Good news sports fans; just one week after a Triplemania to remember, AAA is back at it again with another good looking show out of Saltillo. And now comes the bad news; not only will most people forget AAA has a show this weekend due to all the other wrestling shows going on elsewhere, but it’ll be the last AAA show until September 8th! That’s a long layoff for AAA, right as they seem to be getting some momentum following a hugely successful Triplemania and right before they (hopefully) run in Madison Square Garden. There’s not much we can do about it though, so let’s just get to previewing this show and hope it’s as good as it looks tomorrow to hold us all over for the next month.



Dinastia, Eclipse, Lady Shani vs. Australian Suicide, La Hiedra, Villano III Jr.


What to Expect: Nothing like kicking off the post Triplemania run with a healthy dose of Villano III Jr.! That dude is crazy all the time and I get the feeling he’ll be even crazier here, given he just won a title belt at Triplemania and all. Grodd help Dinastia, Eclipse and Shani if he’s given a good entrance ramp to work with! In all seriousness I expect this will be a lot of fun. Shani and Hiedra will hit each other hard and often, Dinastia and Eclipse can be really good, we saw just how nuts Australian Suicide can be at Triplemania (and he’s generally great all the time as is) and did you not just read what I said about Villano? This has all the makings of the usual crazy AAA opener, and I expect it’ll be one of those AAA matches where things don’t always go exactly right but when they do…in the words of Z from Ants, YOUCH!


Winners: I’m going with Team Villano on this one. He, Hiedra and Suicide win after Suicide pins Eclipse with the Sideways Shooting Star Press.


Argenis, “The Heartbroken” Niño Hamburguesa, Luchador Sorpresa vs. Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana


What to Expect: I’m not sure this match is happening as it looks sports fans. Not because it features the return of Luchador Sorpresa, but because Argenis is listed in it. Has anyone seen Argenis since Lucha Underground season three? Was that before or after he won the giant Rey de Reyes sword that did nothing for his career?


Image result for Argenis Rey de Reyes

Proof Argenis once won something


The point is Argenis has been away for so long that I’m not sold on him being in this match till I see him in it. Thus I wouldn’t be surprised if this one gets switched around a bit with two Luchador Sorpresas teaming with “The Heartbroken” Niño Hamburguesa. Regardless I think this match should turn out fine. Poder del Norte is great, they work great with everyone and I wouldn’t expect that to change against Hamburguesa (who’s always fun), Argenis (who is decent) and/or whoever else AAA has. As long as Brava, Cota and the other Tito Santana are involved then I have no worries. Well I do have worries about “The Heartbroken” Niño Hamburguesa but that’s because he’s gone full (500) Days of Summer and is probably listening to Alkaline Trio records right now after getting his heart stomped out by Lady Maravilla. Hence why he is now “The Heartbroken” Niño Hamburguesa till he gets over it. That may be awhile by the by; have you seen Lady Maravilla?!


Winners: Poder del Norte wins after “The Heartbroken” Niño Hamburguesa gets all sad and costs his team the victory.


Golden Magic, Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr. vs. Dave the Clown, La Parka Negra, Monsther Clown


What to Expect: I guess AAA thought the new Los Jinetes del Aire needed a challenge in their second match, which is why they are paired up against Dave the Clown of all people. This is another reason I hope things get changed around a bit between this and the second match. I’ve been just fine with Dave’s recent work and his presence makes sense here given his issues with Los Jinetes del Aire’s mentor Impostor La Parka, but at the end of the day he’s still Dave the Clown. I’m not sure he’s the best guy to be basing for the likes of Golden Magic, Myzteziz Jr. and especially Hijo del Vikingo. Fortunately for those three Monsther Clown and Parka Negra are perfect opponents for them and should make life easy for whichever two of the three technicos get paired with them. Really this comes down to who gets paired with who. If Vikingo and Myzteziz get Parka Negra and Monsther while Magic gets Dave then I think this match will be able to work. If it winds up that Myzteziz is stuck with Dave…EEE GADS!


Winners: Los Jinetes del Aire  push their winning streak to two after Vikingo pins Parka Negra with a Inverted 450 Splash.


Aerostar, Drago, Willie Mack vs. Averno, Chessman, Super Fly


What to Expect: How fitting on the week that Lucha Underground returns to free streaming that AAA not only brings in Lucha Underground legend Willie Mack but teams him with fellow Lucha Underground legends Aerostar and Drago. It’s as if AAA could see the future or something! Now if only Aerostar, Drago and Big Willie could do some of that time traveling Aerostar likes to do, go back in time, win the lottery, buy out the evil overlords who helped run LU into the ground and bring back LU for an awesome season five where everyone gets paid top dollar.


