Good news sports fans; tonight’s AAA show in Tuxtla was 9,000% better than the mess we got in Hermosillo two weeks ago. The bad news; it was more on the lower end of good AAA shows than the high end. Even still I found this to be an easy to digest show with a lot to like, including an outstanding semi-main event and several decent undercard matches. There was one match you’d be best to avoid but hey; only one dud in six matches ain’t bad. And on that high note I think it’s time to start the review. Let’s get crackin’!



Golden Magic defeated Dragón Bane


Holy surprise opening match Batman! I guess AAA decided they needed Golden Magic on this show and upon further review…they did indeed need Golden Magic on this show. It was apparent to anyone watching him recently that Magic appeared to be figuring things out to be more consistent and this match was another example. This wasn’t packed with him or Dragón Bane doing as many dives as they could’ve but the pace was great, the dives they did were great, Dragón Bane’s worst traits were mostly kept in check (he did have to take a Destroyer though) and Magic proved that Bandido and Shane Mercer aren’t the only dudes who can do a Moonsault Fall Away Slam like a boss. A very good opener.


The Coolest Cat vs. The World


Look sports fans; we all know these AAA promo segments are usually the same exact thing every time that, at best, get the crowd a little psyched and not much else. This was different, mostly because it turned Puma King from a dude into a really over dude by the time it was done. The self proclaimed “Coolest Cat” came out to challenge Killer Kross to a rematch, was confronted by Daga instead and exchanged words with him until Puma just decided to kick Daga’s ass instead. He was successful in that, and was successful in kicking Chessman and Villano III Jr.’s asses as well, which naturally led to Killer Kross coming out and decimating him. Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid and Pagano all eventually ran in, which did little to stop Kross powerbombing Puma at the end. I probably wouldn’t have done that last because Puma was so over from all the other stuff that Kross wrecking him seemed counterproductive, but the crowd was still hot for Puma afterwards so it didn’t seem to hurt him that much. And that was the point of this whole thing. AAA clearly wanted Puma King coming out of this segment looking like Rosa Salazar in Alita: Battle Angel (awesome) and that’s exactly what happened. A testament to how good and charismatic Puma is.


Halcón 78 Jr. & Lady Maravilla defeated Aztroluxe & Big Mami


It appears AAA has decided to spice things up with the Lady Maravilla/Niño Hamburguesa/Big Mami love triangle! How have they gone about this? By removing Hamburguesa from the picture (at least for tonight) and focusing on the Mami/Maravilla issues instead. You know what…


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Here’s what I won’t allow though; any more matches featuring Halcón 78 Jr. on the Twitch streams. This guy was reminding me of Super Halcón Jr. tonight…and that isn’t a compliment. While Maravilla and Mami were doing their thing, Halcón had the duty of working with an Aztroluxe who was throwing every trick he had in the bag. The problem is Halcón was only a mediocre base; he and Aztroluxe managed to turn a Dragonrana attempt into a great arm drag variation but otherwise Aztroluxe was a guy trying cool stuff and Halcón was the dude who couldn’t base well enough to make it work. What a pity for Aztroluxe. Fortunately everyone will forget about that compared to the Mami-Maravilla stuff, which was overall pretty good and did its job in advancing the story, with Maravilla getting the win over Mami relatively clean. I guess I now have to consider the fact this angle may be going to a Maravilla-Mami singles match with Hamburguesa having to decide between the two. I still prefer Hamburguesa turning Maravilla to the side of good, but that ain’t bad either. It would’ve been better if AAA had done it with Angelico, Jack Evan and Teddy Hart…but I digress.


