Have you enjoyed this calm, peaceful month of lucha libre with just CMLL and Lucha Underground to keep track of? Good cause it’s all over now! AAA is back sports fans, fresh off a one month vacation after Verano de Escandalo and an eventful Triplemania press conference left us speechless, enthralled and wondering what the hell Jeff Jarrett was doing here. Tomorrow’s show in Queretaro should bring back all those emotions and then some; the undercard looks absolutely joyous, there looks to be more surprises and yes Jeff Jarrett fans, the Chosen One will be in the main event that is sure to feature Konnan doing stuff and a whole lot of other twists and turns. It’ll be something; let’s just hope this preview will be too. Let’s get crackin!



Dragon Bane, Lady Maravilla, Star Fire vs. Arez, Chik Tormenta, Keyra


What to Expect: Aside from the fact that Lady Maravilla and Star Fire were enemies at Verano de Escandalo, I have no qualms with this match at all. In fact, if it doesn’t continue the trend of great AAA openers that I’ll be more floored than I was when England made the World Cup semis. Chik Tormenta is the only luchadora here I’m not that familiar with and all indications are that she’s pretty good. And even if she isn’t, Dragon Bane, Arez, Star Fire and especially Maravilla and Keyra are so it shouldn’t matter. This should be a whole lot of fun.


Winners: Too close to call! Thus it’s Canadian Dollar time; heads technico(a)s, moose rudo(a)s…it’s heads! Bane, Maravilla and Star Fire will emerge victorious, just as Star Fire does every day due to her name. When you choose a persona that sounds like it could be a great Muse song, you know you’re doing something right.


Arkángel Divino, Hijo del Vikingo, Joe Lider vs. Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana


What to Expect: There are two things that puzzle me here. First, Poder del Norte being this low on the card after that AMAZING feud they had with Los OGT’s is odd. I suppose it’s probably AAA getting them on the card and this was the best place but still; odd. Even odder is Joe Lider’s presence. Why is he here?! Did someone get him and La Parka Negra’s place on the card mixed up? Did someone think Lider was the missing piece to this match? I’M SO CONFUSED!


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The good news is a) I wouldn’t doubt that AAA will shuffle things around so Parka Negra winds up here while Lider winds up in the third match and b) it almost doesn’t matter anyway. Even if Lider is in this match you know all he’ll be doing is one crazy spot or two; otherwise this will be all about Brava, Cota and Santana basing for Arkángel and Vikingo and my Grodd who isn’t looking forward to that?! You won’t find that many high flyers these days as innovative, creative and exciting as those two and Poder del Norte are the perfect opponents for them. I expect they’ll conspire to deliver some awesome things in this match, regardless of Lider’s presence or not.


Winners: Easily Poder del Norte. They win this with…you know I don’t recall what their finisher is. Do they even have one? Whatever it is it’ll be cool when they do it.


Dinastia, Lady Shani, Niño Hamburguesa vs. Australian Suicide, Faby Apache, La Parka Negra


What to Expect: Take away me continuing to be perplexed by why Parka Negra is here and Joe Lider isn’t and this looks…decent. I mean it’s not the first two matches but there’s nothing wrong with it. Australian Suicide and Parka Negra are both really good, Dinastia is excellent, Niño Hamburguesa is much better than he’s given credit for and, at least to this point, Lady Shani and Faby Apache have done a hell of a job building up to what should be a super stiff Triplemania Apuesta match. That’ll be the focus again (as it should) and it should keep things interesting, if not raise this match to a higher level than it looks capable of reaching.


Winners: Once more (you open the door?) it’s too close to call, especially since I have no idea what way AAA is leaning with Shani-Faby for Triplemania. So once again the Canadian Dollar makes an appearance. Heads technica(o)s, tails ruda(o)s…heads again! Shani and co. emerge victorious, with some sort of post match angle happening afterwards.


