And now it’s time to talk AAA sports fans! As I said in the CMLL preview, this is a big night both because AAA and CMLL are against each other and because both shows look to be pretty good. But as exciting as the CMLL card appears to be, I must admit that AAA looks to have them beat. There will be a total of at least 13 surprise luchadores (Luchadores Sorpresa) on this show and could get up to nearly twenty depending on what type of matches AAA chooses to go with. That’s a lot of (potential) new talent and considering the rumor that Konnan is once again at the AAA controls, I’d imagine most of that would be good talent. On top of that, the matches we do know for this show are at worst interesting and at best seem really strong, making this seem like a well booked card top to bottom. Will it turn out that way? That’s why we’re going to break this down. Let’s get stepping and hit the previewing! Wow Cult, never say that again.


Luchadores Sorpresa vs. Luchadores Sorpresa


What to Expect:


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No seriously, I have no idea. That’s because I still have no freakin clue that’s in this match. No one does thanks to AAA’s new policy of keeping everything a surprise. These four (or six) luchadores (or luchadoras) could be anybody. It could be an all luchadoras match. It could be all luchadores. It could be a mix. It could a rematch of the great Tijuana opener last month that has no officially been endorsed by Dave Meltzer! It could have Sammy Guevara and Darby Allin, who will both be on Verano de Escandalo next month. It could have the return of Taya. It could have the continuation of the Faby Apache/Ashley/Lady Shani feud. It could have Lady Maravilla. For all you know Kevin Kleinrock and I could finally be rolling out the official Lucha Central tag team in this match! Who knows what it could be…and that’s what makes this so fun! Remind me I said this tomorrow when this turns out to be six clones of Pimpinela Escarlata wrestle each other.


Winners: When in doubt go with the Luchadores Sorpresa. They take it in about seven minutes.


Luchadores Sorpresa vs. Luchadores Sorpresa


What to Expect: Once again…


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Frankly I might as well just copy and paste everything from the last paragraph into this one! It could be anyone, that’s what makes it so exciting, I won’t be saying that when this is a match featuring La Hiedra and Big Mami trading nerve holds, blah blah blah, so on and so forth. Look it’s going to be pretty fun to see who all these people are and let’s just leave it at that.


Winners: Once more (you open the door?) we are in doubt and once more we go with the Luchadores Sorpresa. They take it in eight minutes. These jokes doing it for anyone?


Aerostar & Drago vs. Luchadores Sorpresa


What to Expect: Let the record show I was very tempted to do the Luger gif again for this match. But since Aerostar and Drago are at least listed we’ll save it for another time because we know what to expect from them; flying, flying, flying and OH NOES AEROSTAR WHAT IS YOU DOING?! If nothing else that will keep this match entertaining; how entertaining will be determined by who the surprise team is. My guess is Jack Evans and Teddy Hart. Why The Hart Foundation 2.0; a) because I love that team, b) because those two against Aerostar and Drago sounds like a great high flying match and c) because Teddy Hart couldn’t possibly have burned his bridge with AAA this quickly. I know it’s Teddy and all but I refuse to believe it, especially when he came in so hot at the last show. It’s not enough to stop me from posting this Teddy Hart update picture mind you, but still; I’m not giving up on Teddy Hart in AAA just yet. And yet…



Winners: I’m feeling the surprise team here regardless of whether it’s Teddy Jack or not, mostly because I sense they’ll be associated with MAD and MAD is coming in hot to start this run. They beat Aerostar and Drago after around ten minutes of really good lucha libre action.


Averno, Chessman, Super Fly vs. Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana


What to Expect: We have finally reached one of only three matches on this show not featuring at least one Luchadore Sorpresa! I don’t know whether to congratulate AAA or be disappointed. Of course this match is going to be all about setting up for the big Apuesta match between these two teams at Verano de Escandalo, which I’ll be honest, is a little weird. On the one hand I have no problem with these teams feuding as I greatly enjoyed their TLC match from just a few months ago at Rey de Reyes. On the other hand that match seemed like a feud ender, only for them to be brought back together for this match and the hair match next month. It’s a little weird sports fans. But AAA is going through some changes these days and these are two really strong trios teams who will have good matches so I won’t complain too much. This should be a solid match, even if it doesn’t have the craziness or potential shock value of the other matches.


Winners: Poder del Norte (Brava, Cota and Santana) did win that TLC match back in March, which (in a 50-50 booked world) would mean the OGT’s are getting the win back this time. Then again it’s very hard for me to see Averno, Chessman and Super Fly losing that Apuesta match next month, so I’ll go with Brava, Cota and Santana to take this one in about twelve minutes, possibly via some classic AAA shenanigans.