Myzteziz Jr. & Niño Hamburguesa defeated Australian Suicide & Chik Tormenta


I’d like to think that Myzteziz Jr. will look back on this match years from now and cringe the same way half of the world apparently did when Khaleesi went scorched earth on King’s Landing last week. Boy this match was a mess and it was because of the guys you’d expect to carry it. Myzteziz Jr. was AWFUL in this match; nothing he did was working for him, and he botched a 450 towards the end of the match so badly that he appeared to hurt Chik Tormenta with it. Australian Suicide wasn’t that much better, with the only difference between him and Myzteziz being no one got hurt from his botches. Frankly the only redeemable parts of this match were Tormenta, who was legitimately very good even as the rest of the match fell apart around her, and the Lady Maravilla-Big Mami-Hamburguesa stuff, which started towards the end of the match when Maravilla ran out of the distraction and climaxed with a Maravilla-Mami post match brawl that Hamburguesa watched with the same look on his face I have when I realize there’s no Sunkist left in the fridge. At least they definitely did a lot to add to that angle tonight. Too bad this match was otherwise a dud. Do better Myzteziz and Australian Suicide; you guys are supposed to be top notch performers, not Halcón 78 Jr.’s clones.


La Hiedra & Tessa Blanchard defeated Faby Apache & Lady Shani


Maybe the last match being a travesty lowered my expectations but man did I enjoy this match. And that was with the El Hijo del Tirantes-Faby Apache stuff taking up more time than the Faby-Tessa sequences! Fortunately the Tirantes-Faby stuff seemed to work better this evening than normally and everything else in this match was really well done. Lady Shani and La Hiedra were tasked with carrying most of the in ring action and I thought they were tremendous together; Shani in particular just looked to be firing on all cylinders. And while they didn’t get as much as I would’ve liked together, the Faby-Tessa spots were dynamite. Everything was smooth, everything was snug; you watch Faby and Tessa go at it and you just know they have a killer singles match in them somewhere down the line. It’s just a shame we didn’t get to see more of it tonight, with AAA deciding to do more with Tirantes instead. Even still, this was a fun few minutes that helped get the show back on course after that terrible Myzteziz tag match.


Chessman, Daga, Villano III Jr. defeated Flamita, Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid


This match may as well have been a song by Faith No More because it was EPIC!!!



Lame joke yes but come on; this was awesome sports fans. Absolutely positively awesome. We had crazy dives, Daga pummeling folk into a sticky paste, crazy dives, Villano III Jr. taking an insane Reverse Super Rana and did I mention crazy dives? One of the dives was so crazy that it saw Laredo Kid jumping into the stands to wipe out Chessman, himself and a ten year old (the kid lived so it’s alright). At the end of the day though the secret sauce for this match was the fact that it couldn’t have been paced any better and everyone looked like a star. Daga had his best performance, by a mile, since returning to AAA. Chessman recovered from his terrible weekend two weeks ago to return to form. Flamita was awesome. Villano III Jr. has a death wish! Vikingo was just as wild. And what more do I need to say about Laredo Kid after he, I’ll say it again, nearly took out himself, Chessman and a kid on a dive into the seats?! This was great. I don’t know where it ranks among the best matches AAA has had this year but it was tremendous fun and you should seek it out.


Killer Kross, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr. defeated Pagano, Puma King, Psycho Clown


It was a big night for Puma King; not only did he get that promo spot but he also got to take Dr. Wagner Jr.’s place in the main event as Wagner, understandably, couldn’t make the show. Unfortunately it didn’t quite translate into a good match. It was fine; Psycho Clown and Rey Escorpión were tremendous together (as they always are), Puma and Killer Kross had some nice moments and Texano…well he got to pin Pagano, which makes up for him having to work with Pagano I suppose. The problem is that Pagano was having one of his “off nights” (almost every night for him) and the match was a bit on the short side, thus not allowing these six to really go all out. We also had a weird Chessman run in to spray mist at Pagano, so I guess you can look forward to that match down the road. All of this is to say that the main event was fine, I won’t remember it tomorrow and it doesn’t matter because it was still better than what we got in Hermosillo two weeks ago.


And with that sports fans I’m off to rest up. You may have noticed there was no preview for AAA’s Sunday show, which is because I was a bit under the weather today. Gonna need some shut eye to make sure I’m fit for reviewing tomorrow. TILL THEN!


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