Look sports fans; I could spend this opening paragraph telling you all about how tonight’s AAA show from Tepic was the best AAA show I’ve seen since Triplemania, the best show I’ve seen all year and possibly one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, all while missing Fenix and Sammy Guevara to boot. But that would be taking time away from talking about the good stuff. So instead, allow me to show you how I felt about this show with a simple Simpsons reference.


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And with that, let’s begin!



Neck Brace City


Neck brace companies are thriving in Mexico right now sports fans, at least according to the start of this show. First we had Fenix (in the pre-show) explaining why he wouldn’t be on this show while looking rightfully miserable in a neck brace. Then Impostor La Parka came out, in an angle to officially write him out of the main event, also wearing a neck brace. That did little to help him or Dr. Wagner Jr. out after a disguised Blue Demon and a disguised El Hijo del Fantasma came out for the attack. The good news is we got to see Fantasma taunt Parka by putting on the neck brace after AND Laredo Kid and Hijo del Vikingo made the save. The bad news is this was otherwise quite dull; luckily it would be the last thing on this show to be so.


Dinastia, Lady Shani, Niño Hamburguesa defeated Lady Maravilla, Lanzelot, Villano III Jr.


What do you know sports fans; AAA went into their bag of tricks and did indeed find a way to differentiate this match from the one we got in Mazatlan. The result was a match that was even better than that one! The changes weren’t even that massive either, with AAA switching up the pairings and also adding a love cam during a Maravilla/Hamburguesa moment! I don’t know about you sports fans but I need the love cam all the time, even if it’s just for Dr. Wagner Jr. admiring himself in the mirror. Through it all the action was pristine, the pace was quick, Maravilla found time to innovate a cool new submission, Dinastia, Villano and Lanzelot had all sorts of cool shit and Hamburguesa once again had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Lady Shani was really the only one shortchanged (yet again) and even she had some nice moments towards the beginning. I’m a little stunned Hamburguesa won, but he still seemed attracted to Maravilla throughout the match and only got his splash in at the end because Shani took her out. I expect things will continue there, or at least I hope so. Anything to give us more matches like this! These two teams have been a winning combination so far and this was their best work yet.


Triple Threat Match

Hijo del Vikingo defeated Jack Evans and Taurus




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As you can see sports fans, AAA made the decision to keep Vikingo, Jack Evans and Taurus in this match and turn what would’ve been a tag match into a triple threat. They chose wisely! This was right up there with Laredo Kid vs. Taurus from Friday and may have been even crazier. The common denominator between the two matches is Taurus and he was even better tonight than he was on Friday, pummeling both Jack and Vikingo for multiple stretches and giving us the highlight of the match (and maybe the show) by catching a Vikingo dive and powerbombing him to his doom. And this was a match that featured Vikingo doing a Double Jump, Split legged Dragonrana to the floor at one point! That gets slight points off for not being flush, but the creativity alone (not to mention that he did hit it) make it just another great highlight for Vikingo’s sizzle real. He had plenty of other killer moments too, while Jack Evans pulled out almost everything in his arsenal for a great performance in his own right. And what do you know, Vikingo won this match in decisive fashion, erasing any memories of that main event finish from Friday. All in all AAA couldn’t have gotten this anymore right if they had tried. Yet another unbelievable match from this weekend. And it’s only going to get better!


Aerostar, Máximo, Taya defeated Faby Apache, La Máscara, Monsther Clown


I don’t believe it. I JUST DON’T BELIEVE IT! We now live in a world where this match, a match featuring La Máscara slumming it more than latter day Johnny Depp, was actually fun.




Make no mistake sports fans; that doesn’t mean La Máscara was good in this match. He was just as lazy as ever, taking maybe two bumps all match. It’s a testament to the other five luchadore(a)s and the way AAA laid this match out that it managed to overcome him. I was worried this would be as Tirantes-Faby centric as the last match, but AAA wisely put that to the aside until the end, where Faby accidentally hitting Tirantes led to him screwing her over. That made it easy for everyone else to take care of the rest and they did. Taya and Faby once again worked well together, Máximo and Monsther Clown were solid and my Grodd that Aerostar guy remains the best doesn’t he? You would think that there’d be no way for him to come close to what Jack, Vikingo and Taurus did in the last match but, as Jeff Goldblum says in Jurassic Park, Aerostar finds a way. That is the line right? Who cares; this was very entertaining and much better than I expected.