Image result for if only gif


Back in reality, this match has all the makings of being a good time. You always know what you’re getting from Los OGT’s (very good, very consistent rudo work) and Aerostar and Drago are almost always a delight. Some will probably wonder how Mack will adapt to the situation; those people would do well to remember that Big Willie has a ton of lucha libre experience, both from his LU run AND his stints with DTU, The Crash, quasi-lucha promotion Pro Wrestling Revolution and even one match with Lucha Libre Elite (he’s also worked a AAA show here and there). That’s all before we get to the part where Willie is one of the best workers alive right now, so anyone concerned about how he’ll do should rest easy. Put that all together and the only thing I can see going wrong with this match is if Aerostar somehow convinces someone to let him jump off a high place again. Otherwise this has a chance to be the best match on the show and validation for Aerostar after AAA left him off their cafeteria meme. For shame AAA; FOR SHAME!


Winners: Team Lucha Underground gets the W after Big Willie puts away Super Fly with a Stunner for old time’s sake. Remember when Super Fly was in Lucha Underground too?! No? That’s probably a good thing.


Laredo Kid vs. Puma King


What to Expect: No match this weekend will be overlooked more than this one sports fans. I get it; NXT alone will produce at least one match (and probably more) that will make people lose their minds, and that’s before we get into GCW, ROH, the finale of the G1 Climax and all the other shows. But holy shit…do you not see what AAA has put together here?! This match is a Dynasty Diner chicken finger dinner with a side order of BEST THING EVER! Yes even better than that spinning gif of the chicken.


Image result for i regret nothing chicken gif


I mean come on now. First you have Puma King, an ultra charismatic, ultra talented performer who will actually be in his natural habitat (pun FULLY intended) playing the base for Laredo Kid. Then you actually have Laredo Kid, who for my money is the best luchador in the world right now and one of the two best wrestlers alive alongside the majestic Tomohiro Ishii. Then you have the fact that we’re only a few weeks removed from these two (albeit as partners) tearing the house down in that PWG six man that may have been the best lucha libre match of the year. Do you see the picture I’m painting for you here? Throw in the fact that both men will be working at maximum capacity effort and the only way I can see this match not working is if a) someone unfortunately gets hurt, b) a major move is messed up or c) AAA changes the card and it doesn’t happen (not to AAA; DO NOT CHANGE THIS MATCH!). Otherwise this match should not only be the caliber of Triplemania, the best match on this show and one of the best matches of the weekend, but it could very well be a Match of the Year candidate. Sleep on this match at your own risk sports fans because this could be SPECIAL.


Winner: The only time Laredo Kid loses these days is when Kenny Omega is involved…and even that doesn’t happen all the time! A collision course between him and Fenix only seems right at this point, so look for Laredo to win this barnburner with a Laredo Fly somewhere between the 13 to 19 minute mark.


Dr. Wagner Jr., Fenix, Psycho Clown vs. Blue Demon Jr., Rey Escorpión, Taurus


What to Expect: I guess this is the first match on the Dr. Wagner Jr. retirement tour huh. Can it really be a tour if it’s never ending though? I kid I kid! Whether this is the start of Wagner’s farewell or him working another fifteen years doesn’t matter when this match looks as good as it does. Not only will we get Wagner and Demon brawling again, but there will certainly be more build to Psycho Clown and Rey Escorpión’s eventual tangle and most importantly, SEQUENCES BETWEEN TAURUS AND FENIX! Think about that for a few minutes and let your mind orgasm at the unlimited possibilities of what those two can do. I don’t think that alone will be enough to topple the awesomeness Laredo Kid and Puma will provide, but even still this match should be a very fun main event and could be even better if Fenix, Taurus, Escorpión and the ace go truly nuts. Maybe we’ll even get a double tope suicida arm drag spot from Fenix and Psycho!


Winners: The technicos send the crowd home happy after Wagner gets some revenge on Demon by pinning him after a Wagner Driver.


That’ll do it sports fans. I’ll see you tonight for a review of CMLL’s show; I may also throw in a review of the CMLL trios match from Ring of Honor if I manage to catch it. Till then, a gif of birthday boy Vinnie Massaro doing something that doesn’t involve pizza or being sacrificed to the gods.


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