Another week, another AAA show that was fun to watch. It’s a common occurrence these days sports fans. Tonight’s effort from Saltillo was always going to have a tough time topping Triplemania and you’ll be stunned to know it did not, in fact, top AAA’s giant success story. It was still a lot of fun, with several high end matches and a Mega Championship four way that was worth the price of admission alone. It’s sad that this will be the last AAA show for a bit, and a little worrying with AAA’s Madison Square Garden and LA Forum shows suddenly up in the air. But that’s the future. For now let’s just focus on tonight’s good time. TO THE REVIEW MOBILE!



Eclipse, Komander, Lady Shani defeated Australian Suicide, La Hiedra, Villano III Jr.


Boy did Komander pick a great match to make his AAA debut huh?! He replaced Dinastia (moving up to the next match) and looked like he was going to be overshadowed by a crazy Villano III Jr. performance, before he then let loose a Double Moonsault that was so great Myzteziz Jr. either needs to start taking notes or retire the move. I screamed so loud I may have disturbed the people partying next door.



And that was just one bit of the craziness that was this opener, a match that wasn’t a Triplemania opener but felt every bit like a Triplemania opener with the effort all six brought to this. As expected Lady Shani and La Hiedra hit each other hard (while also fitting in a few cool moves of their own), Australian Suicide and Eclipse were solid and Komander and Villano were nuts. Almost too nuts at times; by comparison Australian Suicide and Eclipse looked a notch below them (Suicide can in fact be as crazy. Eclipse? TBD). It doesn’t really matter when it’s so much fun, and this was the sort of performance that should guarantee Komander more bookings and lead to AAA pushing Villano III Jr. to a higher level. I just wish he had been this great at Triplemania; he would’ve been the talk of the town with the performance he had tonight. I’d say you won’t find many openers crazier than this one, but this was just another Saturday for AAA. A tremendous way to kick off the show.


A Clown, a Viking and a guy who really likes Burgers talk Dr. Wagner Jr. out of retirement


The title pretty much sums it up sports fans. Dr. Wagner Jr. came out to retire, only for Psycho Clown, Hijo del Vikingo and Niño Hamburguesa to come out and try and talk him out of it. I think they succeeded, but in case they didn’t Blue Demon Jr. then came out, said some hurtful things and brawled with Wagner to reaffirm that Wagner wasn’t going anywhere. All Wagner was missing was screaming “I’LL NEVER RETIRE!” and he would’ve gone full Ric Flair. In any event I enjoyed it. It was kind of silly, but the crowd loved it, Wagner is (as always) so good at these types of segments and I really liked AAA including Hamburguesa and Vikingo. Them being a part of this was just as valuable as a good performance, as it shows just how highly AAA thinks of them. For that alone this was a good segment, and there was a lot more to like than that.


Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana defeated Argenis, Dinastia, “The Heartbroken” Niño Hamburguesa


I think this may have been the weakest match AAA has had in a few weeks sports fans. It was certainly the weakest match Poder del Norte’s had in quite some time and only got interesting towards the end. The big reason for this match being just kind of okay was the same reason the match became notable; Argenis. Everyone else was fine; maybe not as energetic as usual (outside of Dinastia) but they were doing good work. And technically Argenis wasn’t bad either, but good Grodd was he completely uninteresting. When you have guys like Komander, Villano III Jr. and Dinastia doing stuff early on this show that’s out of this world, having Argenis then go out there and do the same old bland routine he’s done for years…yeah, doesn’t work. Fortunately AAA is aware of that, which is why Argenis turned rudo here by betraying “The Heartbroken” Niño Hamburguesa and Dinastia to give Poder del Norte the W. I’m not sure why he couldn’t have figured this out earlier to save us the trouble of this match, but hey; what do I know? It’ll be interesting to see where the turn goes, but unfortunately it happened a bit too late in this match to save it.


Golden Magic, Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr. defeated Dave the Clown, La Parka Negra, Monsther Clown


And just like that we were back on course sports fans! I foolishly thought that Dave the Clown would hold this match up; not only did that not happen but he actively helped in making the match good! I don’t know if Dave has just learned to work or if being with better talent has brought out a different side of him, but this was yet another performance where he was actively better than average and in the end I think you can safely say this was the best work of his career. Of course it does help when you have two really good rudos to work with and Los Jinetes del Aire on the other side. The new version of the trio has lost no steps with Golden Magic in for Laredo Kid, with Magic, Myzteziz and especially Vikingo (who had a second straight mega star performance) all looking great. They were so great that at times they left the rudos with little more to do than base, which was fine because Monsther Clown and La Parka Negra based really well (with Parka Negra having some strong moments on offense as well). I’m sure some will grumble about Impostor Parka helping Vikingo beat Dave the Clown, but a) Vikingo was probably beating Dave anyway, b) it played off the Copa Triplemania elimination of Park and c) the match was really good regardless. The opener was a bit crazier, but this match had a little more meat and was thus the better contest.


