With so much going on in the wrestling world, it’s easy to forget that AAA has disappeared ever since their really fun AAA Invading NY show a few weeks ago (which yours truly attended!). Well the top promotion in Mexico (a true statement considering CMLL’s recent woes) was back tonight, looking to have a strong show both to get back on track after their layoff and to make people forget that they just had to cancel their LA Forum show that may have also lost them Cain Velasquez. I’m not sure how successful they were. The show was by no means bad, with a strong opener, a really strong mixed tag match and a card that overall featured some good wrestling. It also didn’t really feature any strong angles beyond a Kenny Omega promo and had a main event that was more 2017 AAA than 2019 AAA. All of that is to say it was a solid show, it just wasn’t the level of quality we’ve come to expect from AAA recently. That won’t stop it from getting a review though. Let’s begin.



Eclipse Jr. defeated Iron Kid and Mr. Iguana


There was only thing about this match I didn’t understand sports fans, and that was the result. How on earth did AAA decide Eclipse Jr. was the right guy to win this match?! He wasn’t terrible, but compared to Iron Kid and Mr. Iguana he may as well have been Keanu Reeves trying to act alongside Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. What a weird decision.


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Aside from the result everything else was what we’ve come to expect from AAA openers; GREATNESS! I loved this match. It had some moments where things were rough around the edges (as always) but most of the match held together firmly and there was a lot of awe inspiring stuff. Mr. Iguana’s AAA debut was a complete success, both because he’s super talented and because of his unique charisma; he feels like he’ll get over really easy with AAA and could be their version of Orange Cassidy. And Iron Kid is extraordinary. If there was something out of this world in the match it was his doing, be it his Brillo…whatever that was dive he hit and a running, stepping over Eclipse Jr. Spanish Fly that was jaw dropping. This is what made it so hard for Eclipse Jr. to compete with. He was really good; he just wasn’t that good, which made his victory seem uber off. Even still it was a strong opener and the Argenis angle afterwards, if nothing else, continued whatever was going on there. I’d have preferred Argenis not nearly botch his big toss spot, which almost killed all the heat, but everything else looked good and him and Myzteziz Jr. is interesting, should Myzteziz ever return from reality TV stardom.


TLC Match

Cíclope & Miedo Xtremo defeated Aramis & Toxin


There’s two ways to look at this sports fans. First you could deem this match completely unnecessary and hate the match as a result. Second, you could not care if the match was necessary or not and just enjoy it. I’m somewhere in the middle, though leaning towards the latter. The action in this match was top notch, minus Toxin being wiped out early for a chair to the head that busted him open. Cíclope and Miedo Xtremo, two talented guys who AAA has gone far too long without using, are exceptional talents regardless of the situation and they were awesome here, especially when it came to big spots. And Aramis was brilliant. Much of the criticism will probably come from the unnecessary bumps he took but the reality is he only took one bump he shouldn’t have (a breathtaking Superplex out of the ring and through two tables, which went perfectly) and he did one hell of a job as the overmatched technico trying to overcome the odds. He didn’t but he got a better reaction for attempting than he has for any other AAA performance of his thus far, and that could pay dividends should he remain in AAA for the foreseeable future. So yeah; I enjoyed this. Did it need to happen? Probably not. But it did and it was a ton of fun while it occurred.


Dinastia & Lady Shani defeated La Hiedra & Latigo


If you thought the last match was unnecessary then I have good news; this match was both necessary AND exceptional. WHAT A TAG MATCH! This was pretty much a match that had something for every lucha fan. There was great high flying from Dinastia, who can be hit or miss but tonight was on a whole other level. It had great basing from both Latigo and La Hiedra, both on the flying spots and certain submission spots. And there was terrific “maestro” esq technical wrestling from Lady Shani, who seems to have only gotten more confident with her ground game since we last saw her. All these things combined to create a tremendous watch with an amazing pace and not a moment wasted. I’m almost ashamed that I wasn’t expecting more from it going in given how good all four are and how far Shani and Hiedra have come in the past year. Hey, we all make mistakes right? I’m happy this mistake resulted in me underestimating a match that turned out to be awesome.


Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana defeated Faby Apache, Octagón Jr., Pimpinela Escarlata


You ever see a movie that was pretty good two thirds of the way, and then the ending happened and it left you with the taste of Dr. Pepper in your mouth? This match was like one of those movies. It was a lot of fun, then AAA decided to bring back the Faby-Tirantes feud and we all turned into Abed.



Seriously AAA…can we just let this issue lie? It wasn’t an enjoyable program back in the spring/early summer and I seriously doubt it’ll be any good now several months later. Case in point, it definitely brought down what had been a very good match. Poder del Norte was firing on all cylinders as always, Pimpinela was trying, Faby was Faby and our newest Octagón Jr. had a strong night, mainly because AAA booked the match to highlight him and the new/old tricks he brought to the table. Quite frankly if AAA had just stuck with that and given Octagón Jr. a big win this match would’ve been close to a borderline bout. Instead we reverted right back to Tirantes-Faby and thus this match was merely good. And I may be being kind in saying that. That’s how much of a black mark the main event left.


Aerostar, Murder Clown, Niño Hamburguesa defeated Abismo Negro Jr., Monsther Clown, Texano Jr.


The bad news sports fans; there’s not a lot to say about this one. The good news; there’s not a lot to say about this one. I’ll explain. No this match didn’t feature awe inspiring dives or the works, save for Aerostar once again having a tope for the ages. What it did have was a lot of solid, really well done lucha libre. It was basically a match with middling excitement, but it made up with it by just being so well worked. The only weakness was Abismo Negro Jr., who wasn’t bad but still feels like a guy trying to figure out how best to approach this role. Everyone else played their roles perfectly. Aerostar and Monsther Clown once again had strong chemistry, especially towards the end of the match where they had a really strong brawl with great fire leading into Aerostar getting the victory. Texano remains a guy who doesn’t appear to do much but it always in the right place at the right time and seems to be the glue that holds these matches together. And it was a strong night for Murder Clown and Niño Hamburguesa; the latter is now free to focus on working now that the Lady Maravilla angle has been put on hold and Murder Clown is just tremendous. AAA should find him a feud soon because he’s too talented to just be floating around having great trios performances with nothing else to show. So yeah; good stuff. There are more exciting matches out there, but this was really well done and a good watch.


Blue Demon Jr., Chessman, Rey Escorpión defeated Dr. Wagner Jr., Pagano, Psycho Clown


I’ll be honest sports fans; this match felt like a throwback to a time where AAA main events were the drizzling shits. This match was both bad and strange. We had Blue Demon Jr. wearing Joker makeup underneath his mask for reasons no one could explain. We had Chessman, who made such an impact on this match that I had to go back and check to see who Demon and Rey Escorpión’s partners were. Perhaps most bizarre was the ending segment, where Chessman low blowed Pagano, only no one knew that because we were all too busy watching Dr. Wagner Jr. throw beer at the referee, El Hijo del Tirantes, for reasons I still don’t understand. Weird shit right?!


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So yeah; this wasn’t any good. There was some effort from guys like Wagner, Psycho and Escorpión but it still wasn’t the level we’ve come to expect and in many ways this kind of felt like a retread. That’s not all that surprising; Demon-Wagner and Escorpión-Psycho have been match ups we’ve seen so much that it was bound to get old after awhile without anything new. Tonight happened to be that night, and with Pagano being Pagano and Chessman being nonexistent, it all combined to make this match a dud. Along with Wagner-Demon from AAA Invading NY, this was probably the most disappointing main event AAA’s put on this year.


And with that I am off to bed, which is a good thing because I’m driving back to Rhode Island tomorrow. TILL WE MEET AGAIN!


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