Triple Threat Match

Laredo Kid defeated Drago and Flamita


Just when you thought nothing was topping that Jack/Taurus/Vikingo three way, ENTER LAREDO KID, DRAGO AND FLAMITA! Batman, get your ass back out here cause we have another unbelievable match.


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And to think I was concerned about this match going in! The only reason I was (aside from Fenix not being involved. IMAGINE IF HE HAD BEEN?!) because Flamita had an off night on Friday, holding down an otherwise really good four way match. I guess he thought the same because he was back to being Flamita tonight. He was absolutely off the charts and still wasn’t the best guy in this match! That’s how far Laredo Kid has come sports fans. Drago and Flamita couldn’t have performed any better by my estimation and it still feels like Laredo is on a whole other level. A second rope moonsault by him is breathtaking at this point, AND IT’S A GORRAM SECOND ROPE MOONSAULT! It’s just amazing to see him take the step from good luchador to “arguably the best luchador in the world” in just a few months time; not since Fenix have we seen that. You can add this to the list of unbelievable matches he’s had in that span. This was, at worst, just as good as the triple threat earlier tonight and possibly as good as that Laredo-Taurus match on Friday. Three matches of that caliber in two days! Amazing. Just amazing. AND THERE IS STILL! MORE! TO COME!


Street Fight

Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Blue Demon Jr.

I don’t want to say I told you so sports fans…but I did bloody well tell you! Against all odds, Wagner and Demon pulled it off. They needed help from a game Faby Apache interfering on Demon’s behalf, a Perros del Mal reunion between Taya and Joe Lider and a whole lot of Wagner blood, but gorramit they got the job done! And they frankly would’ve gotten it done even without all that going on. Blue Demon Jr. isn’t everyone’s favorite wrestler; hell I’m not even that big a fan! But you saw the difference between him and Jeff Jarrett tonight. Demon worked his ass off, took plenty of bumps, plenty more chair shots and had probably the best performance I’ve seen from him since…ever? It’s been a long time at least! And Dr. Wagner Jr. was in peak Wagner form, working his ass off as well and carrying this match with his immeasurable charisma. It was completely different from the other great matches on the show but that’s part of what made this great. An absolute hardcore spectacle and a complete delight. I don’t know if this is what AAA wants to do for the Triplemania main event but if it is, I’m not going to complain. We’ve seen it with our own eyes now; they can pull it off.


Laredo Kid, Puma King, Psycho Clown defeated El Hijo del Fantasma, Killer Kross, Rey Escorpión


You are reading correctly. After delivering one of the three best matches of the weekend earlier in the show, out walked Laredo Kid to replace Impostor La Parka for this main event, in search of yet another great performance. Spoiler alert; HE GOT IT! GET OUT HERE AGAIN BATMAN!


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In a show that had a little bit of everything, this match WAS everything. These six had easily the longest match on the show at nearly 25 minutes and threw out every trick in the book to make it work. The rudos heat sequence to start this match felt like it nearly went ten minutes for crying out loud! Normally that would’ve killed the match, only Escorpión, Fantasma and Kross (who had a powerbomb for everyone during this sequence) made sure it never got boring. Thus when the comeback came the crowd exploded and so did the match. Laredo unleashed a wicked moonsault and had killer sequences with Kross. Fantasma and Puma King were so good together that a singles match between the two should be an AAA priority. And sweet Grodd, there again were Psycho Clown and Rey Escorpión doing the damndest things. Between the pair we saw a Sunset Flip Powerbomb (Psycho), a Super Rana (Escorpión. Yes, it happened and it was awesome) and tope suicida arm drag THROUGH THE RING POST (Psycho)! And that’s just the stuff I can remember. AAA somehow even managed to get La Máscara interfering right by having him screw things up, leading to Puma King getting an honest to Grodd main event victory of El Hijo del Fantasma. This time last year Puma was in CMLL purgatory; now he’s winning AAA main events featuring Triplemania headliners! All while Laredo Kid is having two outstanding matches within two hours of each other. It’s unbelievable. It’s all unbelievable; Puma’s win, everyone’s performances, this match, this show! It was simply sensational. I don’t know what else to say.


And with that sports fans I’m off to contemplate how it gets any better than this. TILL NEXT TIME!



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