A little less than a year ago AAA arrived in Tijuana and put on a show that began what would turn out to be one of the biggest turnarounds in lucha libre history. Tonight’s return show to Tijuana didn’t quite have the same sizzle, but it was yet another example of how far the soon to be running in Madison Square Garden promotion has come. There was not a single bad match to be found on this show, with three matches delivering high quality while two other matches moved storylines forward. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this AAA show was how calm it was, with the overbooking dialed down to a minimum. Some other shows this weekend will wow fans a bit more but overall this was probably the easiest show to watch for me tonight, and I watched Joey Janela’s Spring Break just a little while before this show. But enough chit chat; I have an appointment with sleep. Let’s get this review on the road, shall we?



Black Destiny defeated Drake, Fantastick, Genio del Aire, Jonathan and Rayo Star


You all remember last year’s AAA show in Tijuana where a bunch of unknowns (including Black Destiny and Genio del Aire) came in and absolutely tore the house down? We got the sequel tonight sports fans and IT! WAS! WORTHY!



Leave it to Tijuana to be the sight of yet another outstanding AAA opener. This was nonstop action all the way through and best of all it was smooth, apart from a chaotic double apron Spanish Fly that still landed better than it had any right too. Otherwise this was awesome. (Damian) Drake and Jonathan may be guys with the most basic names, but they wrestled anything but a basic match, impressing immensely in their first AAA performances. Fantastick was solid. Genio del Aire was exquisite. Rayo Star died at least fifteen times I thought in this match, only to rise again. And Black Destiny was the star, a not so shocking development considering he is one of the best guys from the great crop of young Tijuana stars. It’s a shame this took place on such a loaded weekend because this match was GREAT! You’re going to want to make time for it when you get the chance.


AAA Latin American Championship Match

Drago (c) defeated Aerostar, Argenis, Hijo del Vikingo and Myzteziz Jr.


How do you follow up craziness sports fans? WITH EVEN MORE CRAZINESS! Batman is getting a workout tonight.



I will admit that I didn’t have my full attention on this one as I was doing dishes on and off during the match. I did catch 97% of the match though and it was at worst just a little less fun than the opener and at best just as fun. This was not an off night; all six guys were working hard and pulling off some of their best stuff. Myzteziz I thought really stepped up in this match, pulling off the most impressive dives of the bunch, but everyone had a great moment and everyone left the match looking strong. Yes; even you Argenis, who impressed by playing the rudo role of the bout. I have no complaints about this one sports fans. The pace was great, everything was smooth and the result, Drago pinning Argenis to retain his title (just as I predicted) was perfect. Another great match on this AAA show.


Keyra, Lady Maravilla, Villano III Jr. defeated La Hiedra, Lady Shani, Niño Hamburguesa


Welp, the run of great matches on this show had to come to an end at some point. I guess it had to be this match. It wasn’t terrible by any means but it was quite plain aside from two things; the ongoing Maravilla/Hamburguesa angle (which followed the same template it’s been using recently) and La Hiedra turning on her team in order to give the rudos the victory and set up Hiedra vs. Shani. Of course that match will probably turn into a five way like all of Shani’s defenses seem to be these days but they at least have heat for that match up now. Besides that though the match was pretty basic; the work was decent, but it didn’t have as much pop as usual (aside from Hamburguesa breaking out a Psycho Driver) and it wasn’t as hard hitting as I expected. It was pretty much a decent match that existed just for Hiedra to turn and for Hamburguesa to carry Lady Maravilla out after the match. From that standpoint it worked; beyond that it was just okay.


Mamba, Máximo, Pimpinela Escarlata defeated Averno, Chessman, Super Fly


We learned two things with this match sports fans; Los OGT’s is really, really good and La Máscara is really, really bad. How else can you explain why Máximo, Mamba and Pimpi looked so much better here than they have the past half a year they’ve been feuding with Los Mercenarios? This wasn’t a perfect, or even all that flashy a match but my Grodd did they get the most out of it. If you ever need a match to show to someone as proof that Averno, Chessman and Super Fly are super good, this is it. They worked their asses off basing for the Exoticos and as a result all three came out with the best performances they’ve had in recent memory. Máximo even got to look like a star again, something that hasn’t happened often since he left CMLL. This was a nice surprise on this show, and AAA would be wise to go back to this every now and then. Or at the very least use this as an example as to why Los Exoticos should never work with Los Mercenarios again.


La Máscara & Texano Jr. defeated Joe Lider & Pagano


A few points sports fans. First, we were spared this match being in a cage.


Image result for yes m.bison gif


Second, we got La Hiedra as the newest member of Los Mercenarios.


Image result for mmm okay gif


Third, the match was better than expected…which is to say it was alright.


Image result for spike shrug gif


What do you want me to say sports fans? Three of the four luchadores did indeed try in this match, and Texano and Joe Lider were, by my estimation, actively good. Hell Pagano may have been good as well, toning down his outrageousness and overall hitting his moves better than he usually does. The problem was a) the match never got as crazy as it needed to to really stand out and b) La Máscara was still there. This was one of his better performances…and he was still awful! It’s such a shame that Pagano, a guy with great effort, got absolutely none of the athleticism necessary to be great while Máscara got all of that and puts in the same amount of effort I do in opening a can of Pepsi. If only it had been reversed. Alas it’s not and that, combined with the only big spot in this match being Pagano taking a death bump onto chairs (in fairness, it was one hell of a death bump) left this match feeling rather ordinary. A rare thing for a Pagano match. Still nowhere near bad, just a bit unspectacular for my taste. Also, I have no idea what to make of Hiedra in Los Mercenarios. I’ll have to get back to you all on that.


Tag Team Cage Match

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown defeated Blue Demon Jr. & Rey Escorpión


I have one major complaint about this main event sports fans. And it’s the complaint we all have; there wasn’t enough Psycho Clown. At best the ace of AAA was there for half of the proceedings before escaping the cage and ending his night. THAT’S TOO SOON! You don’t just roll out Psycho Clown, have him deliver the goods (and he was superb yet again for those wondering) and then have him disappear. That’s like having an Uncharted game where Nathan Drake just disappears halfway through the game. It’s just not supposed to happen!


Image result for nathan drake gif


That quibble aside the match was fine. I think it would’ve been better than that if Psycho and Rey Escorpión had been the final two but Wagner-Blue Demon is the big match AAA is building towards so it made sense they’d focus on those two. Thus it led to a lot of brawling (at first outside the cage), a lot of weapons, a lot of blood and then finally Wagner outsmarting Demon by unmasking him atop the cage, subduing the rudo long enough to escape. It was a clever enough ending that Antonio Peña would’ve been proud of; I just wish it had been preceded by some more interesting action. It just wasn’t going to happen this deep into the show and with Wagner and Demon restricted by the cage, something that hurt them more than I thought. In the end though AAA still accomplished what they were looking for and there have been far worse AAA main events than this. A solid, if a bit average, close to a good show.


And with that I am off to catch some Z’s! I shall return tomorrow morning to review CMLL. Till then, A LITTLE LESS THAN TWELVE HOURS REMAIN IN THE FINAL FOUR OF LUCHA MADNESS! You know what to do sports fans.



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