Averno, Chessman, Super Fly defeated Aerostar, Drago, Willie Mack


It saddens me that CMLL is in such a state these days that it feels like I’m picking on them…but dammit this situation calls for it. Last night there were two finishes on CMLL’s show involving fouls that couldn’t have been lamer. Then this match ended with Super Fly fouling Drago for what should’ve been a bad finish, only it was great because Super Fly’s reaction to it all was so unbelievably great. He was basically the villain from The Last Action Hero when he crosses over into the real world, and hot damn could CMLL benefit from having more fouls with those type of reactions then the ones they actually have.


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Anyways, I enjoyed this match! It felt in many ways a richer version of the Poder del Norte match, in that it wasn’t quite the best these two teams could’ve given but was still really good and also didn’t feature Argenis. Los OGT’s controlled the action most of the way and while they may have gone a few minutes too long, they were generally very good, especially Averno and Super Fly. Meanwhile Drago was spirited, Aerostar was Aerostar minus the stage dive, and didn’t I tell you that Big Willie Mack was going to be great?! I thought he was the star of this match honestly, bringing a ton of energy to his usual strong act while being one of the rare foreign acts to get over instantly. You can thank his flashy offense for that AND his charisma, which really stood out here. Much like Komander, Big Willie should definitely be brought back in the future and definitely has a performance capable of topping this. Frankly all these guys do, which still didn’t stop this from being a lot of fun. A very good match.


Four Way Match for the AAA Mega Championship

Fenix (c) defeated Laredo Kid, Puma King and Taurus


Bad news sports fans. I said one of the only ways Laredo Kid vs. Puma King wouldn’t be a great match is if it didn’t happen. Low and behold it didn’t happen…because it was replaced by the first AAA Mega Championship defense in over a year in a match that also featured Fenix and Taurus!



Yes sports fans, we got one of the few things that could be considered an upgrade from the previous match and what do you know, it wound up being just that. There was one flaw in this match and it was the crowd, which seemed excited for all four of these guys as they came out and then suddenly went silent until the final few minutes. Beyond that this was Grade A work that would’ve been a Match of the Year candidate if the crowd had been more active. All four guys got the appropriate amount of time to shine and all four looked like superstars. Puma King and Taurus are always great but they were a notch above even their usual work. There were multiple sequences where Taurus was just wiping Puma, Fenix and Laredo off the face of the earth and looked like he was incapable of doing wrong. Puma looked like a world class high flyer and busted out several of the best hurricanrana’s you’ll ever see. It really felt those two were the glue guys for this match, while Fenix and Laredo Kid popped in for most of the big moves and then closed it out with a terrific final few minutes. They didn’t disappoint, with Laredo adding another great performance to his resume while Fenix finally got to strut his stuff in a match that didn’t involve his brother. I will say that of the two of them Laredo Kid, unbelievably, looked to be a little bit better, something I wouldn’t have thought a year ago. Whether that’s true or not is something we can only find out if Fenix and Laredo Kid ever go one on one again…which yes, let’s do that! I don’t know what else to say sports fans. I loved this match and if the crowd had been hotter I think it could’ve been in Vikingo-Laredo territory. As such it was a notch below, while still being a terrific match and hopefully the first of several strong Mega Championship defenses for Fenix.


Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown defeated Blue Demon Jr. & Rey Escorpión


Now here was a match that was a bit too wild for its own good. We had an Eterno (!) appearance, Dr. Wagner driving Eterno through a table with a painful looking Samoan Drop, a Texano appearance, a whole lot of brawling and then finally Wagner ripping Blue Demon’s mask and pinning him to lead into, you guessed it, a post match Los Mercenarios beat down. It wasn’t terrible, but this was definitely on the low end of what we usually get from these matches. The good news is the heat was off the charts, with fans actively taking weapons away from Blue Demon when he went to hit Wagner with them, and Wagner and Psycho feeding off the crowd as only they can. If this had been the reaction for the four way then the four way would’ve been one of the best matches of the year. Instead it was merely one of the best matches AAA’s had this year, while this match was okay only thanks to the crowd. One of the only two weak matches on the show, though it wasn’t weak enough to put a damper on things overall.


That’ll do it sports fans. See you Monday night for the Puebla results. TILL THEN!


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