I had a choice to make when it came to reviewing tonight sports fans. Either I could do a live review of AAA’s first show since June…or I could do a live review of CMLL’s Super Viernes, a show that is only honoring Atlantis’ 35th Anniversary in Lucha Libre and one that (apparently) may be building to a new Aniversario main event. Doing both wasn’t an option for my sanity so I had to pick one. What did I pick…AAA! I know; this will probably come back to bite me in the ass considering what may happen with CMLL. Having said that it is AAA’s first show since Verano de Escandalo, there will be at least two surprises and AAA is the most likely show to make me feel like I’ve experienced the life of Hunter S. Thompson by the end. Plus I’ll be reviewing CMLL tomorrow so it’s all good. And that is the story of how the AAA Live Review came to be. So with that, let’s get cracking!



Dragon Bane, Lady Maravilla, Star Fire defeated Arez, Chik Tormenta, Keyra


It is with a heavy heart sports fans that I say the streak of great AAA openers has come to an LOL JK THE STREAK CONTINUES! Totally fooled you I know. Yeah this match was awesome. I was a little worried at times that Chik Tormenta wasn’t quite on the level of the other five luchadore(a)s in the match and that it would hold the match down, until Tormenta turned it on herself in the second half in all facets. That was enough to make this another great AAA opener. Well that and Dragon Bane doing an amazing Triton style moonsault, Lady Maravilla and Keyra beating the tar out of each other, Star Fire showing that awesome fighting spirit and Arez just wrecking people. Some of the stuff he did to Maravilla and Star Fire in this match was absolutely devastating, exactly what you want for a guy in his role. What more can I say? This was great. Maybe not the Tijuana opener but then again what is? It was still in the same ballpark and one hell of a way to start the show.


Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana defeated Arkángel Divino, Hijo del Vikingo, Joe Lider


Let the record show that I still have unearthly idea why Joe Lider was in this match. Let the record also show it doesn’t matter because somehow, Joe Lider was able to keep up with these guys. I KNOW! It was like watching Jean-Claude Van Damme in JCVD and realizing that he could in fact act.


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This isn’t to say that Lider was out of this world good, but the fact that he gave this match anything (such as his Asai Moonsault) was a massive upgrade considering what we expected. It also added to what was a really good match otherwise! Arkangel Divino had an off night by his standards (he ended up doing the same dive Dragon Bane did in the opener) and it was still better than what most luchadores these days can do. Luckily Hijo del Vikingo and all three Poder del Norte members had great nights; Vikingo did everything from his usual supply of death defying dives to an amazing 180 spin while rope jumping. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it! And as anticipated Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr. and Tito Santana brought the basing and brought their own brand of high quality offense. It sucks a team this good is in the second match but I’ll take it when they’re working with people this good. It wasn’t the opener, but it was very good, and better than I expected given that Lider had his best performance in years.


The Lines Are Drawn


Just like Verano de Escandalo we got a MAD segment, this time with Konnan coming out when his music was played! He came with Jeff Jarrett and Juventud Guerrera (unfortunately kept silent during this segment) and proceeded to insult everyone until the Imposter La Parka came out. At this point I was expecting Jeff Jarrett vs. Parka to be set up, which would’ve driven me insanity…except by the end of this it seemed like AAA was going with Parka vs. Konnan instead. Don’t get me wrong…that’s not much better of a match unless Konnan’s hip surgery turned him into 1991 Konnan again, but it’s at least interesting compared to the soul sucking catastrophe that Parka-Jarrett would be. It’s not happening yet though as MAD proceeded to attack Parka, leading to Los OGT’s coming out to make the save, complete their technico turn and side with AAA. At least for the moment. Considering we got that, some massive heat AND appeared to avoid Parka vs. Jarrett, I’ll give this segment a passing grade. I’ll now return to breathing multiple sighs of relief.


Dinastia, Lady Shani, Niño Hamburguesa defeated Australian Suicide, Faby Apache, La Parka Negra


I must admit I was slightly distracted by the awesome highlight reel CMLL did for Atlantis that aired during this match. I did catch most of this though and what I did see was pretty decent, if not on the level of the matches we got before. I’m in the minority (I guess) in enjoying how Faby Apache vs. Lady Shani has been booked and I thought this did a good job adding to the feud, both with the two nonstop going after each other and Shani getting the surprise pin at the end. That can only help to actually make people believe Shani can win, which last I checked was approximately no one. Everything else was fine too. Dinastia and Australian Suicide had a sequence that made me want to see more of them, Hamburguesa was solid and Parka Negra…alright he didn’t really seem to be involved at all, which makes it all the weirder that he was here and Joe Lider was in the previous match. Or why he was in instead of Taurus, who once again came out to attack Shani after the match to continue whatever his alliance with Faby is. Maybe Faby is Team Elite? Or they’re both Team MAD? I don’t know! Either way the post match angle was good, the match was fine and everything that needed to get advanced got advanced. So this was just fine.


