’t built up such confidence in working with Brava, Cota and Tito all throughout the year. He and Vikingo have that special kind of chemistry with those three where there’s such comfort and ease at everything they do, and it’s because of that we now have Angelikal’s star making moment. It didn’t hurt either that Laredo Kid was here; if not for Angelikal’s leap he would’ve been the star, so smooth in everything he did and just coming across like a mega star (how good a job has AAA done with Laredo in the second half of this year?). Really everyone came out of this match looking like a mega star. This was grade A, top choice lucha libre and amazingly the best thing on a show that featured the opener we got. Tremendous stuff and it appears we’ll be getting it again if Laredo Kid’s challenge is any indication! Bring it on AAA; the more of these two trios against each other we get, the more I’m willing to forgive stuff like the Los Mercenarios angle.


Dr. Wagner Jr., Drago, Psycho Clown defeated El Hijo del Fantasma, Jeff Jarrett, Killer Kross


Sports fans, you know it’s a good night when this main event winds up surprising you and being better than it had any right to be. It was exactly that. There was still too much Jeff Jarrett for my liking but somehow, AAA managed to work around him enough to give us some of the stuff we actually wanted. Killer Kross did indeed get to toss dudes around. Psycho Clown, as he’s wont to do, gave a 100% effort and ended up doing stuff like a Nail in the Coffin through a table. Fantasma looked far better than he did battling with Pagano in the Copa Antonio Peña. Wagner did Wagner things. And best of all, AAA made use of Drago being in this main event by giving him plenty to do AND giving him the pin. Yes, Drago won this main event in a bout that featured three Triplemania headliners and the AAA Mega Champion from two months ago. Turns out there is a Grodd and the cage was thirty feet after all! Obviously AAA will need to follow up on that but it’s a good first step for Drago if he’s going to feud with Fantasma, and the fact that he used his Dragon’s Tail pin made it feel legit as opposed to how a roll up finish would’ve come across. Of course, this being AAA, the match still had to have a hundred other things going on, like Blue Demon Jr. jumping Wagner on the ramp, a post match beat down of Drago and Psycho in the ring while Demon was pulled off Wagner in the background and the fans even throwing stuff into the ring! It made for a hell of a visual at least, although I’m not sure if AAA can build a Wagner-Demon feud everyone wants on just visuals. But that’s a bridge to cross another day. For tonight it all worked reasonably well and the match went better than anyone could’ve hoped for. When it goes right, it goes right doesn’t it?


That’s game sports fans. I’m off to watch Buffy because my brother has taken the Playstation 4, meaning I can’t play NHL 19. Life is hard. TILL NEXT TIME!



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