You know what sucks about being stuck dog sitting in the woods for three days with no internet? You miss all the good weekend lucha shows! That’s what happened to me this past weekend, which caused me to miss CMLL on Friday and AAA last night. Well I’m back home with internet connection today and my first thought was “let’s watch these shows and get a review out!” And thus here we are, starting with AAA’s show last night in San Miguel Zinacantepec. What a show this was! After a strong Heroes Inmortales AAA followed it up with what was in some ways an even better show here. No there wasn’t anything on the level of Omega-Fenix but the card was strong throughout with two really great matches, along with some strong angles that set up a few Guerra de Titanes matches. Whatever way you slice it this was a really strong show and yet another example of AAA’s greatness this year. Now let’s talk about it some more!



Five Way Match for the AAA Mini-Estrellas Championship

Dinastia defeated Mini Psycho Clown, Demus, Drago Boy and Laredo Boy


Let me begin by asking this question sports fans; how the hell did AAA come up with Drago Boy and Laredo Boy?! They couldn’t have gone with Mini Drago or Laredito Kid instead? I know the Mini Drago name has been used before because it’s Mascarita Divina’s alternate gimmick every time I play TEW, so I have to assume AAA owns it. None of this is a big deal mind you, those just would’ve been the names I used first. Frankly AAA’s decision to with those names is pretty funny, especially from the Laredo Boy side of things because a) Laredo Boy and Laredo Kid basically mean the same thing and b) the guy who plays Laredo Boy (cult hero Freelance) is older than Laredo Kid! If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again.



Now that that’s out of the way, holy shit this match was awesome! It may have been even better if they had left poor Mini Psycho Clown at home for the first two thirds; the dude just didn’t have it all at the start of the match, having timing issues, bumping issues, insert issue here. He did finally settle in after the halfway point and even if he hadn’t it wouldn’t have been an issue because the rest of these guys ruled. I knew Freelance and Astrolux would be Laredo Boy and Drago Boy respectively before watching, which thrilled me because I think both guys are terrific (especially Freelance). They showed why here with some dazzling high flying offense, including the obligatory Freelance dive into the front row. Meanwhile Dinastia looked like an absolute stud and Demus was absolutely outstanding in every facet of the game; AAA and the rest of us are going to be so happy to have him around seeing as he can literally do everything at a high level. That he instantly clicked with Dinastia is an added bonus and the eventual singles match between the two should, in the words of Dylan, SPIT HOT FIYAH! Perhaps the best thing about this match though was that it instantly made the AAA Mini-Estrellas division the most important it’s been in awhile between these five, the new Octagoncito and the not seen La Parkita. This is a strong division and this was a great match to kick start it going forward with Dinastia as its ace. A great opener.


Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana defeated Mr. Iguana, Niño Hamburguesa, Octagón Jr.


This was a Poder del Norte match sports fans. That’s a good thing because pretty much all Poder del Norte matches today are good and this was no exception. It wasn’t what you would call high end but it was a lot of fun, with some nice comedy from Mr. Iguana and his stuffed lizard, some nice spots, a good pace and Niño Hamburguesa, of all people, nearly killing himself on a dive that took him into the seats (he was stretchered out but it appeared to be a work due to Poder del Norte’s post match attack attempt). Best of all was Octagón Jr. continuing to establish his own stamp on the gimmick, all while continuing to deliver the high quality performance he’s been doing all year regardless of the gimmick. It wasn’t as crazy as some Poder del Norte matches have been but it was still a strong match, and I’d love to see more of them against Octagón Jr. and whoever he can find to team with him. If only he was a trios champion with at least two partners who were capable of stepping in…if only…


Promo Time with Pentagon Jr.


I’ll be honest; I have no idea what Pentagon said here. Blame that on me not picking up any Spanish in the many years I’ve been watching lucha libre. In any event you never really have to know what Pentagon is saying to tell that he’s a great promo, and this was a very strong promo that the crowd responded to appropriately before we got into catchphrase land. The best part of it though was that Pentagon got to do his promo and not a single rudo appeared to interrupt or attack him. Those things are rarer in AAA than a Mew is Pokémon’s Red and Blue.


Bengala, Big Mami, Dinastia defeated Keyra, Lady Maravilla, Último Maldito


I guess Dinastia wasn’t satisfied with being awesome in the opener because here he was again, replacing Máximo in this match and by extension adding more awesomeness! If only AAA had added him to the Arez match; given his chemistry with Arez and his performances in this match and the opener, there’s a chance he would’ve walked out of this show feeling like Joaquin Phoenix when the reviews for his Joker performance came out.