Hijo del Vikingo, La Máscara, Máximo vs. Luchadores Sorpresa


What to Expect: And to think we made it two matches before Luger made his comeback. Yes, when it comes to this match…


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That’s kind of a weird thing to say when you have three participants announced, especially guys like Vikingo, Máscara and Máximo who you know will be giving you a certain standard of lucha libre (good to really good). That’s how big a mystery their opponents are. It’s not going to be any lower card luchadores AAA has and I would highly doubt it be the likes of the Tijuana guys, Guevara, Allin or even Evans and Teddy being put into this spot. No this is probably someone connected to MAD, which means it’ll be some bigger names and (hopefully) some luchadores who can take this match to the next level. It’ll be a solid watch regardless because Vikingo and Máximo are really good and Máscara…is also fine. But if the surprises are dope like I anticipate, this could get really good.


Winners: Once more (still opening that door) I am in doubt and that can only mean one thing; go with the Luchadores Sorpresa. They take this one in…let’s say thirteen minutes.


El Hijo del Fantasma, Pagano, Psycho Clown vs. Juventud Guerrera, Kevin Kross, Texano Jr.


What to Expect: This is arguably the most anticipated match on the show. Yes even bigger than that good looking main event AAA is advertising. That’s what happens when you run an angle like AAA did in Tijuana and bring back stars like Kevin Kross and the Juice. I wish AAA would’ve done a tad more since then besides the Twitter takeover, but nothing suggests the group isn’t still hot and you know everyone is going to be watching this one waiting to see what happens next (besides the fact that Juvy and Kross will be accompanied by security to the ring). And that’s just taking the story stuff into account; the match itself could be very good. Fantasma and Psycho Clown are both really good and Psycho’s presence confirms this match will be heated. Texano has stepped up his game big since teaming with Rey Escorpión. And if you’re sleeping on the in ring talents of Kross and Guerrera, don’t. Kross is the ultimate bad ass who appears to be gaining momentum by the minute and come on; do I really need to sell you on The Juice? HE’S THE GORRAM JUICE! Nothing I’ve seen or heard suggests that Juvy has lost a step and considering this is his first AAA match in quite awhile, I’m excited to see what he does. I don’t know if this will be a great match, but I think it will surprise people and there’s no doubt we’ll all be watching, if for nothing else to see what the next chapter in the MAD angle is.


Winners: I mean come on; do you really think that MAD is going to be losing their first match? I know this is AAA and all but that’s a move from the old regime, not the new one that may or may not be run by Konnan. Juvy, Kross and Texano are winning here; the only questions are whether a) it’s clean, b) someone else from MAD is coming to help them and c) where Texano fits in with the group. I have an idea on that…but let’s wait till the next match before we go further into that one. Don’t worry; by the time we get to that point you’ll be shivering with antici-


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Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Rey Escorpión


What to Expect: Note that I would not be surprised when all is said and done if this match wound up being an AAA Mega Championship title defense. As of right now it’s not however, which means we’re in for one of the biggest special singles matches (with no stakes) that AAA will probably put on this year. It also has a chance to be the best match Dr. Wagner Jr. has this year. Not that the Good Doctor is slipping in his old age, but it’s pretty clear that he’s been more or less coasting on his charisma over the last few months due to a lack of interesting options. I don’t think that will be the case here. Not only is Rey Escorpión the best opponent Wagner has had since Johnny Mundo (a match marred by AAA’s overbooking), he might be the best opponent Wagner will have all year and easily one of the most underrated workers in Mexico right now. I suppose that may not be enough to get Wagner out of coast mode but it should in theory, and if that’s the case than this match will be very good. Well at least until the end, where I expect we’ll get more of what’s coming with the big changes in AAA.


Winner: You may have noticed sports fans that Rey Escorpión’s tag team partner Texano is teaming with MAD members in the semi-main. That’s curious is it not? I won’t guarantee this because for all I know Juvy and Kross are going to stab Texano in the back ten times over, but I am getting the feeling that Texano and Escorpión may somehow be involved with MAD. Throw in how Wagner was one of the guys Juvy, Kross and Teddy Hart attacked in Tijuana and I’m going to suggest that MAD helps Rey Escorpión win this match and that maybe Texano and Escorpión join after. That or they get their asses too. It could go either way.


That’s game sports fans. Hope you enjoyed this preview and the CMLL one. I’ll be back tomorrow to preview The Crash show on Saturday, write a bit about Hector Garza and review the AAA show (the CMLL review will be out on Saturday morning). Till tomorrow, another reason to get excited for the return of The Juice.


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