Aerostar, La Máscara, Máximo vs. Juventud Guerrera, Taurus, Luchador Sorpresa


What to Expect: It took a little while but La Máscara and Máximo finally have a match in AAA that looks interesting! Hope they sent Aerostar, the Juice and Taurus a gift basket for that. But then again is that enough for horned monster, a time traveling alien and the man who once did this to Billy Psicosis?


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Oh, and there’s a Luchador Sorpresa involved here because of course there is; an AAA show without one isn’t an AAA show. I’m sure speculation will focus on Juvy’s fellow MAD members Kevin Kross, Teddy Hart and maybe even Jack Evans (he is coming back after all) but for now we have no idea, much like we have no idea of Taurus’ allegiance. Although once again, does it matter? Aerostar is excellent, Juvy was the best part of his Verano de Escandalo match a month ago, Taurus is one of the most underrated guys in lucha; really La Máscara and Máximo are the only weak links and if they can’t get it done with this crew…frankly it may be time to retire. I wouldn’t go as far to say it’ll have the excitement of the first two matches but there’s no reason to think this match won’t be good. And it could be even better if the surprise turns out to be something.


Winners: Regardless of who the mystery partner is its way too soon for anyone associated with MAD to be losing. So Juvy, Taurus and the mystery man will be victorious, with Aerostar taking the pin because Grodd isn’t a fan of time traveling aliens. Not sure why; they’re awesome!


Averno, Chessman, Super Fly vs. Rey Escorpión, Texano, Luchador Sorpresa


What to Expect: Another Luchador Sorpresa! Just when you think AAA has run out of them, boom; another appears! I’m even more unsure of who it could be this time considering Rey Escorpión and Texano’s only connections to MAD are Texano teaming with Juvy and Kross at Verano de Escandalo. Equally as intriguing is where the OGT’s stand; Averno, Chessman and Super Fly were definitely leaning to the technico side during the Poder del Norte feud and they appear to be on that side again here. Is a full turn coming? Is it just circumstance? Who knows; what I can tell you is that, barring the surprise being one of the worst luchadores on planet earth, this should be a really fun brawl. We’ve obviously seen that OGT’s can do that in their wars with Poder del Norte and Escorpión and Texano have shown flashes of that since becoming the AAA Tag Team Champions. I anticipate this will be really strong and it could end up being the best match on the show when all is said and done.


Winners: Once more (you open the door) I tend to side with the side that has the surprise. Thus Escorpión, Texano and their mystery man will emerge victorious as well.


Pagano & Psycho Clown vs. El Hijo del Fantasma & Jeff Jarrett


What to Expect: Man does this match give this card some serious old school WCW vibes. The undercard is super good, then the main event is…questionable to say the least. Hell there’s even a former WCW Champion in the match who’s way too old and holding AAA’s top title! I’m not saying we should be expecting an appearance from Sting or whatnot, but I’d be keeping my eyes on the rafters if I were you.


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In any event, this match is less about match quality and more about whatever angle comes out of it. Konnan will surely be involved, and with the head of MAD comes his opposition in the form of AAA’s onscreen authority Vampiro. With MAD also comes Juvy and whoever else is with the group. A Fenix appearance cannot be discounted after his run in at the end of Verano de Escandalo. And all of that’s before we get into how two of the four luchadores headlining Triplemania are in this match, meaning we may also see LA Park and Pentagon (probably not Pentagon; he’s busy from what I hear). So yeah, there will be a lot going on. Hopefully some of it involves setting up when Jeff Jarrett can lose the title. I loved you in 1999 Jeff…but that was 1999 and this is 2018.


Winners: I have even less idea about this match than the previous two “too close to call!” bouts. And you know what; no Canadian Dollar here. I say this ends in a schmoz with everyone and there brother interfering. I know; not a bold prediction but it sure as hell covers a lot of ground, thus making me look better if I’m even slightly right. And what can I say; I like to be right!


That’s game sports fans. I’ll see you tomorrow for coverage of this AAA show; the CMLL review will come Saturday as a result. Don’t worry; I’ll remind everyone on here again tomorrow and on Twitter so you’ll know. TILL THEN!


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