AAA in Monterrey is in the books sports fans and holy hell what just happened? I want to say it was that kind of show but I’m honestly not sure what “that kind of show” means anymore. All I can tell you is there were some good matches tonight (including some that didn’t quite live up to the hype), some really crazy post match angles and a whole lot of “what am I watching” utterances from yours truly. Never a dull moment with AAA at least. Let’s take a closer look now, shall we?



Dinastia defeated Baby Xtreme and Orquidea Negra


Holy random Dinastia taking on the Monterrey locals Batman! Not sure what possessed AAA to open up with this impromptu match but I’m glad they did. There’s been more exciting openers for AAA in the past year but other than some weird comedy spots from the exotico Negra this was a lot of fun. Dinastia finally got the spotlight to himself and had several WOW moments; it’s easy to take for granted how good he is within the confines of AAA’s deep roster and this performance was a reminder. Neither Negra nor the wonderfully named Baby Xtreme were off the charts, but they both had good moments and Baby Xtreme strikes me as someone who may have more in him then he showed. If only he had shown it here! Even still this was a fun opener and a good performance from Dinastia.


Faby Apache & Keyra defeated Lady Shani & Star Fire


Boy did AAA get this one right! They took out Dinastia and Villano III Jr., turned this into a tag match and kaboom; we had a tag match that was stiffer than the other guy in Casablanca.


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He’s emoting and yet still putting me to sleep!


And when I say stiff I mean STIFF sports fans. This match hurt to watch at times with how hard these four luchadoras were hitting each other. You knew Keyra and Faby were going to bring the pain but Lady Shani and even Star Fire were more than happy to bring some of their own. Most importantly they added some good lucha in between the kicks. Star Fire was substantially better tonight than she was in Morelia a few weeks ago, proving that performance was likely a fluke. The stars of the show though were the three vets. Faby was as great as ever and there were some sequences between Keyra and Shani that were downright excellent, particularly some reversal spots. It all went so well that AAA even stuck the landing with Keyra stealing the pin from Faby to give their team the win, followed by Keyra cutting off a Faby promo and then beating the shit out of her. That’s how you establish a ruda sports fans, and I for one welcome the carnage that will be the eventual Faby Apache-Keyra match. It’ll be even better than this, and this match was stupendous.


Jack Evans, Taurus, Villano III Jr. defeated Golden Magic, Myzteziz Jr., Niño Hamburguesa


This match was going super good…and then we got a weird fifteen second interval where Taurus didn’t quite get all of a really cool Samoan Drop attempt and Jack Evans/Villano III Jr. double team went the way of Bobby Villa’s career. Just enough to keep this match from being great. It was still really good though. As per usual the crowd was really into Hamburguesa (who mostly kept in coast mode), Golden Magic and Myzteziz Jr. were great and aside from those fifteen seconds Jack, Taurus and Villano all had good nights. Even better was the post match developments that saw Australian Suicide and Sammy Guevara head down to attack the technicos and form a new stable with Jack. Three arrogant white guys who can do cool dives and mesh well with the current Trios Champions; sounds like a win to me! A good overall segment on this show, though you have to wonder what the match would’ve been like if they had gotten that one spot right.


Mamba, Máximo, Pimpinela Escarlata defeated Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana


I’m not sure what to make of this one sports fans. Normally I think I would rate this match as a solid bout that was hurt by an ending that saw the Exoticos awarded a victory due to a fake foul. Seeing as that’s exactly what the crowd wanted to see though I think I’ll allow it for this time. Plus, the lead up to that finish was pretty good. Mamba, Máximo and Pimpi were definitely doing their usual routine but they also gave a better effort than usual and brought the heat with the crowd on their side. Meanwhile Poder del Norte was Poder del Norte; steady, fun and really devastating with a chair. Ask the one they broke if you don’t believe me. Nothing earth shattering but they had a solid match and the ending played into what the crowd wanted to see, so it’s hard to hold it against them.