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The odd thing is this match was less about the in ring action and more about continuing saga between Lady Maravilla and Big Mami. Of course this match couldn’t help but have some great lucha in between Dinastia being awesome, Keyra and Lady Maravilla kicking people and the continued awe inspiring sequences between Bengala and Último Maldito. Eventually they’ll have to change that up (and some would argue the routine is already stale) but my goodness it was still spectacular watching them do their thing, especially in that end sequence where Bengala did 9,000 rotation headscissors into a La Mistica to get the win. Again though this was all about Mami and Maravilla. They got the crowd into it early (is anyone better at this than Mami these days?), they played up Maravilla’s chair shot on Mami from the last show and they finally had Mami get a visual pinfall on Maravilla before Maldito broke it up. This was all good but the post match was even better, with Niño Hamburguesa coming out to save Mami, still feeling a tinge of guilt when he fought off Maravilla and an official challenge by Mami for a hair vs. hair match with Lady Maravilla. This may have been the only misstep for me; why not do Maravilla’s mask vs. Mami’s hair? I guess they want to save Maravilla’s mask and overall that’s just a minor nitpick. It was terrific stuff and it got even better when Hamburguesa asked Mami for forgiveness and Mami, despite wanting to, refusing to grant it. It’s going to be so great when she finally forgives Hamburguesa after she either loses her hair or wins Maravilla’s hair; the result doesn’t matter, the fact that her and Hamburguesa will make up will be great regardless. Can’t wait for it! Stuff like that made this segment, and the match before it, a winner, even if it wasn’t as crazy as some of the matches that came before or after.


Drago, Murder Clown, Puma King defeated Abismo Negro Jr., Super Fly, Texano Jr.


This match was trending towards being very good…and then in the final few minutes Puma and Abismo Negro Jr. found themselves on different pages. Unfortunate considering they were paired together at the very end! I don’t know what it was but they did not connect on Puma King’s rana attempt and the Code Red Puma tried was so mediocre that it made me question if Chris Jericho was under the Abismo Negro mask (for all Jericho’s strengths, taking Code Red’s is not one of them!). It was sadly below par for two guys who were otherwise really good. This felt like the most complete performance from Abismo Negro  Jr. since he assumed the gimmick (at least until the end) and his Martinete attempt was at least a promising sign that move will be returning. Everyone else was strong. Murder Clown looked great, Drago looked great and while I’m not sure Super Fly or Texano had an offensive move in this match they still impressed, mainly because Super Fly can take one hell of a beating and Texano can play one hell of a cowardly rudo. There were teases of a Murder Clown-Texano issue and I’d be interested in that given how good Murder Clown has become and how good we know Texano can be. Hopefully it’s something AAA can get to when they’re done with their other 100 feuds. But yeah; this was good and could’ve been better if Puma and Abismo hadn’t lost the plot at the end.


Taurus defeated Aramis, Arez and Hijo del Vikingo


Let the record show that this wasn’t a perfect match sports fans. Let the record also show that it didn’t matter because everything else was so great the few botches we had were rendered insignificant! Basically this match was Twin Peaks: The Return; yeah maybe there’s an episode or two that doesn’t blow you away, but the whole package is so ungodly awesome that you can’t help but turn into that gif of The Rock when all is said and done.


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Let’s talk about those negatives for a second before I rave about this match. Yes Arez went one way and Taurus went the other on an attempted satellite headscissors to the floor. Yes a few moments at the beginning didn’t come together as crispy as the guys wanted. WHO CARES?! Everything else inspired feelings you can only get while watching highlights of the Paul Kariya goal while listening to a Swellers record. What I loved about this the most was that it was an all action locomotive where each guy got shine. There was a moment I felt Aramis was being left out…then he let off a sequence where he hit a poison rana, a standing Spanish Fly, a suicide dive that was more like a spear and a rope walk Swanton to the floor in succession! Towards the end I was wondering where Taurus was and the next thing you know he was running dudes over for the 9,000th time en route to winning. There was something for everyone here, from those sequences to Arez’ amazing creativity to Hijo del Vikingo finding ways to go nuts despite seemingly being at only 80%. They also found a way to do callbacks, like when Taurus blocked Vikingo’s attempted apron Code Red to turn into a Rodeo Driver, learning his lesson from last week. Every second matter, every luchador mattered in exactly the way you’d expect from a match with these four. So what if it wasn’t quite perfect? Maybe that prevents it from being in the Kenny Omega-Fenix or Vikingo-Laredo Kid range but that’s all. At worst this match was a notch below and one of the most exciting matches you’ll see all year from a promotion that cannot stop producing such quality.


Pagano, Pentagon Jr., Psycho Clown defeated Averno, Chessman, Rey Escorpión


This could’ve been a borderline great main event if AAA had used anyone but Pagano as Pentagon and Psycho’s partner. Alas they did, Pagano botched at least three moves and the only saving grace was that it was almost endearing in how he continued to mess things up. Key phrase is “almost endearing.” Take him away though and everyone else was working at a high level. Chessman got stuck with Pagano too much to really stick out but he also got a lot of shine with Psycho and Pentagon and was strong during those parts. Psycho and Escorpión continued their string of good performances with each other. Perhaps the most interesting part of this match was when Averno and Pentagon squared off. We know how great Pentagon is but it’s easy to forget that Averno is one of the most underrated luchadores in the game and he instantly clicked with Pentagon. We’re probably not getting that singles match any time soon, if ever, but that feels like a great match waiting to happen. Right now though the main goal is for AAA to set up Lucha Brothers vs. Rey Escorpión and Texano, and they accomplished that with the usual rudo post match beat down that also featured Taurus and Super Fly run ins. Good stuff. This wasn’t the best thing on the show but after a string of disappointing AAA main events this was a welcome close to the show. A good showing by everyone except Pagano.


That’s game sports fans. I’ll see you later tonight with a CMLL review. What can I say; I’m in a lucha state of mind.


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