Jack Evans, Juventud Guerrera, Taurus defeated Aerostar, La Máscara, Máximo 


That’s right sports fans; JACK IS BACK!


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And he hasn’t lost a step may I add, contributing to what must easily be the best match of La Mascara and Maximo’s current AAA stay. How fitting it may be one of their last matches considering AAA set up their break up both in a pre-match vignette (where Mascara seemed bothered by Maximo hanging out with fellow exoticos Mamba and Pimpinela Escarlata) and in the match when Maximo kissed Mascara b accident at the end. That’s for later though; for now they were very entertaining in match where it was very hard not to be with who else was in it. Jack was Jack, albeit with the volume toned down just a tad in terms of cocky taunting. Taurus meanwhile was a beast, both on offense and from a selling standpoint, while Juvy continues to look twenty years younger than he is. AND AEROSTAR! He got off two incredible dives in this match, the first being his crazy suicide dive that almost sent him and Jack Evans into the stands, and then a crushing Brillo Aerostar that destroyed him as much as it did Juvy. Tremendous stuff, and this kept my attention the whole time despite the Atlantis match going on at the same time. Quite the accomplishment I’d say.


Averno, Chessman, Super Fly defeated Golden Magic, Rey Escorpión, Texano


We actually had a match on this show (besides the main event) that disappointed me! That’s why we love AAA; they keep us on their toes for all situations. In fairness to this match, Rey Escorpion and Texano betraying Golden Magic (who was the Luchador Sorpresa) made sense because they’ll be facing off against each other (with Laredo Kid teaming with Magic) next week for the AAA vs. Elite show. So in terms of set up this worked. In terms of the match though it kind of left things flat, with Texano and Escorpion trading in the victory on a few occasions to beat down Magic. You can see where that can leave one a little annoyed. It still wasn’t a bad match per say as Golden Magic had a few nice moments and the OGT’s were pretty solid overall. But compared to what this would’ve been if they played it straight, this was a disappointment.


El Hijo del Fantasma & Jeff Jarrett defeated Pagano & Psycho Clown 



Wait, nope; this isn’t good enough. I need to use this gif again.



That’s better. Now to get a gif of everyone’s reactions when I inform them that not only did this match not suck but it was (gulp) actually pretty fun!



You heard it correctly sports fans; this was an enjoyable AAA main event in 2018. They do exists! How did this happen, especially with Jeff Jarrett in tow? First AAA made the wise decision to turn this match into a No DQ match, which played into both Pagano and Jarrett’s strengths (i.e. brawling and weapons) and most importantly allowed Juventud Guerrera, at ringside for Jarrett, to get involved. Actually that last point was the key. After being great in his own match, Juvy was somehow even better in this one! Aside from missing a Pagano dive at the end The Juice based like a mad man and took bump after bump in this match, working his ass off for a bout he wasn’t even officially in. If that’s not further proof that he, not Jarrett, should’ve had the rocket strapped to him at Verano de Escandalo then I don’t know what is. It wasn’t just The Juice though. Psycho Clown and Hijo del Fantasma worked this match like stars, giving full efforts, looking on point and most importantly they gave us this!



If this isn’t one of the best things you’ll see this weekend, I’d like to join you on your weekend! And by the by, the guitar shot was just as good as this, if you can believe it. With those two and Juvy delivering the goods, all Pagano and Jarrett needed to do was not screw anything up and to their credit both guys tried hard and didn’t mess anything up. At this stage, that’s all that can be asked of them, especially since Jarrett (prior to this match) is now hinting at a Vampiro match. It’s like AAA just keeps throwing the worst case scenarios out at us with Jarrett! But we can tackle that issue another day. For now we can at least say this main event, overbooked as it was (I didn’t even mention the mini referee scuffle!), was a lot of fun, better than it had any right to be and the capper of what will go down (to this point) as the best AAA show of the year, top to bottom. Now let’s hope CMLL was half as good when I review it tomorrow!


There you have it sports fans; hope you enjoyed this wall to wall coverage. As I just stated, the CMLL review will be out tomorrow, hopefully early so I can watch the G1! TILL THEN!


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