Daga, Sammy Guevara, Texano Jr. defeated Brian Cage, Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid


You know I’m still not sure what happened here sports fans. I know that Daga did actually make his return and by the end of the match that was like, the fourth biggest thing about it but otherwise I’m not sure. It was like if you injected Smokin Aces with an eight ball of Mountain Dew.


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Alright I’m starting to get a clearer picture. First the match; it was good! It actually may have been a bit disappointing given who was involved, largely due to the post match activities and how slow the match started. Even with that though I thought this was above average. Brian Cage looked really good, Vikingo had a solid night, Daga looked great in his return and aside from one brief hiccup at the start Sammy Guevara and Laredo Kid continued to work well with each other. The ending did a good job of making sure those issues would continue too, with Sammy pulling off Laredo’s mask and then hitting a Shooting Star Press to likely give himself a rematch for the Cruiserweight Championship. After that we had run ins from Sammy’s new pals Australian Suicide and Jack Evans, Myzteziz running out to help out Cage, Laredo and Vikingo and then Rey Escorpión coming out to help the rudos lay all of them out. There were some cools dives, a lot of chaos; it was very AAA. I’m not sure if it was good or not but it was definitely very AAA. If nothing else it clearly set up Los Jinetes del Aire vs. White Men Can Jump (yes that’s what I’m calling the Guevara/Jack/Suicide stable) and got heat. I just wish it maybe had come after a really blow away match, which didn’t quite happen.


Chessman, Monsther Clown, Rey Escorpión defeated Aerostar, Pagano, Psycho Clown


Now this is what I call some good lucha libre. In the midst of a whole lot of chaos this match was just six luchadores going out there and trying to give us something fun. They succeeded and then some. The only flaw in this match was an attempted Sunset Flip Powerbomb to the floor by Pagano that went off the rails, and even that had its charm. Everything else was sublime. Aerostar and Monsther Clown showed off their surprisingly good chemistry yet again, complete with Monsther Clown hitting a Powerbomb out of the Jack Evans/Teddy Hart playbook to grab the W. Pagano was once again pretty solid, other than the table spot and some cutter attempts. Chessman was a legit base machine in this match, catching an amazing launching rana by Aerostar and an unbelievable slingshot hurricanrana by Psycho Clown. That’s right; Psycho Clown is now doing Volador Jr. moves. Grodd bless the ace and Grodd bless his sequences with Rey Escorpión. Just when you think they can’t get any better, these two go out there and wow us all over again. I will be super ticked if AAA sticks Psycho with La Máscara instead of Escorpión in the near distant future; sure Psycho will make that work but the money is between him and Escorpión. They’ve got magic together and this was further proof of that. A really, REALLY good, borderline great AAA semi-main, and a breath of fresh air on this show given all the chaos surrounding it.


Copa Perro Aguayo Jr.

Blue Demon Jr. defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. and Impostor La Parka


Speaking of chaos!


Related image


I wasn’t sure what happened in the post match of that Cage match earlier and I’m even more unsure of what happened here sports fans. It started as a regular triple threat match, and then suddenly turned into two different matches with Rey Escorpión and Texano Jr. destroyed Impostor Parka (with a failed Los Jinetes del Air save thrown in) all while Wagner and Demon brawled throughout the building. I’m fairly certain it didn’t work out the way AAA intended it to but hot damn, at least it wasn’t boring. In a way I think it was a fitting tribute to Perro Aguayo Jr., who would’ve enjoyed the wonkiness and definitely would’ve loved Demon, Wagner and Parka beating each other up with the trophy one of them was going to win. Of course it still doesn’t explain why three guys who had little to do with him were in this match but hey; what do I know? In the end this was wild, made very little sense and probably would’ve been better as another Wagner-Demon singles match, but it was never dull. So I guess we just take the win? Beats me.


And with that I am off to contemplate existence sports fans. TILL NEXT TIME!


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